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House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues From U.S. Capitol



United States Capitol Building | House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues From U.S. Capitol | Featured

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives has passed bipartisan legislation to remove confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol – reasoning that “the memorials to white men who sought to keep African Americans enslaved should no longer be lauded in the halls of Congress,” explained Fox News. The vote was 305-113.

A Matter of History

Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus discussed the history of slavery and oppression in the U.S. It is a topic that has been in the spotlight since George Floyd’s death.

“Just imagine what it feels like as an African American to know that my ancestors built the Capitol, Rep. Karen Bass said. “But yet there are monuments to the very people that enslaved my ancestors,” she also stated. “These individuals do not deserve to be honored,” she then added.

Rep. Bennie Thompson also shared his opinion. He said it is “fitting and proper that those individuals who fought to keep many of our ancestors enslaved should not have to be recognized in a place where people who do good expect to be recognized.”

“This is not a way of erasing history. It is a way of correcting history,” Thompson also stated.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously rejected efforts to “airbrush the Capitol” and believes that the decision on statues should be up to the states, reported Fox News.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already removed the four portraits of past House Speakers who served the Confederacy, saying this legislation “would target 12 statues of Confederate officials and four other statues honoring persons who similarly exemplified ‘bigotry and hate,’” according to Fox News.

“How can we seek to end the scourge of racism in America we allow the worst perpetrators of that racism to be lauded in the halls of Congress,” Pelosi said.

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  • Sue Vog says:

    For hundreds of years those statues stood there hurting no one. Now you are getting so whipped that you will do anything not to offend anyone. When is this country going to grow their balls back?

    • oliver reese says:

      PELOSI is in no position to judge anyone as being full of hate as she is obsessed with nothing but hate!

      • David Johes says:

        I have never so much hate in America,as now!yes the Democratic Party is out to destroy the USA!history is what has made this nation!why can’t Americans can’t grow,what are our children seeing,all elected officials need to think about,our country(USA)I have always said if you don’t like American,leave (the our nation along)🇺🇸

    • Mike Schillinger says:

      Amen to that!

  • Sam Murrow says:

    Why don’t we tear down all monuments and
    Pictures depicting parts of our history???
    If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it!!

  • Richard says:

    Removing statues From the Capital building because it offends people of color who will never set foot in the capital building. well it offends me a white person that the BLM movement doesn’t stand for our national anthem and now have to have their own Anthem . Last I checked it’s the NATIONAL Anthem not White Anthem. All the Democrats are doing is dividing this country whites against blacks.

  • Ales Merrick (Rick) says:

    Congressional delegates need to quit pandering to the minority on every front. The statues are historical and means something to everyone that sees or has seen them. If there is no record of history and who the important players were during that history then everyone in our future generations will become ignorant of how this country came about how it made mistakes and how it resolved those mistakes it’s important to know both sides of the facts.Just how far do you go at the rate things are going now we will be tearing down pyramids since they are a monument to the Pharos who were slaveholders shame on you

  • Olga Blanthorne says:

    Let those who have no sin condemn others for their faults. No man is perfect except Jesus. Guess these representatives believe they are perfect with no faults or sins at all. History is filled with men and women who had both good and bad faults. Many changed their thoughts as they grew older and more mature. You cannot judge people for what they did in their time and place in history according to our time in history. Cultures, languages, customs, fashions, medicine, etc. all have changed during our history. Are we to condemn the Bible, history books, our families, doctors, etc as all to be of no value – dismissed and destroyed, because they do not reflect what is believe true now? Coming generations will look at this generation as those that burned books and cancelled freedom of thought and expression – this generation will be grouped with Hitler, Stalin and all other dictators(thugs) and killers of freedom.

  • Wolf says:

    Completely unhinged!!!! The Civil War was more about States rights vs Federal rights to dictate them. I’m a Damn Proud Yankee living in Maine, and I say that history is just that—-history. What is wrong with saying “at that time our State had different beliefs, some of which were “incorrect.” The South had its hero soldiers just as the North did, and truth be told President Lincoln was not an avid lover of the “black man.” I’m sick of you cowardly bastards trying to re-write history. Next thing you are going to change “Aunt Jemima Pancakes” to “Farrakhan Flap Jacks.” It would be better for you to study the history of Communism. I hate to tell you, but there is a “surprise ending” for you.

  • Ronald Wright says:

    What about ALL THE BLACK SLAVE OWNERS IN AMERICA? How do these idiots plan to address these people
    WHO ENSLAVED OTHER BLACKS? Blacks in Africa SOLD BLACKS, but no one wants to mention this FACT!!

