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Iowa Say No To House Migrant Kids: ‘It’s Biden’s Problem’



Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds addresses the audience at the dedication of the new Preschool Learning Center | Iowa Say No To House Migrant Kids: ‘It’s Biden’s Problem’| featured

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said she rejected a request by the federal government to house migrant kids in the state for temporary housing. Saying that the state does not have temporary facilities to lend, the need to find a home is the President’s problem. Besides, her mandate and priority are the health and safety of Iowans. 

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Lack of a Clear Plan For Federal Support

Iowa’s Department of Human Services made the decision based on an internal assessment. Consequently, local officials weighed in if the state is ready and able to respond to both local and federal needs. This is in light of a significant downturn in the economy amid a still-unchecked COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to the request for accommodation, Iowa DHS Director Kelly Garcia notified the Biden administration last March 31 that they cannot. In a statement, the Iowa DHS attributed the reason to the lack of a clear plan from the federal government. 

“This is due to limited resources and administrative concerns. We have an obligation to take care of our children first and absent the resources or a clear and comprehensive plan for federal support, we were unable to accommodate the request. We acknowledge this is an incredibly saddening and difficult situation,” she wrote.

‘Not Our Problem, It’s Biden's Problem’

“This is not our problem,” Reynolds said. Specifically, Reynolds said that Iowa does not have any temporary facilities required by the federal government to house migrant kids. “This is the president’s problem. He’s the one that has opened the border, and he needs to be responsible for this and he needs to stop it,” she said. 

In contrast, Reynolds showed her willingness to accept refugees when then-President Donald Trump asked states if they can do so in 2019. At that time, Trump signed an executive order that gave states the right to refuse to take refugees.

This gave state governments a say in how they want to deal with the migration problem back then. Reynolds was among more than 30 governors who supported Trump’s request. In addition, Reynolds clarified that there are distinctions between refugees and asylum seekers crossing the US southern border.  The latter didn’t undergo a strict vetting process.

Border Crisis Still Raging

Last March, the US government picked up around 19,000 unaccompanied minors traveling across the Mexican border. This is currently the largest number ever recorded in a month. Attempts to cross the US border rose as soon as Biden assumed office as the president immediately relaxed migrant policies.

Believing that they have a better chance of making it, migrants arrived in droves to the US border. Some received assistance from local gangs, who provided various services to migrants to reach the border safely.   

In particular, the number of unaccompanied children trying to reach the US grew. Whereas before, asylum-seekers had to wait in Mexico for scheduled US court hearings, children are now held at the US detention centers. Then, officials release them to US-based sponsors, usually parents or close relatives.

The kids can now stay in the country while waiting for the results of their asylum cases despite heavily backlogged immigration courts. The huge increase in children traveling alone (Some as young as 3) and families put border facilities close to breaking point. Government policy requires a maximum of three days' stay for asylum.

However, the backlog in pending cases and the lack of housing are forcing the migrants to stay there much longer.

Watch the KCCI video report where Governor Kim Reynolds says she declined the request to house migrant children in Iowa:

Do you agree with Governor Kim Reynolds’ decision to decline to house migrant kids?

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Do you agree with Governor Kim Reynolds’ decision to help house migrant kids? What do you think of the ongoing border crisis? Should states far from the southern US border help with ongoing problems there?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts below.

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  • Kenneth Mauer says:

    They should all be sent to Biden’s home state. Every one of them.

  • Lillian Tergesen says:

    Yes I agree! It’s not our responsibility to use our tax dollars for kids that are not ours! We have enough poor children and homeless vets in this country! She’s right! Sorry about the kids, but that’s on the parents and the democrats! Send them to the White House!

  • Joe says:

    Let him put them up in his house. He wanted them here let him take care of them. We’re going to pay out enough because he’s a dumb ass.

  • Diane says:

    I agree send every damn one of them to Biden’s house.He wanted them here let him and his crooked can one take care of them.

  • roger james ricker says:

    send them all to Delaware, they love Biden so much there. He created this mess let President Kamla deal with it send them all back if you ask me . the boader was closed and in the best shape in over 30 years. His screw up he has to fix it.

  • David says:

    The Biden adminstration should have thought this through before they created the problem, and it in their court to solve the matter, just as Trump did before them. True to their usual practice, the Democrats what something done but don’t want it done in their back yards.

  • Laura says:

    Transport all these children to Biden’s home state Delaware and to San Francisco by Pelosi’s constituents. They will have lots of company there and all the bleeding hearts would be happy to offer their homes to take in a group here and there I’m sure. 🤔

  • Scott Smith says:

    It’s about time somebody has the balls to put us Americans first.

