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Hillary Is Proof Our Elections Are Rigged




  • The FBI for decades has prided itself on being both independent and silent about its work.
  • Though FBI Director James Comey signaled a conclusion to the Clinton email matter with a letter to Congress on Sunday, the public isn’t done discussing it.
  • The bureau has been further roiled by leaks that hint at disagreement over the handling of a separate inquiry involving the Clinton Foundation.

WASHINGTON — The FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has created more turmoil for the bureau than any other matter in recent history, exposing internal tensions with the Justice Department and stirring concerns the famously apolitical organization unnecessarily injected itself into the campaign.

The FBI for decades has prided itself on being both independent and silent about its work. It has survived other painful moments in its century-long existence. But rarely have its core duties become so awkwardly entangled with politics, thanks to an election-year criminal investigation involving Clinton’s email practices — and whiplash-producing public statements in the final two weeks of the campaign.

Though FBI Director James Comey signaled a conclusion to the Clinton email matter with a letter to Congress on Sunday, the public isn’t done discussing it: Lawmakers demand answers to questions left unresolved by two vague and ambiguous letters. Clinton and her aides feel wronged by a curiously timed disclosure. And ex-prosecutors of both parties are concerned the bureau’s actions strayed from its mandate to remain above politics.

The controversy, coupled with a series of leaks laying bare internal squabbling, suggests a tough road ahead for FBI leadership regardless of who wins Sunday. “This has been a very difficult election process. Unfortunately, the FBI has been drawn into it,” said Leo Taddeo, a retired FBI supervisor. He said he was concerned that candidates seemed more eager than before to politicize national security issues and seek investigations into opponents.

“This is a new and developing trend in U.S. political discourse, so I think the FBI has to resist being drawn into it,” he added.

That’s easier said than done.

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The FBI last year began investigating Clinton for the potential mishandling of classified information as secretary of state after a referral from the intelligence community inspector general. Comey has said the investigation was done without regard to politics, but he also never lost sight of its political sensitivities, receiving regular briefings from investigators and repeatedly refusing to discuss it in public.

When the FBI decided it wouldn’t recommend charges, he broke from protocol and delivered an unusual public statement chastising Clinton and her aides as “extremely careless.”

But the pushback to that announcement was nothing compared to what Comey has faced the last two weeks, starting with his Oct. 28 notification to Congress that the FBI would review newly discovered emails potentially connected to the Clinton email investigation.

The statement provoked outrage from Clinton and other Democrats who said it needlessly placed her under suspicion when the FBI didn’t even know if the emails were important. The Justice Department opposed the idea, too.

Then came Sunday’s statement, in which Comey effectively cleared the Democratic presidential nominee by saying the new review had done nothing to change the FBI’s July recommendation that she not face charges. Though a relief to Democrats and Clinton, the news also infuriated some who wondered why the new emails — if apparently insignificant — were ever made public in the first place.

“Today’s letter makes Director Comey’s actions nine days ago even more troubling,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee.

Comey says he felt obligated to alert Congress after having previously testified that the investigation had been closed. Supporters say had he kept silent until after the election, he would have faced partisan allegations of stifling a bombshell announcement and perhaps given fuel to allegations of a “rigged” election. He also would have risked the chance of the news leaking out anyway.

“Do I sit quietly and do nothing for 10 days and let the election quietly go by, pregnant with the knowledge that we have thousands of new emails?” said Ron Hosko, a retired FBI assistant director. “Or do I tell the same Congress that I’ve been committed to being transparent with?”

The bureau has been further roiled by leaks that hint at disagreement over the handling of a separate inquiry involving the Clinton Foundation. The Associated Press and other news organizations have reported that FBI agents seeking an investigation met earlier this year with public corruption prosecutors to present allegations they wanted to pursue, but that the lawyers did not see a basis for moving forward.

Hosko said there’s no doubt former agents in particular were distressed by the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton. But he said there was no “revolution” inside the storied Hoover Building.

“There’s a lot of fiction-writing going on,” Hosko said. “It’s being fanned up by people and repeated by people who pretend they know something when they know nothing.”

The FBI has survived frayed relations between its leaders and the president before — Bill Clinton and his FBI director, Louis Freeh, were known to have strongly disliked each other. In the modern era, it’s gone through major structural reorganizations, such as after the Sept. 11 attacks, and faced second-guessing after operations that haven’t gone as planned.

