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Twitter Users Mock Hillary Clinton After She Asked For Donations to Foundation



Hillary Clinton affirmed her status | Twitter Users Mock Hillary Clinton After She Asked For Donations to Foundation | featured

Former Secretary of State and failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton went online to beg for funds for the Clinton Foundation. Many social media users decided to rip her a new one instead. 

Instead of donations, the Clinton Foundation received a lot of brickbats and sarcastic comments.

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Hillary Clinton Goes to Twitter To Beg For Funds

Hillary Clinton makes an impactful gesture during a speech | Hillary Clinton

Last Wednesday, Hillary Clinton started the ball rolling by tweeting a message asking users to help prop up the Clinton Foundation.

The message read: “If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the @ClintonFdn.” 

The tweet came attached with a Clinton Foundation message that said they’re working on confronting the climate crisis.

The organization is also working to improve public health, expand economic opportunity, and inspire citizen engagement and service.

The tweet ended with a promise for imaginary returns. “Join us and the Clinton family will triple your impact,” it promised. 

Twitter Users Didn’t Take Kindly To Hillary Clinton’s Shill

When Twitter users read Hillary Clinton’s message, many didn’t take the message too kindly. Users still remember the Clinton Foundation’s alleged practice of influence peddling, especially among foreign-based organizations.

One reader asked directly if Clinton’s message was a joke. Sadly, it’s not. Another user made a reference to Hillary Clinton’s notorious cattle future trades that turned her $1,000 investment into $100,000. “Cattle futures not what they used to be?” the Twitter user asked. 

Other users piled on the call for donations. A user asked if Chelsea needs a new house or something. Another one mocked the statement by echoing previous statements made by Hillary regarding donations.“Donate? What difference — at this point — would it make?” asked one. “Donate? Like with a cloth?”

Another use made a direct reference to Benghazi, where then-Secretary of State Clinton allegedly bungled the entire event. One user promised to donate funds “Only if it goes to the families of those lost in Benghazi.” 

Clinton Foundation In Need Of Funds

Support for the Clinton Foundation over the years is fading. Donations began petering out soon as Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency to former President Donald Trump.

The Daily Wire reported that contributions to the foundation fell from $29.6 million in 2019 to $16.3 million in 2020.

This is a 45% drop in funding. In contrast, the foundation received $62.9 million in 2016, when Clinton ran against Trump. 

The numbers suggest that the Clinton Foundation’s donations dropped by 74% between the time she ran for President up to the present. 

It also meant that present funds are 7% of what the Clinton Foundation enjoyed in 2009: $249 million. This was the time when then-President Barack Obama appointed Clinton as Secretary of State.

“Money was pouring in when Hillary Clinton was a senior official and a candidate for president. The fact that foundation donors received special access to the Secretary of State isn’t surprising,” Scott Amey of the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) reported. 

Ethics Concern for Clinton Foundation

Many critics of the foundation point out the less-than-transparent system of dealing with finances.

Due to her running for President in 2016, the foundation had to amend six years of tax returns between 2010 to 2013. This is according to whistleblower site 

“Changes included reporting previously undisclosed contributions and grants from foreign governments,” the site reported.

It included revenue updates from speeches and listed related entities. The foundation also changed the list of donors reported in Form 990 Schedule B.

In addition, foundation expenses seem to total more than incoming donations. In 2020, the foundation reported a net loss of more than $4.3 million.

Watch the Next News Network reporting that Hillary Clinton asked for donations on Twitter and gets an ultimate response:

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