  • Dick Palmer says:

    We have homeless Americans all over the place.Why would any body bring in more?Only a crazy person would expect other people to pay for there mistakes.Send them to Dubai,they use Ferrais to take out the trash.They can build islands for these aliens.

  • Paul Farley says:

    This is America we stand for liberty and justice , where is the justice in abandoning minor children to the elements. We need to find an humanitarian solution to this situation.

  • Mary Lee Hedrick says:

    Trump did it right – the dems so hate Trump that they put the entire country into chaos just to do the opposite of Trump, kindergarten thinking

  • Harold Hunt says:

    Trump did it right – the dems so hate Trump that they put the entire country into chaos just to do the opposite of Trump, I agree Transport all these children to Biden’s home state Delaware and to San Francisco by Pelosi’s constituents. They will have lots of company there and all the bleeding hearts would be happy to offer their homes to take in a group here and there I’m sure.

  • Kerry woods says:

    Mexican kids should stay home America has its own children and disabled people that needs help this is not Americas problem Americans is our problem

  • Princess Gentry says:

    I am a foster parent and love children but we have a shortage of foster homes for the children in need that already live here . The Biden -Harris Administration did not put their plans into action correctly it’s like a child decision let’s do this my way because I want to not thinking it through and not caring about the end result as long as they got their way and expecting the parents in this case the American people to clean up their mess Joe and Kamala Grow Up

  • Joe says:

    Send them to Biden’s and Harris’s state!


    I was lead to believe if anyone (adult) enticed a minor to break the law for any reason that constituted child abuse. Why does Biden get away with breaking our laws? Then aiding and abetting?

  • Steve says:

    Americans first. How about taking care of the veterans that have made this country. It’s totally a Biden Harris problem

  • Helen Siwecki says:

    Our homeless children and homeless vets should be taken care of first. According to the media we have thousands of children that are not being fed here. Charity begins at home. The united states helps many other countries, we can’t help everybody.

  • The professor says:

    Nancy…..Nancy Pelosi… all these children coming across our borders need some ice cream ….Will you open up your home to several thousand of these children… how about it Nancy….because here in America we have so many homeless people and veterans I don’t see you opening up your doors to these people…what about sleepy Joe…. Delaware has a lot of nice shoreline you could set up some camps on the beach for these children ….. imagine a happy illegal family living on a Delaware beach eating ice cream

  • Cathie says:

    If we as taxpayers have to pay the transportation cost,as we will like it or not, then send them home. See how many of their parents will get there to get their kids. Let their country deal with the problem. Failing that, send them to DC and the upper East coast. Democrats love to make problems for Republicans now it is time to return the favor. Whatever, I want the border closed and all illegals sent anywhere but TEXAS.

  • The professor says:

    …..and in closing…. God bless governor Reynolds God bless you!!!!!

  • jeffrey kerr says:

    We the U.S. citizens can not support the Democrat’s or “Communist Social Party” anymore!! They’re plan will bankrupt the U.S.!! Send all of the Migrants, kids also back across the border and finish the wall! Give our Border Patrol personnel the backing they use to have!

  • George F Partridge,Jr says:

    Yes, I support her action.

  • David Pohlman says:

    Dumb ass Biden should have left things the way Trump had them set up

  • Jeff R. says:

    We agree totally with Governor Reynold’s stand. Finally, someone is standing up for the State constituent’s rights and welfare of U.S. society as a whole !

    Do not let the Feds distribute illegals throughout our sovereign nation.

  • Bob says:

    We are a nation of immigrants. Our forefathers entered this this country with a strict process of properly vetting each immigrant. (There were some mistakes along the way but not like this) There is no thought out process for dealing with this issue, especially with an economy that is limping along, a pandemic that we don’t seem to be able to handle and a totally disfunctional government. CLOSE THE BORDER!!!

  • Patriot says:

    Send them all the California and New York. Those stats love liberal policies so let them deal with it.

  • Glenn Tucker says:

    Let the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY take care of these illegal non-U.S. citizens HE’S bringing into America on the taxpayers dime. So very crazy to pay for non-citizen’s while supporting ABORTING U.S. CITIZENS.

  • Kenneth says:

    House them in the many mansions owned by millionaire Democrats. How many has Nancy Pukelosie taken in?

