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Hospitals are Reporting Critical Staff Shortages as Covid Cases Soar



Hospitals are Reporting Critical Staff Shortages as Covid Cases Soar-ss-Featured

Almost 23% of hospitals across the United States reported critical staff shortages on Tuesday as COVID-19 cases continue to rise, according to data released by the Human and Health Services Department.

Out of the 4,294 hospitals that reported to the department, 975 said that they do not have enough staff – nurses and doctors – to handle the situation.

This shortage comes as 80.8% of all ICU beds became full on Tuesday. Out of those, 30.8% were being used for COVID-19 patients.

Multiple states had to implement emergency measures to handle the shortage.

In California, the situation has become so dire that the state’s health department announced that nurses who test positive for the disease can stay at work if they do not show symptoms and only interact with COVID-19 positive patients.

On Tuesday 143 out of 199 hospitals located in the Golden State reported that they were faced with critical staffing shortages.

According to CDC guidelines, healthcare workers who test positive for the disease can go back to work as soon as possible if a hospital had to go through “crisis mode.” In other circumstances, they are advised to wait five days before returning to work, as long as their symptoms are improving.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued an order that allows medical workers from outside the state to work in Virginia. He also lifted licensing requirements and increased provider-to-patient rations for 30 days.

“Health care workers and hospitals are exhausted, and they are again facing increasing numbers of patients, affecting their ability to provide care,” revealed on Monday.

Multiple states have also deployed the National Guard to assist during the staffing shortage, including Maine, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

On Monday, the country set a new record for COVID cases, with 1,1406,527 infections, per CDC data. The 7-day case average is now at 750,996, which is thrice as high as the previous peak recorded last winter, which was at 250,454.

The Omicron variant, which, according to research, is more transmissible yet less lethal than other variants, now makes up for 89.3 of all new cases in the country

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  • John says:

    So if Mayo Clinic and hospitals in California are allowing Positive Vaccinated healthcare workers to care for patients what’s the difference with this unvaxed that are negative. Sounds like a form of bigotry

  • Cletis Hatchet. says:

    Sence the hospitals cant give you any medication that really works you are better off not going there.More people die in the hospitals than on the streets of the homeless.The Hospitals are like CC camps during ww2.They do every thing they can to cause more people to be sick.Real Dr.and nurses will not work at a place that fire health people and replace them with unhealthy people.This is a dividing of the Vaccinated sick from the unvaccinated health.The virus will kill off everybody that is vaccinated.The rest will be taken out another way.Wellcome to HELL!

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