But the latest turmoil poses a unique challenge for a revered law enforcement organization and for a director who talks often about his desire to be accountable to the American people — and transparent.

Depending on who wins Tuesday, Comey will have to co-exist with either a Republican president who has repeatedly challenged his agency’s integrity or a Democrat whose email practices were the subject of a criminal investigation. He’ll also probably have to explain his decision-making to Congress.

“Rest assured, Jim Comey’s not afraid of creating controversy,” Taddeo said. “He is determined to do the right thing.”

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  • T. Hall says:

    It’s obvious to all informed Americans that she has broken numerous federal laws associated with her emails, private server, Sec of State document destruction, national security, Benghazi cover-up, etc. Obama, DOJ and FBI Comey are protecting her. Total government corruption!!!

  • Danna Stevens says:

    We had already been informed of some of the things in those e-mails. Sure the “key-words” were not set to get the truth. Is a reason the “murder/suicide/house burning” of the FBI agent thought to be the leak, occurred on Sat. am, decision by Comey on Sun. That agent KNEW what was going to happen to them & chose to do it himself, rather than take the chance of torture for his wife, & self. Comey knew he was going to be in that same situation IF he didn’t do as told!

  • Name says:

    She is a low life piece of CRAP!

  • Trevor Davis says:

    Really? Don’t think I need to explain this one. I

  • Gary says:

    The FBI, Justice Dept., IRS, Obama, and everything else the Democrats can ride roughshod over.

  • ralph says:

    she is a democrat .enough said.

  • jq smilee says:

    no proof of any of it just election shanigans.



  • Jim says:

    It’s obvious.

  • Brenda mills says:

    I’m from Arkansas. We’ve seen it all before and they get away with murder in more ways than one. I will be surprised if she’s tried. Poor Nixon should be dug up and praised as hero. She’s done waaaaaaay more than that. And if it was back then she would have been. But the corrupt seem to always win for now I pray I’m wrong.

  • William Horton says:
  • Vicki says:

    From the start to the finish hillary’s campaign is nothing more than a setup by the DNC in cahoots with the media. The American people can now see the truth thanks to wikileaks. And we don’t care where the information came from.

  • Donald Wintz says:

    It is so obvious she has lied and is corrupt and is being protected by an extremely corrupt administration. She belongs in prison!!!!

  • Jeanne says:

    the evidence is clear, Hillary is guilty of espionage & many other conflicts of interest in The Clinton Foundation. He let 4 service men die in Benghazi by abandoning their plea’s for help.

  • Vickie says:

    By the voters voting Republican and finding out that their choices were changed to Democrat, in a number of states but not the other way, it’s rugged.

  • Paul says:




  • Cliff says:

    650,000 e-mails read at “light speed” this reeks of CORRUPT BS, and a FOOL that is terrified that HE will be the next “suicide victim”, “heart attack victim”, “car crash victim” or “airplane crash victim” at the hands of the “clinton crime cartel”

  • Ron Ross says:

    Anyone else would have been jailed .

  • Mike says:

    Its called Fraction Magic it turns trump voters to Hillary voters by using the Decimal system . Take a look at it sums it up.

  • charles says:

    Obviously the Clinton’s have a different set of rules applying to them. Law and the constitution are for others to follow.

  • Mark J says:

    the real people in power, the rich, elite, and money/debt creators choose our puppet president for us, while they all are just trying to control and steal as much as they can from people that actually invent, create, and produce. all establishment presidential nominees have a cia connection, which makes them think they are on the inside and aware/believe they know what’s real, but the fact is they are hand puppets that have no idea of what’s going on.

  • Bob S says:

    Injust is too much to be able to put in a letter. Look at how corrupt they ate the clintons to get away with everything. The FBI is corrupt the IRS is corrupt Congress and Senate and president are corrupt. They are above the law. Our country is gone. Total control freak government. We are a police state. Satan worshippers, child molesters, child traffickers money laundering. And selling our secrets to our enemies.

  • neville huxham says:

    Her record of destroying evidence and the activities of the Clinton Foundation – taking money from foreign powers for pay-and-play while Sec of State should be enough. Enough with being protected by BO and Loretta Lynch!