  • Gini says:

    The children need to be put on busses and returned to their home countries,,,at BIDEN”S expense, money from whaich he has ripped off from the USA. FINISH THE WALL. Return to the policy with Mexico and keep the children where they belong, with their own families, such as they are….they can’t be any worse than their present living conditions. The children certainly didn’t appear malnourished or wearing raggy, ill fitting clothes. Nothing worse than using a child for ones own gain.

  • John Galliway says:

    Biden opened the border, we the people said no to doing that. I thought we the people run this country. Not the lifers in Congress. You people in the White House should take 10 kids from the border problem, house them and give them what they need.
    We have homeless people here. Born and breed here. Why don’t you help them, like you do illegal immigrants. Take care of our veterans.
    Hey!! You in the White House, stop being a dumb ass, wake up and have some coffee. The people are sick of your bullshit. Your breath stinks , stop eating shit and use your head to think instead of kissing ass , to make someone happy. Your moves like the border, shows how fuckin stupid you are. We the people are pissed. Think about your job, your gonna lose it after this intelligent move. MORONS

  • EDWARD SHANK says:


  • William Phillips says:

    Thank you Governor Reynolds. You have a voice that the rest of us don’t have. You are actually heard where the American people are not. I personally appreciate you taking care of your own people first. It is said that you can’t take care of someone else if you can’t take care of yourself. The US is doing a terrible job of taking care of itself. This country is in shambles and the politicians in DC are making it worse every day.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Good for Kim and Iowa! Finally someone with ‘real’ balls!👍🏼👏👏

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a Biden/Kamalya problem the should return the border to what it was under TRUMP, it was safer and more efficient under his presidency. This is not working for anybody.

  • Diane Broz says:

    This is NOT a problem to Biden, Harris & all the snobby, low-life dems!!! This is EXACTLY what they want!!!! They want to bring us (patriots) down & take away all of voices, power & protection so they can control & enslave us. THIS IS THEIR DREAM!!!!!! They are ABOVE us….disgusting tyrants!!!!

  • Ellen says:

    ALL STATES need to go along with IOWA. Biden/Kamalya needs to be IMPEACHED what they did is MUCH MUCH worse than what TRUMP SAID. They must have spent a lot of money sending ALL those T-shirts south of the border for ALL those people to wear showing how proud they are of the mess they made. Pack up biden/kamalya and send them south with ALL those illegals they invited here and and now they are afraid to go to the border and say welcome.

  • kenneth dinges says:


  • David says:

    Good for her! Although I’m sure they’re dumping them wherever they want regardless of permission. They sure have made a mess of this country. We know those two clowns were cheated into the white house, but some people actually hoted for them🤣
    Oh, Paul, the humanitarian crisis was created by the administration. The humanitarian solution is for them to stay put in their own country, work very hard at school alomg with everything else and then apply to come to the USA LEGALLY! NO MORE CRISIS!

  • Juan Saucedo says:

    To those that keep saying we need to deal with this in a humanitarian way well, step up and go volunteer your time and your hard earned money. BLM should be rioting over these kids getting better treatment than the kids BLM supposedly represent.

  • Max Headroom says:

    As it has been in the past, it’s a scam to get the “parents” (or other adults) across the border….send the kids and then let their parents come to take care of them….unfortunately, it’s been corrupted by the dems into “if you vote for us we’ll give you this, that and the other” …..along with the traffickers, etc. Sleepy Joe is being fed the pablum that he spews to further contribute to his inability to lead. He will undoubtedly be replaced by “Obama Harris” and then, when Hillary disposes of her, watch Pelosi slide into the WH office..and the sheeple keep on snoozin’


    Let them come into this country the right way, like our ancestors had to do.
    Why should they be any BETTER. It is all POLITICAL, If Biden really cares about
    these people let him spent his OWN money & support them, build a fort in his back
    yard where they can live.

  • sherril henderson says:

    Puppet President Biden and President Harris and Nut job Pelosi and Schumer created this .Let them open up their homes to use for these illegals’.They are all insane!!!!

  • Concrete Cowboy says:

    Lenin, Stalin, biden.

  • Mike says:

    Scranton sounds like the place to take many of these migrants! Crazy china joe seems to be always talking about his home town. He says this is where he grew up and had such a hard fanily life! Lets see if Scranton will love him still the same after! These left wing crazies expect the tax payers to rescue there bad decisions while they sit fat, full and happy in there fenced mac-mansions! All the while taking away your gun rights to protect yourselfs, raise your taxes, pay higher gas and food prices, and many of these migrants will need to be schooled and housed. This country is 28 TRILLION dollars in the hole and rising. These left wing nut jobs will spend us all into oblivious with no way out. China will own us, but hay, maybe that’s china joes plan!

