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Hillary Clinton Is Worse Then Obama



In this video Hillary Clinton claims that white terrorism in this country is more of a threat than ISIS, citing the Oklahoma City bombing. She also spends a large amount of time talking about why she supports taking your guns away and even somehow ties that into they Oklahoma City bombings. Her mind truly works in a strange way.

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  • James Price says:

    She lied about BENGHAZI and her E-MAILS also removed the Marines that were there to help to protect men at the embassy. Also Obama removed the sniper there also Obama said when he was in Vegas about Benghazi just a bump in the road to a reporter when asked he also lied I heard him say that on TV.

  • Metter says:

    Just look at the evil she has brought upon us already! Can’t be trusted.

  • Patricia says:

    Obama is the worst President ever in this country. Hillary supports Obama & his policies.
    They both support Muslims above Americans.
    Muslims do not assimilate, they want to change us!

  • Jeanne says:

    The light at the end of the tunnel can finally be seen!
    Obama will be gone soon and we can easlly keep Hillary out of the WH!
    Then we can undo the harm BO has done and avoid any harm Hillary had planned to do!
    We will have our country back at last and be proud of it once again!!!

  • Name says:

    They have work the system, and the basic , or average, voter has no idea of past or current history of these folks, they just want to believe what they are selling

  • Dave Lord says:

    Obama is one of the best Presidents the US has ever had. Hilary Clinton will be as good. Do you Republicans really think fools like Trump can do as good? Don’t believe it! Republican nuts will say anything, won’t you?

    • Where have you been? Get your head out of your ass and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Obama is doing his level best to destroy this great nation, and that bitch killery is going to follow in his foot steps. How’s it feel to be a shepeople ? I feel sorry for you, just another dumb ass that has no clue and really does not want to know the TRUTH. Why don’t you move out of the country. We have way to many shepeople here already! bye bye !!

  • Bill Barkdull, USA says:

    What in the sam hell did she just say? She is deranged, and a pretty bad case of sometimers! She is a power hungry whitch, who has bilked the tax payer. lied about everything too long as it is! She will stop at nothing to get back in the White House again and not really even qualified or deserving to be in the shithouse. Her and her former boss has beat this country into the ground as it is!!! And responsible for American deaths in Benghazi and who knows where else that she left hanging out there knowing without help they were doomed, she went back to bed!!

  • Mike says:

    She is a witch. and should be in Jail.

  • E Cavallucci says:

    send her packin

  • Kenneth Koch says:

    She’s a liar and a disgrace to the entire country

  • Neil says:

    She, like Obama, have lied to the American people; lied about Benghazi, her email scandal, the misappropriation of the funds that went into the Clinton Foundation. She has put America at risk to attacks from the middle east; has created the void in the middle east to see the uprising of ISIS and much, much more

  • she is untruthful and will say anything to get the votes of blacks, minorities and illegals

  • Mike tremellen says:

    Clinton if allowed to run this country would be the beginning of the end of America

  • Richard says:

    She is crooked without being in office. What will happen if ………

  • Marilyn Jacobsmeyer says:

    She’s already shown she believes in confiscating guns belonging to citizens and has shown how she enabled her husband’s misdeeds and was his head attack dog against women who dared to report harassment / assault by him. She’s a pathological liar and downright nasty. She has no loyalty except to her own family. She is corrupt, uses the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund, and required very high payment supposedly for speeches by Clintons before contracts would be awarded to those foreign entities. She wouldn’t recognize the truth or ethics even if she were hit over the head with them.

  • myers says:

    She wants to be come butch king of U.S.A. and pad her pockets.

  • Richard I Pigott says:

    It has been proven many times that she is a chronic & habitual liar! I do not understand why she has not been arrested, prosecuted & imprisoned as she she be. Her actions clearly show that she will do anything including prostituting herself to become President. Given the apparent & obvious hatred of her I predict that she will be assassinated.

