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Hillary Is Literally Clueless About How ObamaCare Works



Hillary has literally no clue how ObamaCare works…

I had to watch this video multiple times to even BEGIN to make sense of all the inane babbling Hillary does in a feeble attempt to answer a basic question by a small business owner.

The Question? Why did my premium go up $500 dollars? Well, Hillary sure doesn't know and when she finally gets around to the point of the question it's, well, it probably didn't and the small business owner is probably just lying.

This from a woman who might very likely be the next President of the United States and plans to keep and ramp up ObamaCare and she doesn't even understand the math behind it.

This is an amazing level of stupidity and ignorance on her part and one that her party as a whole has fully embraced. They worship these social programs like a form of religion or magic that they don't understand and yet have put their whole faith into the belief that it works anyway. Regardless of what the math really says.

ObamaCare failed, a fact that almost everyone who is not on the extream left will admit. However, the government is too proud and ignorant to make the correct action and undo it so we are forced to just keep moving along with the rotting corpse of our care system, whatever the cost.

That is the problem with these social programs. Once they get implemented they never come undone, something that over time can and will become truly dangerous to America.

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  • Steven says:

    The Bitch is Clueless about Real Life ! ! !

  • eric says:

    she knows nothing but how to lie

  • T Scott says:

    Hellary is a flippin’ IDIOT!

  • DAVID STROUD says:


  • Gay Rainey says:

    If Hillary had to pay for Obama care, she would KNOW why it is BAD for America!

  • Keith says:

    Help us lord

  • Jerry Woods says:

    She is one terrific LIAR!! She has had years of practice. At least since college.

  • jack says:

    Well, was not to long ago that she was bragging that it was her healthcare bill that she failed to get even a solid look at under her husband’s presidency, but is now Obamacare!!! The only thing she understands is that it is a tax on the American people—–the ones who will pay for it for everyone else. This is a shock to her. She will never fix it and vials to increase our costs more by wanting to cover all for everything—liberal rosy rim glasses policy—-not enough tea in China to do this; as the insurance companies are now finding out (they supported Obamacare on greed of new policies with government money, but now not even this is floating when those getting it are running costs to the Moon and back—-Hell, it is free!!!!!!!!! This woman is good about lying and dodging the issue. Lets get realistic: she wants to take your kids from you because parents are not supposed to raise kids (why she doesn’t say) and put them where for what purpose? What about the parents? If she has no compassion for kids and the bond between children and parents, what kind of monster is she??????? Think she cares about YOUR HEALTH CARE, effectiveness and reasonable cost??????? Don’t give up your expensive speeches on wall street for a day job!!!!!! I thought Obama was bad but Hillary does not even have a ranking available that even resembles an F!!!!!!!! She had done nothing and nothing good, and will continue this wreak of a career (?) into the highest office in the country (and sad to say, with the misguided help of both Liberal Democrats and Republicans, if we let her.

  • Stan says:

    shes stupid as hell

  • Milano says:

    She is not enrolled herself into it.

  • James Ledbetter says:

    She’s a fucking idiot! She is the reason why DC is so screwed up – lying socialist witch.

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