  • Maria Earl says:

    I agree with the rest send them back ! Why in the hell would Biden encourage these people to flood into our country while a fake ass pandemic has shut down our businesses ? How we suppose to pay Joe ? You took everything we had with your lie for control ! Shove those kids where the sun don’t shine , we have our own problems and the government’s thrown us crumbs while the illegals got envelopes of money and plane tickets ! That we paid for !

  • kATHY says:

    We do NOT want any of them here. Send back to where they came from. their family should be ashamed and punished…..sending little kids on the road and say WALK. no food, mif oney, clothes.. evil people all of them. if biden wants them HE HAS THE RESPONNSIBLITY TO KEEP THEM AT HIS HOUSE. FOOD, CLOTHES, SHELTER ALD ALL.


  • Janet Tomkins says:

    It is NOT Biden’s problem. Biden and his cronies are causing the problem but the problem is being passed first to the taxpayers who will have to pay for this cataclysmic disaster, and then it is a problem for all American citizens who are being robbed of their legal system (which is being ignored and thus destroyed) and robbed of their country which is being taken over by the communists.
    Once Biden has made these things happen, he sees it as a huge success. Millions of new voters coming in. Millions more people who are dependent on the government. And destruction of election integrity which will create a permanent ruling class (the Democrat party politicians).

  • sylvia says:

    Yes I agree with the Governor. We can’t even take care of our own homeless.
    We need to focus on those that allowed there children to come to the border, there parents.

  • Julie says:

    President Biden didn’t cause this problem Donald J Trump did remember that President Biden is trying to fix the problem that Trump f***** up duh

  • ralph f. belmont Belmont says:

    This is one Hell of a mess, we had a leader one who was a business man taking us out of this mess, it takes a business man to run a business. This is a country of business we take money in and we pay money out to run it, therefor it takes a business man to run it not a politician , the sooner we learn this the better off we will be. I love my country I am an a Marine and would give my life up for her, all my brothers and sisters in Arlington I am sure they are turning over in disgust for the way this man sold out to the left. Ask your self, why did all my people give up their lives to see it come to a man with a pen to give all away so abrupt with no though of his oath of office and country, IMPEACHMENT is needed at this time.

  • Chas says:

    @Julie…dumb ass statements like yours is the reason we are in this situation! Go educate yourself!!!

  • Silkwan says:

    I applaud Governor Reynolds for having the courage to do the right thing for her people, our country! The US has always taken care or given aid in one way or another to other countries. It is time to take care of our own people before we can help others!

    Biden and Harris only care about the vote, not their own country and it’s people! The rest of our US Governors should stand with Governor Reynolds and take responsibility for their own people, not illegal immigrants. Call it what it is!

  • Roger w. says:

    All of you are right he should send them back we pay enough taxes now trying to support our families.

  • Kenneth L. Chesmar II says:

    Send them to biden and harris’s house and set em up in their yards! Absolute BS! We have to say enough is enough. Congratulations for Reynolds for standing up for legitimate Americans. Want to be a citizen, do it right like my Grandparents

  • Jean Clverdon says:

    Take them back to their homeland. We have plenty to care for here already!

  • Nancy P. says:

    Love this governor. Agree with everyone’s statements above. Send them ALL back and give Mexico the message to all parents to be ready to come pick them up. Then it’s Mexico’s problem. Biden’s insane. Before he got into office immigration was being controlled. Biden put a crisis on top of an already crisis.

  • Debbie Gerdes says:

    Charity should start at home! We still have so many people who can’t go to work due to the Covid scare. Put Trumps laws back to work at the border Joe!!!!

  • Jameson says:

    Julie: My god you are stupid.

  • ricky says:

    so many good answers already here –nancy needs kids —put them in biden’s basement–WOO-O i just went too too far sorry about that one —we know how he just l-o-v-e s kids thing don’t do that to them —-well nancy should house them –and ol’ chuckle butt harris

  • CARROLL says:

    let ol’ sick ol’ julie up there take them she is one big SICK-O—LOST LOST LOST



  • BA Gillette says:

    Joe Biden took a oath to defend the country and it borders, he has dishonored the immigration laws and he should be jailed for treason. This is the most corrupt administration, top to bottom in the history of the country. Al Capone was a honest man compared to Joe biden and his crew..
    s borders

  • Scott says:

    Wonder if Mexico will take Biden, Harris.

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