  • Wesley Stone says:

    I fear that once again that we have another politician running for office who puts her own personal interests and agenda ahead of what the civilians of this country want and when push comes to shove she will sacrifice as many as it takes to ensure that she does not have to compromise her own wellbeing. IN SHORT – SHE REALLY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT US, ANY OF US!!!!

  • A Gray says:

    She &Bill are always in hot water where ever they are. Arkansas to Washington & even New York.

  • Kerry L Willms says:

    She has been a career liar and thief, if i did just one thing she has done I would be in prison.

  • Michael Earnhardt says:

    Hillary Clinton is a liar, she has violated federal laws by exposing top secret information on an unclassified email server. Both she and any of her employees who copied classified documents on secure networks to an inclassied system should be convicted and sent to prison for a minimum of 25 years and fined $250K for each instant of this action. She has violated her oath of office and as a former retired intelligence officer, had I taken only a single classified document and moved it to an unclassified site. I would have been fired, fined and sent to prison for the rest of my life. She has done horrendous damage to the US and put those who work undercover on Special access Programs live’s at risk. She cannot be elected President. She is an embarrassment to her office .

  • Richard says:

    She talks about guns and the number that die from them daily. What about the number of people killed daily by knives, cars or kids die by just plain stupid parents.

    She ignores that number of people that die from illegal guns and like Obama, only want to make it harder for honest law abiding citizens to get guns. Politicians need to look at stopping the trade in illegal guns.

    She also needs to acknowledge that about 90% of blacks are killed by blacks. She needs to look at the causes that drive black on black killings.

    She does not want to address the reasons for gun violence. Most mass killings in the United States is derived from people with mental issues. Yet, no known advocate of gun control wants to look at mental illness and whether those patients should have the right to own a gun.

  • yolanda Gianoli says:

    yes, she is worse.

  • Eddie G. says:

    Obama has unquestionably been the worst President since Jimmy Carter. All his tenure as a rogue POTUS has been fraught with failure one after another as scandals abound plus treason that should have had him impeached long ago, but a milquetoast Congress failed to do so because of political correctness. Despite Obama’s dismal record, Hillary continues to render accolades on him such as praise for the disastrous Obamacare hated by everyone and wants to continue on with the same. Hillary has no qualms of John Kerry and his stupidity in the same job she formerly held that was fraught with the same level of incompetence if not worse, the Benghazi debacle being just one of many of her own scandals. No presidential candidate in history has amassed as many prior scandals to POTUS candidacy from the mysterious unresolved murders of many by the Clinton dynasty, also lies, money, involvements to the Clinton Foundation, breaches of national security via emails, the former mentioned Benghazi mess, and the list goes on. Hillary remains on the campaign trail for POTUS while still under FBI investigations for committed criminal activity. Obama as both a fraud and remaining unvetted as eligible for the Presidency remains looking like a boy scout compared to Hillary and her two bit husband.

  • Angie says:

    Facts are facts

  • Greg P says:

    WTF??? WHITE TERRORISM??? Where the fuck are these people living???
    These people are assholes… Look at the killings EVERY day and tell me what type of neighborhoods these people live in….

  • Keith Darby says:

    She is a liar and cheat, she abused the Marine guards when she was in the white house, she is not fit to live in the White House. She is not fit to be a President of anything much less of the USA.

    Keith Darby

  • Roy Pulliam says:

    Her replies are nothing more than diversions from the actual questions to further discuss her agendas. She should be arrested not running for president. Remember the Watergate Scandal. All Hussein does is divert answers to real questions to his agenda.

  • Dennis Drake says:

    she has just barely avoided prosecution for
    several different crimes, but I believe she is guilty of fraud and more.

  • James Price says:

    She has no idea about guns she is going to try and take the in the US she has said many lies, about her e-males. She even e-mails to Russia also she lied about Bengazei. E-males had top secret property also Obama said to a news reporter that it was just a bump in the road in Vegas on his campaign. He is a bad President we have ever had. Jim

  • Thomas says:

    We do not need any more people to support. We do not need any more Crimanls to support.
    Let Europe handle their own problems.Our jails
    Are full now. We do not need any more to have to chase down and lock up.PERIOD.


