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Hillary Must Be Stopped And Only Trump Can



Do me a favor and watch the video above, it will open your eyes to the evil that is Hillary Clinton

Now, I know I have talked about corrupt Hillary Clinton more times than even her most adamant haters care to read. But guess what? I’m going to talk about her some more.

That’s because she is so important in our lives. I feel that one can get used to her normal vile ways. Can even grow numb and bored by her countless scandals and exploits and that is the reason why I must keep beating the dead horse that is Hillary Clinton.

This woman is simply awful!

When her husband, Bill, left the White House, few would have correctly identified Hillary as the more corrupt and evil of the two. But, they would have been right.

Hillary Clinton has been the central figure to the Clintons’ many many… many scandals that have followed them through the years. So many scandals that it is impossible to comprehend how a woman like Hillary can even attempt, let alone win, the presidency. Not to mention the fact that she has managed to stay clean, despite the vast amount of evidence and witnesses.

There is a term that sums up the Clintons… Institutionalized corruption. What she is doing is absolutely corrupt, but because her, and people like her, have made the laws, it’s legal… to an extent. That does not mean it isn't corrupt though.

Remember just because it’s the law, doesn’t make it right.

With Trump winning the GOP race this week there has been a strong push by the #nevertrump coalition to further distance themselves from Donald Trump and do everything they can to undermine him for president. The main problem with that is that elections are a zero sum game. If the right that hates Trump succeeds then it means they have helped to elect Hillary Clinton, who I promise you is worse than you think Trump could be.

Hillary will also not be going to jail. Better people have tried to put her and Bill in jail since the 70s and failed and Obama’s Justice Department isn’t going to bend over backwards to lock her up now.

So, it may scare you and you may hate it, but you have another Clinton or you have Trump. Those are the choices for the next four years.

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  • JoAnn Fonzone, Esquire says:

    No One is supposed to be above the law; why should she be? there must not be selective application or prosecution of the law in the US or we have a lawless nation.

  • pnr says:

    She’s a crook

  • Wendy says:

    I believe Hilary will be an extension of Obama. She’s very far left, their policies and intentions are both the same. To make this a socialist government vs a democracy. I believe our founders didn’t want politicians running our country, they want a government for the people by the people,meanung anyone from a farmer to a store owner to be in every branch of government. No person should be able to make a career out of being I any office of our government. There needs to be term limits instead of the good old boys club we currently have in power.

  • Liane says:

    I would sooner vote for the devil, himself, than vote for this miserable excuse of a human being, Trump. He portrays the worst of everything our country stands for. He totally disgusts me.

  • Bernard Broadus jr says:
  • Name says:

    They are both progressive democrats.

  • Alexander says:

    She must be in jail for what she did for our country

  • Robert Gean says:

    Hillary will finish what Obama started, the destruction of America. America we know will be another 3rd world country.

  • Carol Wiltsey says:


  • DANE POE says:

    She is evil.

  • Rick says:

    Because this woman is a lieing vile witch who cares not about the country or the people she only cares about herself money and power!

  • Charlotte York says:

    This is the most scary thing to think about, that this (EVIL) woman could get back in the Whitehouse..I am asking god to please don’t let this happen to his people? She would be worse than Obama?

  • charlie says:

    so corrupt, a liar and evil

  • Sid says:

    Anybody is better than Trump respect him as a business man but POTUS…..Hell to the No!!

  • Doug says:

    It really doesn’t matter who gets in there. They are a Corporate President anyway, NOT a president of a country. It is only hoped that Trump gets the position and can reverse some of the tyranny. In the end, however, no matter who gets in there, as the President of a Corporation, they are still completely subject to the board of directors (congress. Hillary does not need to get in there as the tyranny will go exponential.

  • John C Heil Jr says:

    Hilary Clinton just CANNOT be trusted. I believe she is much worse than Obama.

  • William Caine says:

    Hillary has lied and has tried to cover up the murders she assisted with in bengazi, of our own American people. I will not support a commander in chief that has lied and has tried to cover up many many lies of corruption. How is she even able to run for president while under investigation? This crap has to stop.

  • James Hardin says:

    Emails, most important Bengazi and the Americans who died with no support !!!

  • Brenda Harkness says:

    Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary because he is not beholden to the lobbyist and he isn’t caught up in all this PC crap going on in our country right now.

