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Hunter Biden Uses Dad’s Position to Net Major Art Profits



Hunter Biden Uses Dad's Position to Net Major Art Profits-ss-Featured

On Wednesday, the ethics chief who worked for former President Barack Obama slammed the White House following new reports about President Biden’s son, surfacing. The reports indicated that Hunter Biden will attend two Los Angeles art shows where his paintings will be featured. Potential anonymous buyers will attend the said art show.

The younger Biden plans to attend the two small LA art shows before going to a larger exhibition in New York City. The latter features the gallery of Georges Berges, his promoter.

On Wednesday, Robin Davis, Berges’ gallery spokesperson told CBS News that Hunter Biden looks forward to it, confirming his attendance. She said, “It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course, he will be there.”

According to Davis, attendees of the show “will be vetted.” Additionally, anyone “appropriate can go to the shows.

Walter Shaub Sheds Light on the Ethical Issue of the Hunter Biden Art Shows

After the report surfaced, Walter Shaub, who served as the Office of Government Ethics director under Obama, reacted on Twitter about the matter. He stated that the president “has such a blind spot” regarding the matter. He added that he hopes Biden and his son, Hunter, will “come to their senses.”

Shaub went on to post more on the social media platform about the reports. He mocked Davis’ statement about the vetting of prospective buyers by the art dealer. Shaub also had an interview with The Dispatch,” and in it, he said: “The question is, would somebody be paying half a million dollars for a piece of art if it wasn’t the president’s son? And the answer has got to be no.”

“Congratulations, you’ve just outsourced government ethics to a high-end art dealer,” Shaub added. He then claimed that the White House is not making any effort about the ethics Dilemma. He said one shouldn’t blindly trust that they will honor the agreement. Instead, he argued that the agreement was made and designed to make sure no leaks happen.

On Thursday, Shaub also pushed back against Andrew Bates, a White House spokesperson, in an email to Fox News. This was about the latter’s repeated use of a statement made last July 8. The said statement indicates that President Biden, “has established the highest ethical standards of any administration to American history and his family's commitment to rigorous processes like this is a prime example.”

Shaub Slams White House for The Way It's Handling the Issue

Shaub said he hopes this matter “is not a ‘prime example’ of rigorous ethics” as it lacks rigor. He also said that, at some point, they would need to answer questions instead of deflecting. He added that they should not rely on a “tired talking point” that claims “they have the highest ethics of any administration.”

According to the former Office of Government Ethics director, the Biden administration can start by revealing the agreement they had with the art dealer. Then, he says, they can promise to tell the public about any known buyers the administration is in contact with.

Shaub continued by saying, “If they have time, they can tell us why they think it's appropriate to profit off the presidency after complaining about the last guy doing exactly that.”

The younger Biden’s artwork will have price tags from $75,000 to $500,000. Earlier on, the White House said the will keep the identity of buyer anonymous as part of the ethics plan connected to Hunter.

Although, Hunter going to his shows might be a roadblock in this ethics plan. By going there, he could meet the said “anonymous buyers” in person.

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