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Hillary Plans To Kill Coal



A very upset coal miner and family man had a tearful confrontation with Hillary Clinton about her statement that she was going to put a lot of coal miners out of business.

The man slides Hillary a photo of his family and choking back tears, asks her to take a look and understand that there are more than just men and women’s jobs at stake.

“How can you say your gonna put a lot of coal miners out of business and then come here and say you’re our friend? Because those people out there don’t see you as a friend.”

Hillary of course, downplayed her previous statements that she made about bringing renewable energy to West Virginia and putting coal miners out of jobs.

“I know that… And I don’t know how to explain, but what I said was out of context of what I meant. Because I have been talking about helping coal companies for a very long time and I put out a plan last summer and it was a misstatement because what I was saying was that the way things are going now we’ll continue to lose jobs, that’s what I meant to say and that seems to be supported by the facts. I didn’t mean that we were gonna do it.”

This stammering is typical of Hillary Clinton along with her trade mark double speak. She said that she was going to put a lot of people out of work and when she was called out on it, she changed her story as she saw fit.

This is exactly what we can expect from Hillary if she wins the White House.

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  • Name says:

    Hillary avoid the question, saying how she is going to help. But she didn’t say she not going to close the coal mine down. And that what the coal miners want. These people depending on these jobs to take care of there families.And they have roots all the way of the past. We the public need the coals. I don’t want the coal mines to close

  • mason says:

    I think everyone on the face of the earth have said things that have been taken wrong because they did not explain themselves correctly. I think Hillary just needed to clarify herself to the coal community about what she believes needs to be done or the direction she wants to take

  • Forest huffman says:

    Because she lied she already said she would

  • Eugene says:

    She will lie and say whatever she thinks people want to hear to get elected, then she will do like Obama and do what the special interest pays her or slick willy for by way of $300,000.00 speeches with money laundered through their scam charity. She needs to be in jail not the White House.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    If the Hilda-Beast wants to kill coal, then by all means let us help her. We can send her down a mine shaft, with a left-handed hammer, then she can begin whacking all the coal she wants. However, she can not return to the surface until all the coal in that mine is dead.

  • Stan says:


  • Dale Stark says:

    She lies!

  • greg says:

    coal could be our next source of gasoline

  • evelyn gallenstein says:

    She is a liar and will say ANYTHING to become president!

  • Nancy Noble says:

    Hillary is currupt

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