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Target Will Add Extra $2 On Hourly Pay During Holiday Season



Cash Registers area in a Target store in south San Francisco bay area | Target Will Add Extra $2 On Hourly Pay During Holiday Season | featured

Last Tuesday, US retail chain Target announced that it will bump its hourly pay by $2 on peak days of the holiday season. Store workers and service center employees will receive extra pay when they work on certain days. 

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Extra $2 In Hourly Pay for Store and Service Center Workers

Modern Target supermarket location in San Francisco Bay Area-Hourly Pay

Target made the announcement on its website. The extra pay will go to store and service center workers assigned to work weekends from November 20 to December 19.

They will also apply to workers who report for duty on Christmas Eve or December 26. Specific head office employees will also qualify for the additional $2 in hourly pay.

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 In addition, the $2 hourly pay increase will also apply to supply chain workers. They will receive the benefit for a peak two-week period between October 10 and December 18.

This is the crucial time frame where goods need to move to shelves. It’s also a critical time for packing boxes for delivery. The specific timing depends on the store or fulfillment center’s location. 

Target’s Minimum Wage is $15

The retail chain’s minimum wage is now at $15 per hour. The increase became necessary when a worker shortage engulfed the entire retail industry earlier in the pandemic.

In fact, many companies are still struggling to fill in their shifts. Many are also having trouble keeping workers for more than a few months. National talent consulting firm Korn Ferry published a survey where they asked companies if they have trouble hiring. Only 2% say they have no problem. 

Last month, Target announced that it will scale back on seasonal hiring. Instead, it will give its 300,000 current employees opportunities to work more hours.

Target also launched an app that workers can use to pick up extra shifts on demand. This can also help employees work out a schedule that goes around childcare duties or school hours. 

Retail Chains Also Having Trouble Retaining Workers

Apart from increasing the minimum to $15 last year, Target also started offering perks designed to retain workers. The company offered tuition assistance to its more than 300,000 part and full-time workers.

Other retailers and restaurant chains also started offering the same to their workers. Tuition assistance, in particular, can convince students looking for work during their off-hours in order to earn some money. The program is an especially attractive perk that helps them earn more while not having to worry about paying for school. 

In addition, Target also gave out cash awards on six different occasions. They gave qualified employees between $200 to $2,000 during the pandemic.

Management also announced that rather than hire additional workers, they will allow all current employees to work on flexible schedules or pick up additional hours during the holiday season. 

Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

In a statement, Target chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Kremer thanked employees for sticking with the company. “You have shown up consistently for our guests and one another with a tremendous amount of care and we know this busy holiday season will be no different.

This is just one more way of expressing our deep gratitude for your significant contributions. Thank you for the many ways you bring joy to all families and for all you do to make Target a place where we can care, grow and win together.”

Watch the 23 ABC News videos reporting that retail chain Target looks to hire less seasonal employees for holidays:

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