    This ignorance has gotten way out of hand! Pandering to the BLM is NOT going to fix race relations, it is ONLY GOING TO MAKE IT WORSE..

    The Democrats are the ones WHO ENSLAVED BLACKS AND STILL DO TODAY.. No amount of “press” editorials will change this FACT. Look at all the “programs” invented by our “government” that have FAILED time after time. DISGUSTING how they don’t learn from HISTORY and continue to repeat the same stupid things and expect different results..

    The Republicans aren’t much better. No matter who we elect, they seem to manage to get STUPID as soon as they are installed in office..

    We need CHANGE in America, but NOT like this ignorance..

    • S Loftus says:

      The African Americans make up 13.7 % of our population why on earth do we pay this much attention to them. Look at the crime stats by % they are involved in around 80%. The war was mostly fought by poor none slave owners concerned for states rights. I live in the Deep South never has any family member owned a slave there countless street’s named after Confederate commanders I have a Confederate grave site on my property am I to take the markers down? This is all so political fueled by Pelosi and her cronies we need to limit their terms.

  • Lewis S says:

    Amen !



  • Mike Schillinger says:

    I guess I was mistaken when I thought that we were a democratic REPUBLIC where the majority ruled. For some obscure reason the Republican party seems always to want to cower and cave in to the crazy demands of the vocal minority.
    When is enough enough? The removal of statues, the rewriting of history and the indoctrination of our youth into socialist ways of thinking are all things that preclude the overthrow of a society. A tried and proven method starting with the French Revolution and perpetuated into the Arab Spring.
    Stop this nonsense now before we become the next Veneuzala. And to the people who say “that could never happen here, this is the United States”, I say this.. The good people of the German Weimar republic were road rollered by the NSDAP.
    The “National SOCIALIST German workers party”. They stood up for the working man and got Germany back to work again… Initially, but the nefarious nature behind the activities are now well known to history.
    Unless we remain vigilant it COULD happen here. Don’t ever be under the illusions of “oh that could never happen here!” It is happening already, and right under your noses.
    Stop these social Democrats before they reduce the true America to ashes. Racism is just the tool they are using to incite and vilify sections of society.
    Dr Martin Luther King was well ahead of the curve when he said “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”. On 28 August in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Sadly though those people who can only see skin color are now pretty much controlling the political course, and we are rapidly heading for the rocks!

  • Tommy T. says:

    Hey you stupid Democrats, why don’t they get rid of every picture of every speaker of the house, every statue, every bust, every poster, every painting, in the house of representative and the white house, since every one of the them have had something to do with racism in one way or another. Get rid of every memorial, every museum, the Washington memorial, the Lincoln memorial, every war memorial, all of them. In one way or another there and been a negative side to everything they stand for. Burn down the house of representative and the library of congress. No more historical documents, no buildings, anywhere in the United states. Why don’t we stop teaching history, since most professors can’t teach without reference to racism in one way or another. Hey, BLM if you like it here, there are flights leaving everyday to another country. We like our history, we like our memorials, we like our statues. I wish all of the police would just get up and leave. Let the cities burn. Remember Chicago, it happened once it can happen again. California and been damaged over the years by earthquakes and demonstrations. Just burn the cities down. Don’t need California here anyway.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    “Autres temps, autres moeurs”, dumbasses.

  • Chuck D says:

    Shame on you…….removing history and we can learn from the past….wwgowga

  • Lothar says:

    Why are the only people in this country who are prohibited from exercising the right to their heritage white Southerners? This is the whole country boot licking a few. The destruction and division of our nation must cease!!

  • michael scansaroli says:

    you should not try to erase, rewrite or correct history. it is what it is, we must learn from it lest we repeat mistakes of the past.

  • David says:

    In that case they should remove Jimmy Carter’s portrait since he was the one who pardoned Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States.

  • al hodge says:


  • Donald Cook says:

    I Vote to Remove the Democrats from the House

  • Tommy T. says:

    I still say destroy the house of representatives, they don’t do anything for us anyways. I wonder how Nancy Pelosi likes her threesome with the BLM, Chinese, and Russians. Maybe gross, but I hate her and her democrats. As for renaming the bases, my suggestion is no more names, just a number, Fort Bragg = Base 100, Fort Hood = Base 101 and so on. No historical meaning. Can’t say in history Base 100 was a racist democrat. No such person. Just another insignificant base.

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