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Hillary Is Laughing Her Way To The Presidency



Hillary Is Laughing Her Way To The Presidency, see more at:
  • The Director of the FBI, James Comey, has just announced that the FBI does not recommend criminal charges for Hillary's email case.
  • Apparently, no evidence was found that could prove that Hillary intentionally sent or received classified information.
  • Lorretta Lynch, said Friday, that she would take the recommendation of the FBI so the year-long investigation is assumed to be over.

There are things in politics that surprise us. That's just the way the political system works. You expect things to go one way but right at the last second, they turn a different corner.

Hillary's presidential campaign has just turned that corner.

With all the evidence that has been piled up against Hillary's private email investigation, you would think it was an open and shut case. You would be wrong. The FBI Director, James Comey, has just come forward and announced that the FBI recommends no criminal charges against Hillary. That's right, the FBI has said that no criminal charges should be brought against Hillary.

She did it. Hillary Clinton got away with breaking national security.

The decision by the FBI comes just three days after they interviewed Hillary. It has been a year-long investigation where they examined multiple servers, read 30,000 emails, and interviewed dozens of people.

Comey, however, did give Hillary a verbal smack on the wrist for her “extreme carelessness”. He also went on to say that an ordinary government official would have faced administrative sanction for similar conduct.

Clear evidence of intentionally sending or receiving classified information would have to be found to bring about criminal charges. Comey explained that evidence wasn't found by the FBI.

The pieces are all starting to come together. First, the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton, then the airlift aboard Air Force One for Hillary's presidential campaign, all while, more and more information continues to come out about Hillary's emails. Yet, somehow, the FBI has come to the conclusion that no criminal charges should be pressed on Hillary.

It is most likely that the Justice Department will follow the lead of the FBI. Especially after Loretta Lynch said, on Friday, that she would take the recommendation of the FBI.

Although the FBI has claimed that there was no evidence that could prove that Hillary Clinton intentionally breached national security, he did say that “there is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton should have known an unclassified system was no place for that information.”

Although the State Department has not come forward yet with their decision it is safe to say that the courts are closing their books on this case. Hillary got away with breaching national security. I guess we know what to look forward to when she goes head to head with Trump in the presidential elections. It's going to be hard to defeat an opponent that can't even be convicted of something that everyone knows that she did.


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