  • janet elliott says:

    definitely rigged!

  • JoAnn says:

    in a lawless country which is hat we seem to have in the US with obama-clinton corrupt regime, those guilty of serious crimes are never held accountable while innocent individuals are dragged through the system as though they are guilty of murder. tomorrow we have a chance to change America and bring back law and order and justice and equality for all Americans , put Americans First , but only if we elect the right candidate Mr. Trump who will not be bribed and sell us out like teh democrats have with their greed and cover-up of white collar and political crimes. wake up people , Nov. 8 is our chance to win.

  • Anthony says:

    Look at that the Past 30 Year Track Record of this Crooked, Murdering, Lying, Deceitful, Back-Stabbing, Angry, Mentally Ill Person !!

  • Melissa Howe says:

    Hillary, obama, and the dnC has tried everything from paying women to lie and accuse Trump of sex abuse, a video, and rigging voting machines. So crooked.

  • Gerry Lotton says:

    Collusion between Media, State Dept., IRS, POTUS, Justice Dept., Washington Elite Cabal both parties, Big Business, MAJOR FINANCIAL DONNER’S. All work together to perpetuate big government such that we no longer have a Government for and by the people. Government Illegally picking and choosing which laws to enforce and refusing to enforce others. CORRUPTION.!!!

  • Martin says:

    Greed. Illegals and corruption.

  • Mark J says:

    i already replied, i’m just wondering if i can leave a link, i guess i will find out.
    if i can, this is Bill Whittle comparing an election with Hillary vs a Turnip, the Turnip wins.

  • michael schimanski says:

    obama telling illegals to vote , soros rigging the voting machines , MSM lieing about Trump , F.B.I. being compermised , illegal immigration , on & on its a disgrace .

  • Ron Brown says:

    The Proof continues to mount. The latest proof is why James Comie !! stop the investigation before haven completed going through all the emails. Totally !! a Cover up. If the investigation of the Clinton Foundation is properly vetted all the Clinton’s will be in prison.

  • Jeff says:

    She should be put to death for everything she has done. She is a crook and lying piece of crap! Hope someone takes care of her soon!

  • Arturo says:

    How it is possible that the Director of the bureau of investigation , first declared her not guilty with all probes against her, later started a new investigation checking 650000
    emails in 10 days, when it took one year to do the same thing before. Apparently all the investigator and employees new that something was wrong and started to send their resignations, and retired employees started talking to the Press about his wrong actions. There is no doubt that he is under pressure by Obama, Lynch and the Clinton crime team, and he is afraid for his life and the life of his family . As is has been known that many persons that have declared against the Clintons, have suspiciously died from heart attacks, suicides, rare accidents, or been shot.

  • betty thompson says:

    I could never lie like she does yet she says she is religious she is a phony how can any one with even 1/2 brain vote for her are there so MANY phonies in the great USA I think those people should move out of the USA especially the actors as they are all on dope I grew up with christian parents to be honest and we never drank or smoked how do you people from HOLLYWOOD raise your children TO SMOKE dope like you all do

  • Charles Waters says:

    After 8 years of this administration we have a Justice Department that is completely lawless.

  • leo says:

    if not we the political prisoners of the united soviet america really stupid to want a scandal rid en idiot nazi party princess for president

  • William says:

    Where do I start?
    Libya fiasco for one.
    Disregard of classified material.
    Collusion with the Justice Department and the FBI
    The Clinton Foundation
    Contempt of laws
    On and on and she breeds.

  • david botelho says:

    regular folk would be in jail already for destroying evidence like she did. the AG is a political hack.

  • william dexter says:

    they already had problems in Texas with machines, George Soros is behind Clinton and has bought out everybody that stands in here way, Obama has already said that there is problems

  • Glenn says:

    The “stench” surrounding her, and husband Bill’s Foundation, the warning given her by Obama in advance of assuming SoS position to divest herself of Foundation conflicts of interest, their association with and contributions from Middle Eastern potentates who hate the U.S., her constant lies and backtracking without remorse, the EXISTENCE of a private server used for personal and Dept. of State business, a lack of concern for classified, Top Secret and higher material shows a wanton disregard for the security of her own country, its agents and citizens, cover-ups galore, Obama using an alias in communications with Clinton on her server – all point to the involvement of OBAMA and a tangled web of deceit, criminal behavior and crimes going back over 3 decades. If she is untouchable under these obviously disqualifying actions then every level of justice in the executive branch must have been compromised through bribery, collusion and treason. Her election will make America’s downfall complete.