  • art glatman says:

    The GOP gave away Obamas second term Don’t make the same mistake again

  • Henry Taylor says:

    She is a 100% lie, What does it really matter, well kill 4 of her husband, daughter,granddauter,etc and would it really matter to her. We are America, Not a third world don’t give a shit country.

  • Carol Williams says:

    Too much dishonesty, questionable decisions, outright lies, over years, then her actions in the Benghazi situation show that she’s a loose cannon. After 8 years of Obama’s poor leadership, the US needs strong, principled leadership as well as healing of the deep divisions in our social fabric President and Mrs. Obama have caused.

  • Naomi says:

    We’ve already seen that she engages in criminal activity without batting an eyelash. What will she feel free to do as president via executive orders like the current president abuses? She will just tear the Constitution apart because it’s obvious she doesn’t believe it or any values brought forward from our forefathers at the founding of our nation. She’s a pure example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing who at many times takes her sheep head off so we can see it’s a wolf, and laughs as if she’s saying, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

  • Ray says:

    The civic idiots of this country made that empty suit moron liberal the nominee so now they have to deal with the outcome. I will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. I will vote Libertarian.

  • Brian Palmer says:

    The epitome of evil.A trail of murder follow her wherever she goes

  • lolly says:

    Only Trump can expose all the lies and corruption associated with Hillary. What the talking heads, especially on Fox, do not understand, is that the angry middle class doesn’t care if we “like” Trump or not. What we “like” is what Trump says he will do and we believe that he will do it. Can’t wait to see the debates, but prefer to see Hillary behind bars where she belongs.

  • Jim Singleton says:

    I believe Trump is the only person who will try to fix the many problems the country faces. Neither side of the current govertment will!

  • Ron Haave Sr says:

    I believe she is responsible for the death of many Americans and we sure as hell don’t want sneaky Bill back in the white house.

  • Ron Haave Sr says:

    I believe she is responsible for the death of many Americans and we sure as hell don’t want sneaky Bill back in the white house.

  • Jim says:

    The country has been going down the road to ruin. Hillary will keep it up. Trump is the only one to bring the important issues to the surface.

  • Susan says:

    First, I am sick of the crap that the Republicans promise to do and DO NOT do.
    Donald Trump had his own money and is not tied down to anyone. He has a strong agenda and is bringing Americans together especially the middle class. We are revolting to the establishment. I have been a life long Republican and tea party member. I am done with the bullshit.

  • Carlos Perez says:

    As a former democrat voter Trump has open my eyes and feels and speak for me, we need a strong leader who will fight for the American people and rejuvenate the power of the USA
    Again,,he is the one men greatful for the success that the USA gave him, and is giving something back to America, there is so much more to say about our future leader, and as for Paul Ryan his time and career is over,

  • Lindsay Rowse says:

    I respect the 2nd amendment and all our rights. Clinton and her ilk do not.

  • Charles Waters says:

    As bad as she is on most things, if elected she will load the Supreme Court with liberal activist and our constitution will be destroyed.

  • oksana koulinich says:

    It’s a clan that need to be destroyed.

  • Betty says:

    She is not only a liar but a corrupt part of the government.

  • Sally Anderson says:

    Any woman that protects a husband when he is sexual abusing women and who will let americans be murdered is a B WITH AN ITCH! She wants to harm all americans with her carrying out BAMABOYS plans….She was already acting PRESIDENT when Bill was out chasing the women…..YES she was running the country behind the scenes…..I HATED HER THEN AND HATE HER NOW!!!!

  • LISA PLACE says:

    I FIRMLY believe that our POTUS needs to be someone that can STAND UP against ALL the HILLARY CLINTON’s in D.C.!! Trump is a hard nose, no nonsense businessman that will get Our Country.. (Economy, Unemployment, IRS, Military, VA, Health Care, Trade) BACK ON TRACK, WHILE desecrating ISIS and Dealing with OUT OF CONTROL Immigration/Refugee Flooding. I have Complete confidence in TRUMPS ability to do so. If Hillary is elected…her dishonesty and deceitfulness will PROPEL us into economic & social OBLIVION!! Hillary is a CRIMINAL and should be in PRISON! If ANY other person were to be Investigated for the same things..they would be in the headlines as a TRAITOR and Both Republican AND DEMOCRATS would be calling for them to be imprisoned!! But..”The Clinton Clout” gets her a Free Pass and a laughable Investigation into her “actions/inactions”!! IT IS DEPLORABLE!!!!! Hillary is a TRAITOR, Liar, Thief AND Murderer!! WHY would she be a good Leader!? IT IS DISGUSTING!!

