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Hillary Has Gone Too Far



Hillary Has Gone Too Far, see more at:

Hillary Has Gone Too Far (Image: Snopes)

Late last night it seems that Hillary's Super PAC shot a coordinated attack at three major Bernie fan pages on Facebook, causing them to be reported and removed from the server. Politics is supposed to be about debating, about who stands for what the majority of the people want. Yet after last night, it seems that Hillary is using, not politics, but tactics right out of Hitlers manifesto and hiring cyber “brown shirts” to do her dirty work. 

Bernie or Bust, Bernie Believers, and Bernie Sanders is my Hero were the three fan pages that were targeted last night. Apparently, Hillary's Super PAC was flooding their page with pornographic images, some even including kiddie porn, and then reporting the page. That in turn, forced Facebook to close the sites.


How can we allow someone into the White House who, clearly has no moral compass, and allows themselves to use unethical means to get what it is they want? That is exactly what Hitler did when he was conquering Germany. If someone spoke out against him, or even slightly disagreed with his tactics he sent his “brown shirts” after them to silence the opposition. That is a tactic of fear. The people do not work for the President, the President works for the people. 

This has the potential to be an extremely dangerous problem, that could be looming in the shadows waiting to emerge. If Hillary became president, unlikely but play along with the idea for a second, what would stop her from using those tactics against the people? Or against the government itself? President Hillary wants to pass a law or a bill, the people disagree, all of a sudden Hillary's henchmen are after you and your silenced before you know what hit you.

A Dictator is defined as a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession. If Hillary is able to silence her opposition, is she not exercising absolute power? Where are the policies, the intended plans for our country? 

We already know that she is a liar. She has tried to excuse herself from accountability over her personal email scandal. We have found out that the people who have contributed to her campaign have ties in tax evasion and offshore accounts through the Panama Paper Leaks. Now she is abusing power and stopping the people who oppose her. She can't be trusted as a President.

Her ties with Saudi Arabia are enough to make us question her motives, but now the things are adding up.

In the wake of all the attacks on American soil, the country is in a fragile state and the last thing we need is someone coming in and taking advantage of that fact. We need a leader. Someone that we can trust, not someone who's actual motives are hidden in a closet scrapping at the door to be let out.

If Hillary has no problem shutting down a site, let's see what she does with her power next.



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  • Robert Hjortsberg says:

    Every thing about her, is totally corrupt.
    She should be behind bars. .
    If she gets into the Oval Office, she will finish what oboma hasen’t had time to complete.
    Destroying what’s left of our country.

  • Greyguy says:

    Since when is this news, this has been the way she has operated since she left law school. Evidence the Brief she wrote at the Watergate Commission trying to deny Nixon his constitutional right to counsel.

  • DustyFae says:

    This woman, like Cruz are going too far for the WH.. They want to win the WH.. We have troubles if Cruz or Hillary win, to cheat ,lie and low down trick is Cruz and Hillary game.. This is bad stuff.. The establishment are really scared to death ..

  • Louis B. Jones Sr says:

    So whats new. Hillary lies steals cheats and perhaps murders to keep her power. But politician as a rule do and say whatever will get them votes knowing they can change what they said when the rubber meets the road.

  • JP says:

    Hasn’t this been the Clinton modus operandi for eons? Where threats fail, we find dead bodies scattered in their wake!

  • carlos casey says:

    what else can u expect from ppl. that r said to have close friends exercuted for not standing with them for unethical dealings at best

  • carlos casey says:

    what else can u expect from ppl. that r said to have close friends exercuted for not standing with them for unethical dealings at best

  • jacque kiss says:

    Hilary is a nut case. She is nasty and a liar. We don’t need her in the White House. Last time there she and Bill stole $400,000.00 worth of items from the White House. She is a crook

  • Evelyn Sellers says:

    She is a liar, a thief, and not one bit of honesty has ever come from her lips.

  • Elf says:

    Hillary belong in jail.
    Hillary is a traitor to America.
    Hillary caused our Ambassador Stevens and Three other brave men in our military to be slaughtered in Benghazi. She then repeatedly lied and lied to the parents of those slain blaming the deaths on some elusive video and ended by calling them liars.
    She used a private server for classified and top secret government documents and lied about it. She sacrificed our NATIONAL SECURITY purposely and she is an ANTI- AMERICAN GLOBALIST.

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