  • Fred White Sr says:

    they have been fop years.

  • Brad says:

    Why u ask? If this was you or I we would be locked up by now and dead. This evil batch is still walking tall!

  • Rene says:

    Allowing illegals to vote???
    The government has corrupted America.
    Such shame.
    A weasle of a president & attorney
    Respect for any of you

  • Dana Cayton says:

    Too many cases of deceased people voting, to many times ballots have shown up from people who did not fill them out, democrats trying to buy votes out side of polling facilities along with the DOJ AG failing to do her job and getting involved with voter fraud, a so called president not trying to stop illegal immigrants from voting, governors granting convicted felons the right to vote, candidates campaigning with in 5o feet of a poll. Foreign governments bank rolling the Democratic campaign.

  • cindy says:

    Wikileaks hacked emails confirm treason, so much corruption with pay to play and more, digusting pedofile behavior with trips to Epstein’s private sex slave island.

  • leo says:

    the 1 and only 1 job she will actually have is to up hold and defend the constitution the 1 and only 1 job she has absolutely no intention of even trying to do the 1 and only 1 thing she will actually do is destroy the constitution just like the black nazi in office at this point in time our nazi party princess will do absolutely anything to make the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west and muslim terrorist head quarters west the most communist country on earth hail hitler hail hitlary

  • Michelle Varela says:

    In no other instance where the matter of whether individuals entrusted with handling classified material ‘mishandled’ and or were careless with respect to their duty, does the issue of ‘intent’ come into play. But, somehow, in the mind of James Comey, ‘intent’ was of primary concern? Anyone else and a grand jury would have been empaneled. The emails go straight to the top-POTUS. Obama knew about her private server. It’s obvious, he’s protecting her and himself.

  • Debra Johnson says:

    We the people have known since 2007,that there was a snake in the White House. They easily got that evil idiot Obama in within 188days in Senate!!! The second stage outcome,when we know that we know Congress is corrupt!!!!! Now with out a doubt they are illegally again trying to put a murder of our soldiers ,baby killer,liberal lying infidel athiest in a position she has no right to have!!!! We are without a doubt the most laughs ,weakest Nation!!! Obama should have never been in office and we want him impeached!!! Hillary should be in prison not running for president!!! She has been in the White House since her early 20’s. It’s time for her to go!!!! She has the audacity to talk about Trump,when her own husband is a whoremonger, and they both involve themselves in a secret society of adultery!!!! It’s time to get a broom and sweep the hideous,corrupt, athiest sodomites out the back door!!!!

  • Donna Belsile says:

    because if this were any other person in the country, they would be in jail now, not out threatening other people.

  • Toni Cole says:

    She’s a LIAR, THIEF and MURDER

  • Connie says:

    Wikileaks coming out proving the Elections are rigged!!!!

  • cathy lazarus says:

    it is so obvious to everyone how she is being protected. looks like we want more and more corruption . hopefully someday soon it will end

  • harvey says:

    It’s in her genes. Do anything, any way to attain her devious goals

  • NICK says:

    By looking at all the facts uncovered so far, the people who know her well telling their experiences with her and the other various WiKiLeeks reports alone tell the story!

  • CARL says:


  • Steve says:

    She it an criminal, socialist dog who desires to destroy the country as it was formed under the Constitution.

  • Carli says:

    It all startted when Trump hollered hey Puton if you have or know anything on Hillary’s emails would you send them to the media or something? This is when the beginning of the debates,started. I think Trump and the person that worked for Trump was evolved with the start of the WikiLeaks. Trump did praise puton alot! Trump had the money and people to find out anything about Hillary. But Hillary took what came her way and continued to do the debates. When she got sick Trump made a big deal about it….as many people Hillary was around she could of picked that up any whete. Another thing Hillary gave her taxes as bad as they were and Trump has not still….December 16, 2016 he will go to court for RAPING a at the time a 13 year old girl. No media has put this up front. I have never voted Democratic but I will this time….because I would trust Hillary with war or anything to do with being in charge. She is calm and gets it done. Trump would blow up the world because he is not level headed. He likes to create trouble and not take his blame. I do not trust him at all! Hillary has done some things but I know she has learned from them and with being the President she will follow through with the things she has promised us.Hillary has been tested nd she is a strong woman with stamina and she is human and more likable than what is reported.
    Thank you!