  • Rick says:

    Hillary Clinton IS a crook! She should have been thrown in prison LONG ago! Why has she been allowed to remain FREE? THANKS Mr. Obammy for protecting the United States as you swore when you first took office! Thank you for allowing ISIS entrance into our country! I wish no protection even though you are CIC!
    I submit this under the 1st amendment od the U.S. Constitution! I know i am not alone in this so be!

  • Daniel says:

    Hillary is anti-Americxan and hates the working tax payer as much as Obama.
    She is also anti selfdefense wich means she supports criminals over law abiding Americans.

  • Peggy Harvey says:

    Women should not run our country, her husband was in their and did not do anything for our country.

  • Henry Alvarido says:

    Trump is the only one that will tell it like it is. When it comes to Hillary’s crimes, Bill’s sex scandals in the White House with all the interns and the Clinton foundation only Trump will speech up.

  • People she has destroyed for her and the idiot makes America an immoral society

  • Charlotte Wenzel says:

    I’ve been Republican all my life, I’m 62 yrs old. The Clinton’s are the most CORRUPT couple I’ve ever seen. Don’t even get me started on Obama. The Clinton’s shouldn’t even be allowed in politics. The GOP isn’t much better. Both parties have strayed into VOTER FRAUD, cheating & mud slinging. I’m going to follow Mr Trump. He’s listening to the people & he wants AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. All you politicians care about is what’s in it for you. Screw the American people, we don’t count! YES WE DO & were PISSED!!!

  • Pablo W. Zurita says:

    Country must have HONEST people that represent us.

  • Marguerite Davis says:

    obama shittin me be in a White House he’s taking everything away from us already he shoved his insurance down our throats we don’t have the right to say we don’t want insurance anymore you get fined if you don’t have it that is not the American way Hillary just back in 100%. We need them out and when did Donald Trump in there to try to straighten up the mess they made.

  • Virginia Habig says:

    she will just be 4 more years of Obama don’t need that.

  • Richard says:


  • Ken Varoli Sr. says:

    I believe and agree with your comments and then some.

  • Steveo says:

    You nailed it! She is evil and only smiles for the cameras and the crowds. The Secret Service know what she is really like. and its scary…!

  • Milton S Day says:

    I am tired of professional politics. We need a business person to try to turn the direction of our country and not someone that will say anything to get re-elected so they can become part of a super elite group that has done nothing but put money in their own pockets without caring about the rest of us.

    We cannot continue to punish the people willing to work and be productive so others who do nothing get government handouts.

  • Sanford says:

    Hillary is a crook a liar and a socialist!

  • Julie Johnson says:

    Killary is Satan’s minion and I believe in my heart Trump is the only one with the power to stop the Clinton political wheel that has been rolling over everybody for years

  • Chuck says:

    Anyone is better than Clinton!

  • Mike says:

    It is too late for any other choice to make a run.

  • Alfred Collier says:

    She is untrustworthy, coneiving and deceitful

  • Orville Rolando says:
  • Grumpynorm says:

    We have to many crooks in congress now we don’t need another proven one as president

  • Jacqueline Sisson says:

    Because she is a lying thieving, murdering communinist

  • r says:

    i think you are a misinformed idiot, if Trump becomes the president he will dig us in a hole we will never get out of. if you want to see our young men and women go off to war, elect that moron

  • Bruce Rothman says:

    I really fail to understand why Hitlery and her boss aren’t already in prison. If it were you or I, guess where we would be. If the witch wins the election, I will move out of the country.

  • Debra Miller says:

    The Clinton’s feel they are above the law. It’s time to put that witch in jail.

  • Daniel Draime says:

    Because the GOP big shots really don’t care who becomes President of the USA, as long as they are able to protect their rice bowls. They are mostly money grabbing crooks.

  • Richard P. Conas says:

    I do not understand how a nation of such great and wonderful people have been cursed with the Clintons. Maybe, Trump can be the savior of this great nation.

  • Larry Roberts says:

    We cannot have another four years of an Obama administration, and that is what Hillary would bring. She needs to be stopped. Trump needs to get elected and make a change in the direction of this country

  • Terry Lindeman says:

    Too many questionable actions not resolved and massive financial fraudulent activities.

