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Hillary Might Be Losing The Race



  • Hillary is only 10 points ahead of Trump for the Presidential election.
  • She received a massive boost after the Democratic National Convention, yet now she seems to be slipping again.
  • Hillary is currently at 51 percent and Trump is at 41 percent.

A new NBC poll shows that Hillary Clinton is only leading Donald Trump by ten points. Hillary is at 51 percent and Trump is at 41 percent.

It still could be anyone's race. However, there are two other candidates that have not been considered. If you include the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Peace candidate Jill Stein, then Hillary is only ahead by six points. Ten percent of voters are voting for Johnson and four percent of voters are voting for Stein.

It has been reported, multiple times, that Hillary got a massive spike of support after the Democratic National Convention. However, it seems as if she may be slipping back in the polls. Is that surprising? I mean first you, you get her email scandal, then you get the DNC email scandal, now you get two lawsuits against her. Wherever Hillary goes, a scandal is sure to follow.

It's hard to keep the voting public's faith when all they hear about is how you are screwing up.

The real hiccup in this presidential race is sure to be the new Independent candidate Evan McMullin. If he can gain the support of the Republican Party, it might be a quick shoe-in for the former CIA agent.

There's also the rumor that Trump may be dropping out of the race. If that is so, it would be the perfect time to bring in someone completely different from Trump. Younger, more experienced, less grandstanding, and more relatable. Whatever the Republican party is planning to do, they need to do it before September or you can give the White House to Hillary.

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  • john says:

    because president obama has been a disaster and hillary would only continue his policies. Also trump is going to shake up the republican party, especially those who come out against him. they will as trump says lose their gravey train. Senator mconnel, what has he done? lindsay grahm, what has he done? we must have someone who will appoint supreme court justices who have a sense of morality. how can anyone vote democrate with hillary, a pathological liar and retain any integrity themselves?

  • gh55 says:

    Hillary has way too many personal things she is hiding and definitely will come out to destroy her bid for the WH. She is a habitual liar and the truth is not in her. God hates a liar so, she has bought herself a one-way ticket to the lake of fire

  • Donald duquette says:

    Serial lier, must be stopped, immediately!

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