    Go Hillary!

    • Sandy Hayley says:

      That is an outright lie about Trump!! I am so sick of people who come on sites like this and smear Trump by repeating lies from the left as if they were facts! Use your head, if you can! Try thinking critically for a change. If that stupid story about Trump were the least bit factual, it wouldn’t be just a rumor – it would be on the front page of every major papaer in the country and the lead story on every network! What is wrong with you people that you think everyone else is an idiot who will swallow your insipid drivel and run with it?! If you don’t have anything better to do, I suggest you go do a little homework about the Clinton Foundation and see if you have the ability to add 2 and 2!

  • David Stroud says:

    She has lied from Benghazi, telling families of those murdered that it was due to a video & later to a Congressional committee that it was a planned attack, to her erased servers AFTER they were subpoenaed which is a fellony! This & other scandals has made her an obviously untrustworthy candidate who should have never been nominated for president, much less be elected!!

  • douglas says:

    she is as crooked as a dog’s back leg

  • Bruce Spease says:

    Rigged is putting it lightly. All the way from Barack encouraging illegals to vote to Bill Clinton’s secret meeting on the Tar mac in Arizona. Nothing has ever stuck to the Pay to play Clinton’s from White water, to Travel gate, China gate, all the way through email gate. Where there is smoke there is fire. When are people going to realize the forest is ablaze?

  • Jeff patton says:

    You really need to ask?
    Hillery is so corrupt, she was thrown off the watergate hearing team for corruption and unethical practices…they had the real estate s candle, now the email scandle, compouded by the blatant FBI cover up (the FBI’s directors wife and Hillary had a business deal … special favors????)
    We need new blood in Washington, someone not afraid to fire the corrupt leaders and bring in people who will do Thierry jobs for the good of the country, not for personal gain.

  • Ellis Mask says:

    She should have been arrested for her mishandling of classified information!

  • Wylie says:

    Do your research, math doesn’t lie Hillary does. In any Court of Law you have to answer with a Year or No that is something she can’t do.


  • Ardella says:

    The corrupt democratic party is actually sueing the repub party, citing voter intimidation.
    What happened in 2008, when members of the black panther party stood outside polling places with bats? NOTHING.
    As for Hillary and family, they are nothing more than con artists, scammers, thieves and grifters who managed to get to the top of the dem party because the dem party is just as corrupt.

  • joseph story says:

    she is a liar-corrupt-a screw you mentality and been getting away with it since bill became attorney general of Arkansas

  • Don says:

    No way should our government allow a criminal such as her run for any office.

  • Wayne Greer says:

    to many things have gone wrong with her in the office

  • jJohn says:

    Look at what Clinton and the administration has gotten and in getting away with



  • Gary Hellner says:

    Hillary is such a big liar. She definitely deserves to be in prison for her lies.

  • Jackie says:

    She is such a lairer

  • James Shelby says:

    Because I have done enough research over the last 30 yr’s to know that Billary is a crook1

  • Newton Hyde says:

    The Clintons should be held accountable for their actions. If the average citizen did what Hillary did they would be in jail. There are not different standards for different people.

  • Jerry Rutherford says:

    She should be in jail.

  • robert deckman says:

    e-mail scandal, clinton foundation pay for play. and the fbi and doj along with obama for letting her get away with it all

  • Yvonne Pressel says:

    The president allowing illegal immigrants to vote should impeach him. The democrats paying people to disrupt republicans is illegal. Paying for the president to cease be I ng the president to travel all over the country in airforce 1 should be illegal. He should pay. The electoral college should be removed. A president should be voted by the people period!

  • Scott Fischer says:

    If any other US citizen lied to the FBI the way she did they would be in jail, it’s so obvious that Obama is pulling strings for her

  • Manny Lopez Sr says:

    The amount of dead people voting !!!! miracle?