  • Richard says:

    I agree because I have followed the clinton’s for a great many years, and have seen no other couple so corrupt as these two. Although I agree trump can stop clinton, he is going have to do a better job than what he is doing now. He p-sses me off when he starts going after a hanger on rather than taken on the criminal mrs clinton. He should attack her on substance and leave personalities out of the picture….

  • Donald Reynolds says:

    I have never trusted the Clintons because of there un Godly actions while serving in offices of The United States of America.

  • Donl says:

    She IS a Socialist, (read her book,it takes a village) She has to many friends that are to far left, she lies, she’s deceptive, she is just like obama. She even said “obama didn’t go far enough” on hope and change. She is like a puppet, her every move is choreographed.

  • Val Page says:

    Both Hillary and Trump are disastrous for America. We need a third party candidate — now is the time.

  • Name says:

    Cuz he’s the only guy that isn’t in everybody’s pocket and that’s looking out for us people hear Americans that are getting looted by these damn senators and congress-people and the governmental idiots

  • Oscar says:

    Just see what GOP prefer NOT TO VOTE
    is clear they prefer Hillary

  • Jack says:

    the CLINTONs are corrupt and have been since Governor of Arkansas. ( how many people did they have killed?)

  • William Miller says:

    Because she is a lying, murdering and treasonous bitch that should be in prison

  • Bruce pohlman says:

    I believe she should have been arrested a long time ago

  • Heidi says:

    He has strength, confidence and guts !

  • Greg Burtch says:

    She’s a corrupt lier

  • Ralph wik says:

    This country cannot stand a Hillary term. We don’t just want Trump,we need him. This is the most important election of our time. Period.

  • Lori Auffenorde says:

    Bill was in once. I’m not good at saying things. But I don’t believe Hillary should be in the White House. Her and Bill are to close for this to work. It’s just not a good situation

  • Joan Brennan says:

    For all of the reasons stated in this audio.

  • Erick Stiefel says:

    She needs to be in prison!

  • Name says:

    Cause she is evil and can’t be allowed in office again ever

  • Danny Thomas says:

    shes just like osama ha ha obama

  • John Battista says:

    A God Send!

  • James Galvin says:

    If Trump does not win, the constitution will be rewritten by the leftist elites as a document that protects the government instead of We The people! Arm yourself and your family NOW and witness for freedom and Trump!

  • Debi says:

    Clinton is a thief and a liar. I certainly do NOT want her in the White House governing my life. American will have nothing by the time she is done with us. Trump has an angry temper and throws fits, as long as he keeps that focused into making America better and not hang himself while making decisions we will be good.

  • Dyonne Perron says:

    Where do you and fish Trump off by calling any women names. If either one of you two was a real gentleman you wouldn’t let that come out of your mouth. I don’t care what either one says I’m voting for Hillary. We women have to stick together against name calling pigs like you. Women won’t take that abuse from Trump if they have any brain at all. Your all women haters

  • Terrance says:

    Cannot be trusted

  • larry lane says:

    the gop hasn’t give us ss or medicare they are not for me

  • Bill Scully says:

    I believe planned parenthood will continue to provide services even without government funding., If Hillary is elected, she would hold press conferences explaining abortion and harvesting fetus body parts. The phantom records of finances will sweep under the rug any proof of the lie of their destitution when they left the White House last time. Every involvement of Hillary in government should be investigated. Investigate Chelsea now to prevent her becoming her mother. Perhaps she might be saved and can actually go to work for a living

  • Jere hansen says:

    She is a witch and liar and has always been bad for our country

  • Ray says:

    Because of her and her husbands devious dealings in the past and her secret email account – what was she trying to hide?

  • Thomas Blessing says:

    She has been a threat to this country every since she took office under Obama. She was responsible for the deaths in Benghazi and the inept attitude towards this country’s laws is appalling.

  • Roberta says:

    There has never been a more corrupt person running for office in the history of our country.

  • Name says:

    because she has blood on her hands from Benghazi.

  • Richard Z says:

    She is an absolute crook

  • Kinda Curry says:

    Hillary is a criminal! Wake up America how stupid can you be? She belongs in jail!!! She’s a third term of Obamamama !! She’s against the second amendment and our country can’t even protect us !!! Build that wall Mr.Trump! Trump 2016????????????????????????????????

  • Name says:

    We need MR Trump to stop all the corruption in our country. He is the one and only that can do this. It is getting so hard to live in NY with all the increases in taxes, Heath insurance property taxes etc. Needs to stop. The middle case people like myself are carrying the load for all the loosers out there. Trump can help our economy.