  • Garry says:

    Besides being the biggest liar running for president, she also has the biggest “death record” of people associated with her and her husband probably ever known to politicians.

  • Susan Sauer says:

    She cares nothing for anything that matters to anyone but herself. She says, “What does it MATTER” about Bengazi, now that our Ambassador is dead and others with him. Justice Watch has procured proof that she knew and could have sent appropriate aid in time! She says the difference between her and BHO is that she’s a woman. WHAT?! She cares nothing about others’ rights or freedoms of the Constitution – witness investigative papers of Republicans found on the kitchen table in the White House when she was there with her husband the first time. She has undoubtably put our national security at risk by using an unsecured email account as Secretary of State! Why is she not on bail awaiting trial instead of FREE to run for President? Have we lost our collective minds?! Shall I say more?

  • Joel Chaney says:

    Hillary talks about the death of Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago. Lets examine the facts here. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws for a state, yet two suspect under the age of 21 possessed and fired a handgun in Chicago.
    The problem is not having enough gun law, the issue is enforcing the law you currently have!

  • Zlatko Tomicic says:

    She is crass and phony to the level of exemplifying the ” ugly American “;
    See the scene in Libya: We came, saw, and Gadafi died” And that turned to be a historical gaffe of US foreign policy!

  • Bruce Preece says:

    Hillary to the Big House not the White House

  • Hildegarde says:

    Any one she doesn’t like she Kills. Someone that uses to work for her said, that she has killed lots of people.

  • Name says:

    Because she is a lying bitch…she let 4of our Americans die and I think Obama also had something to do with it..

  • BrBren Mills says:

    She should prosequted for her illegal activity. That’s not acting like a future president!! She should be in federal prison

  • Glen Nussbaum says:


  • Betty Armstrong says:

    She is kin to potus, if her mouth is moving, she is lying. She will be worse the o. She wants our guns, but check out how many people were killed by her minions, because they new too much. Wants to help children fulfill their dreams, but supports them being aborted by the millions. We give millions each year to the baby killers and what do they do, send 20, million dollars for her campaign, etc, etc. That’s our tax dollars at work. I could be here all day writing what is wrong with Killary, but my word to the women that want a woman president, so do I, but I’m waiting until a woman comes along that is WORTHY of the office, not a liar, thief, traitor, etc.

  • Name says:

    shes bad

  • Ben Hall says:

    They are both killers and trash.

  • Ben Hall says:

    They are both killers and trash.

  • susan says:

    she’s a bigger liar,you would think that could not be!!but she is!!!!

  • Bill Schlachter says:

    For Sure!!!!

  • robert ray says:

    She is a liar and a useless public servant that has NEVER accomplished anything worthwhile

  • Mike says:

    Hillary is a modern day JANE FONDA

  • Debra Vaughn says:

    I am not sure which would come out first if you threw them in a bag shook them up. They are both satanic and evil to the very core of their being. I think they both deserve the death penalty.

  • Daniel Stribling says:

    she is truly a criminal time after time she has shown a total disregard for doing what is right and abiding by the law. She is a proven liar and is a pompous ass. She should be in jail ! You can take it to the bank, if I had handled classified information the way she has they would have thrown me under the jail but she is running for President. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

  • Stephen says:

    She’s a lying bitter bitch

  • Ron says:

    How can someone talk about murder when them themselves have killed someone I believe she ran somebody over with her car right and on top of that it’s an American right to carry and to own a firearm since the beginning of time everybody needs to get over it people that are smart level-headed and that are decent upstanding human beings should be able to have a firearm to protect themselves and their families and as far as Isis and domestic terrorist they are all in the same but really foreign enemies seem to have bigger Target than what domestic enemies do we have problems with our government because they’re screwing us over day by day and that’s frustrating any more cops are just glorified gang members as is the government!!!!!

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