  • richard says:

    if we did any thing she is accused of we would be in jail till we proved our self. We would not be running for president…

  • Lorri Robey says:

    Hillary is a liar and makes me absolutely sick! She is why I hate Washington, totally corrupt. Her money and power and selfishness is disgusting

  • hervy myers says:

    Look at her track record, My issue being a Vietnam veteran is the fact she let those young men die and was sotimized at Benghazi and she ried to lie her way out of it. She is not to be trusted


    The Clintons are crooks

  • Loretta says:

    Given all of the facts of dead people voting and my husband who is military went to vote straight Republican in Ohio had he not checked his vote before submitting it , the machine changed his straight Republican vote and my in laws votes to democrat they were furious and insisted they poll people fix the shit so yes there is voters fraud after all how can a dead person vote? Also the videos released of hem buying auction cars and giving them to illegals with fake IDs to have them vote HitLary it’s sickening and we all need to put pressure on them and demand answers as to why the witch isn’t in jail !!!!

  • Tad Rice says:

    I don’t think that there has ever been a word of truth come from that women’s mouth.
    She runs all of her commercials full of nothing but half truths. She says that our kids should not be subjected to the way Trump speaks she makes another out of context commercial of some of questionable statements and puts them in front of our kids probably 25 times a day. This woman who claims to care so much about the kids, is all for murdering our unborn children. She nauseates me!

  • Tim says:

    If any one of us ‘regular folks’ had done .0001% of the things the Clinton cartel had done, we’d be in orange jumpsuits for the foreseeable future. The fact that she is still free, much less run for public office speaks volumes about how corrupt the federal gov.t has become….especially under the current administration. We get the justice system, the Clintons and their ilk get the ‘just us’ system. If we survived 8 years of Obama, surely we can survive 4 years of Trump. To paraphrase a campaign slogan I believe they used in the ’90s, “it’s the Supreme Court stupid!!!

  • Jack Hendrixson says:

    Dishonest liberal media. Many dishonest voting machines owned by Soros.

  • Name says:

    Cronic liars always have something to hide.

  • Larry Rhodes says:


  • Daniel says:

    Ask Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt. They have it nailed down to a T.

  • jeff g says:

    Anyone else would already be up on charges for TREASON !!!………If these idiots try to push her through it will b ugly !!!

  • kenneth cole sr. says:

    with the 1000’s of people at Trumps rallies and millions voting for him and with all the illegal crap Killary has done in the last 30 years for her to even to be in the race is prof its rigged

  • Barb says:

    She has lied so much how can anyone believe a thing she says. I don’t trust her with my worst enemy. The books that have been written about her that were her secret service employees can tell you the real story

  • ThomasE. McFate says:

    The justice department is compromised because Hillery baby has offered to keep the AG on. Hillery is evil personified and has no redeeming qualities!

  • Camille says:

    Comey was forced to say what he said about the emails. Everything that Hillary touches is crooked. She is EVIL and belongs in prison, if for nothing else than Benghazi.

  • Camille says:

    Everything that Hillary touches is crooked. She is EVIL, and belongs in prison if for nothing else that Benghazi.

  • Rich says:

    Hillary should not even be allowed to run for president. Based on her pitiful showings at rallies, the polls are rigged. One undeniable way to rig the polls is to rig the media. There is no question that is a fait accompli. The reported incidents showing the transfer of a vote for Trump to a vote for Hillary already in several cases clearly demonstrate foul play.

  • dallas says:

    Just to much evidence of the corruption & cover-ups. If this is not settled and those whom are guilty then WE HAVE NO RULE OF LAW WHAT SO EVER !!!!!! Its GAME ON . The only justice will come from the end of a barrel so as per say of that Chinese leader Mo what ever !!! Don’t think for one minute that records have been set for gun sales first in Slick Willies first term & have continued to surpass at each juncture with Obo almost ever time he has even spoken & last but not least with Hilldabeast sales of weapons have gone OFF THE CHARTS !!!! Honest Moral Christians WILL NOT stand idly by and watch OUR COUNTRY be destroyed by these Zionists, Satin worshiping pedophiles !!!! Hell they no longer do these things in the shadows , they ram it down our throats in your face tactics of IF YOU DON”T LIKE IT THEY WILL KILL US for NOT Believing in ANYTHING THEY WANT> Does not matter what . They have absolutely NO Tolerance of other peoples views .