  • vrprgu says:

    She is a Liar, a Crook, Incompetent, her only interest in becoming the first Female President is for personal gain and fame. Not only is she a security risk but she has nothing to offer for the benefit and betterment of this country. I see no leadership qualities in this woman that anyone would want to follow, only a self serving agenda.

  • Wayne Korn says:

    I simply cannot comprehend how ANY halfway intelligent person could even consider voting for that despicable excuse of a human being. She should be in Gitmo with no chance of parole. Slick Willy should be also. Our entire “government” is so corrupt that I firmly believe this once great Nation is doomed. We will never recover.

  • gary v hunsaker says:

    I don’t want a criminal as President

  • william Clark says:

    She is liar from day one. Would not think on second of voting for her. She is as corrupt as her Bill. Just hope for the people to see through her. But I am afraid they will not see the writing on the wall. If she wins, we all lose.

  • robert heath says:

    she as crooked as a dog lhinde leg. aliar, she has perjered herself and how many other lies she has told, time to indite her.

  • Eric Dole says:

    The Clinton woman does not need to be President, she couldn’t even handle being Secretary of State. GO TRUMP GO!!!!

  • William Miller says:

    I have been in total agreement with THE DONALD since day one. I do regret that I’m not able to help financially but living month to month on SSDI does’nt leave me much more than enough to just get by.

  • Raul Domingo says:

    Trump is a better deal maker and we need to settle our financial crisis and reverse our 19 trillion debts!

  • Henrietta Williams says:

    We need a business man in the White House that can save this country, not a crook looking to fill their own pockets.

  • Lynn Griffith says:

    One good reason, the next president could appoint up to three Chief Justices. We must not let Hillary do that.

  • Thomas says:

    The witch should be behind bars!

  • Jayne says:

    Because she needs to pay for what she had done and behind bars is where she needs to be.

  • Harry Stewart says:

    I don”t trust her.

  • Thomas Jordan says:

    I have been for Trump since the day he announced his candidacy

  • James says:

    With Trump we well all be saying “Hail Victory”

  • Art Rathjen says:

    Trump entered the race to insure Hillary’s victory.

  • chris ericksen says:

    Trump is a serial liar- PROOF is there on the Net and anywhere else you look.

    Trump is mentally-unstable- absolutely no doubt of that by anyone with any kind of background in psychology- and even laymen with a semblance of mental acuity.

    Pulitzer-Prize-winning PolitiFact has Trump with a TWO per cent rating restatements they’ve researched, with a 7% mostly-true.
    GO TO THE SITE AND READ IT, for corn’s sakes!

    SEVENTY % lies on another site (Pinocchio none-length)

    Sleazy? Youtube will show you Trump on The View TV show telling us that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter he would probably date her-she’s so beautiful- says the same in a Rolling Stones article; that article gives another incident as well.
    THEN google
    Donald and Ivanka Trump sitting atop a statue of 2 parrots having sex Vanity Fair Magazine (Ivanka was 15 at the time).
    What you will see is Ivanka in a short skirt sitting on her father’s lap, she gazing raptly at him while cradling his face with one hand.

    You assessment of Hillary Clinton is balderdash, even with her flaws.

    Trump with our nuclear missile codes?
    Are you out of your ever-lovin; minds???

  • Pandall Thompson says:

    Stop the witch at any cost

  • chris ericksen says:

    Conflict of Interests?? How about a billionaire-turned-president signing bills to raise or lower taxes (depending which Party is in power) or to give even more breaks to the rich? You think that just mebbe his business might profit? Heck, he would hardly need to lobby, would he?

    I just LOVE his latest comment: that he loves debt and that all the US has to do is to keep printing money!!

  • Danney says:

    It would be as if Obama got 4 more years and worse. She is guilty of lieing to Americans about leaving soldiers and Ambasado

  • Mrs.Nidya R. Hernansez says:

    Hitlary Clinton is guilty of Treason along with Obama, etc. She is dishonest, a liar, hippocrit, a murderer. I know about her lies as an attorney even before she hooked up with Bill Clinton. Birds of a feather. They are devils. They are both guilty of kidnapping, fraud and other attrocities. God help us if she becomes president. She should be in jail already instead of running for president. This government sucks.