  • Jerry Warmbein says:

    We have soldiers serving time in Leavenworth for over smaller infractions concerning the handling of classified materials. The investigation was reopened due to an additional 650,000 emails. All of a sudden people are clamoring for the FBI directors resignation. Then miraculously the matter was resolved in a very short time frame. I find that alone to be very suspicious. Hilary and her family have managed to become very rich as public servants, and now are using the wealth and power obtained to get out of whatever trouble comes her way. She seems to believe that she is above the rules set forth by others to protect our country. Unfortunately I do not believe that the American people will wake up in time to prevent the biggest mistake ever.

  • Bernadette says:

    Hillary is always proven innocent – no matter what the crime. She is already our president – no matter what. I am afraid the power working behind our government is too big to fight against. They need her to continue their corruption. They cannot afford to lose her even at the expense of this country and its safety. That does not matter to them. When Obama was senator – he was already set up to be president. They rig the system – overload it with fraudulent votes and illegal immigrant votes – it is so close of a race that they can succeed by doing this and the Socialist Democrats will NEVER leave office. We are now communists.

    I am still going to vote and dream of winning today for Trump! I will be so proud of America if this is another Reagan election. We can only win by a landslide.
    God help us!!

  • Stephen M Bryk says:

    She is a typical Demoncrap socialist liar like the idiot in the WH. They only care about themselves and forget the people, just look at the freeloaders from around the globe being “invited to live here”. Impeach Hitlery!

  • Pat Fink says:

    No ID required? Illegals Voting? Mainstream Media Lying and Leading Us Like Sheep. Ongoing Corruption by the Politicians and Corrupt Criminal Clinton Cartel.

  • Donna Hickman says:

    Just research her history in politics and you will see that she will do or say anything to get money for herself. She even has blood on her hands for the Benghazi incident where our very valuable soldiers were ignored and brutally killed. She is unfit to serve in any office- even that of dog catcher as then the helpless animals too would suffer. She should be in jail for many many years.

  • Paul Young says:

    Already at 1 pm at least 4 voting machines when turned on had Democratic votes before anyone actually voted. Louisiana

  • worth madry says:

    The fact that the atty gen Loretta Lynch will not let the FBI convene a grand jury and also met with Bill Clinton on her airplane while on the tarmac. Her political prejudice is obvious to all including the blind.

  • see cyrano says:

    Loretta Lynch will not let the FBI convene a grand jury plus the fact she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. Also Hillary being fed questions to the debate from DNC official as well as the DNC being caught making sure that Bernie was not allowed to become the Democratic party choice to run. Collusion between the DNC and CBS news to hold back on certain questions being asked to Clinton. Finally when you have the big three news organizations all devoting three times the coverage of negative news for Trump compared to Clinton. Her email scandal was barely covered on the big 3 nightly news. Then you have Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell reporting constantly negative news on Trump which is just a front for the Clinton Campaign and no where near an independent fair minded station. And for the President to come out before the FBI had said one word about their investigation and come on national TV and say ” he definitely did not feel Clinton had done anything illegal or qustionable” clearly send a firm warning to the FBI as to what he wanted the outcome to be and Comey could not afford to ignore his words while every political observer said for a sitting President to say such was clearly unethical and unprecedented. Finally the fact that the FBI interview was done without Comey present and no audio recording allowed, plus her being allowed to state 27 times under oath to Congress that “she did not remember” when asked pointed questions about her email account when there was no physical medical report stating her memory was ever affected by her accident. Coincidence not!!!! And giving immunity to her two associates and allowing their computers to be destroyed when there was no legal reason to do so as they could have been forced to testify. Then you allow her two closed aides to work simultaneously for both the Foundation and the State department which clearly shows that the state dept and the foundation are tied together at the hip and the pay for play emails that turned up clearly leave no room for doubt as to how Hillary illegally used her office for illegal personal gain. I could go on and on.

  • Jacqueline Burch says:

    I haven’t seen but 2 Hillary signs in Maryland, there is no way people would vote for that crimal!

  • Michael Bergeron says:

    Too confident with all the unethical and illegal acuzations proven.

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