  • Marvin says:

    The old Hildebeast is a pathological liar. She is a genuine psychopath who has no remorse for the evil she does. Her only joy comes from achieving her goals of political success and power regardless of whom she may destroy along her way. I served 26-years in the military and handled highly classified documents almost every day. If I had handled those documents in the manner Old Thunder Thighs did, I would still be cooling my spurs in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

  • Terry Thompson says:

    Because she is a Lier, traitor, Killer, & doesn’t know shit about being our President. Should be in prison.

  • Rosemarie says:

    She truly crooked

  • Fred Howard says:

    In my opinion, there are three major issues (along with many others) our Nation faces today and Donald Trup is the best qualified to deal with each of them i.e.
    – Islamic Invasion
    – Economic Collaspe
    – EMP events, natural or man made.

  • Sam Finley says:

    Trump isn’t bought and paid for. Hillary can’t be bribed enough. End of story.

  • patricia meyer says:

    Evil is as evil does . Hilliary needs to be stopped . I believe Trump is the person who can and will accomplish this necessity.

  • Arthur Fritog says:

    The Elites that run our government are afraid the People might realize that a corupt group that do not have to follow thr same rules or insurance that they force on us or dupe us with crazy amendments to good bills which continue to ruin our Nation. Hillary is one of the ruling class and many other things I might add. As a Silver Star Purple Hearts Veteran as a Company Commander in Vietnam. Mr. Ttump could break the establishment and all the party bosses on both sides are afraid. What if Mr.Trump wins,will people wake up and grt back to voting for new members to the legislative branches and stop the madness protect our great Nation, take carr of the Veterans snd build a strong Military. If anyone wants a tragic mistake aftrr Obama then they deserve Hillary. My11children my wife and America should unite for Mr. Trump.

  • Evelyn Sellers says:

    Donald Trump is a strong man who can take anything that Hillary could dish out. She lies, cheats and steals (even furniture from the white house when Bill’s term was up even though they were caught and forced to return it.) How much more low down can anyone get than that. Donald is the only one that is strong enough to take her on and win.

  • Linda Cook says:

    Donald Trump is a fearless fighter, not a quitter.

  • Kristin says:

    I totally agree, because she is a very sick person…& I don’t want her to be our next president! She is totally corrupt & someone needs to stop her and everyone else like her! I hate anyone that’s for the New World Order! We the people, that are awake, won’t stand for it! Hope Trump, trumps Hillary!

  • Errol says:

    Corruption but also the trail of death.

  • Hilary Danch says:

    She is going to ruin what’s left of our great country!! America needs Trump!! She is a horrific person, she dose not care about the American people at all! I believe that Trump truly cares about our well being an will do what’s best for us an our great nation

  • Valentino Yazzie says:

    There are so many reasons why… but the most is… that she is always up to something… scandalous… she’s always up to something to steal from money source to fill their own pockets.

  • Wesley Stone says:

    I see the Truth of Hillary Clinton. She is a lyeing, deceitful, corrupt, power hungry individual who is too indulged in her own self image to do any job for the people of this country sufficiently. Her only interests are that of her own agenda and not what the people of this country want for the country. Do I need to say anymore?

  • MARIA INCZE says:


  • MARIA INCZE says:


  • Robert Huebner says:

    Trump knows how to run big business

  • CP says:

    so many controversies involving illegal gains, people involved mysteriously died, and Benghazi incident shows she does not make the right decisions when needed. She is a great liar.

  • Nancy Dunning says:

    Donald Trump is just as bad and maybe worse than Hillary.

  • Ellen says:

    Obama has taken the United States into the ground, apologizing for our actions. We need to be looked up to again with respect and I feel Trump will do that.

  • Gloria Jones says:

    I’m a retired 100% disabled veteran who saw enough and heard enough in reference to the Clintons to know that I could not support or trust her no matter her position so if she were president The America as we know it would be a thing of the past. The war as I know war will be here on American soil and we will be sold out by her. Nothing she has done goes to show she has a back bone… I.e. Lying about her emails, lying Bangasie, etc

  • margaret says:

    lying beotch

  • Hank says:

    She has been an extremely deceitful and calculating person without regard for the rule of law and a complete disregard for the principals of the constitution.

  • tinker says:

    she is a liar, corrupt and out for herself and bill…..not for america.

  • Barbara Tucker says:

    She is a lying, dirty, cheating, two-faced, self-absorbed witch!!!! She will do anything and everything to get back in the white house!!!!!

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