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ISIS Is Bringing Back The Holocaust



ISIS Is Bring Back The Holocaust, see more at:
ISIS Is Bring Back The Holocaust (Image: MGN)
  • Radical Islam gatherings are telling Muslims in the U.K. to throw gays off of tall buildings.
  • These groups are saying that it is their Islamic duty to kill gays.
  • Five men have been arrested for the organization of the gatherings as well as the spreading of support for the Islamic State.

A number of gatherings have been held in Luton in support of radical Islam. Muslims in Britain are being told that it is their Islamic duty to throw homosexuals from high buildings.

Five men who have been accused of organizing the gatherings were brought forth in front of the courts, for speaking in support of the Islamic State and asking Britains to partake in jihadist violence. The court had heard a recording of one of the gathers where one man, identified as Muhammed, was telling the crowd around him that it was their duty to kill gays in England.

Recordings from the rally had Muhammed saying:

“When the parliament are making laws and having Gay Pride today in the UK, Gay Pride, where’s the pride in being gay? There’s no pride in being gay…Alhamdulillah [praise to be God] the people haven’t caught you, or it’s high building for you.”

He continued: “Brothers, there’s no time to sleep in your chair, no time for relaxation, we should be asking for forgiveness from Allah every night.

“Oh Allah, forgive that we’re living amongst these people and we’re not completing our duty towards you.”

At one point he specifically mentioned three different Islamic attacks, stating that they shouldn't be sorry for the people who died.

“This is your iman [faith] akhi [brothers] and let it ignite because this spark has lit. You know the rest.”

This is your faith…. the faith to kill anything that is different than you. That is what the Islamic State is spreading throughout the world. It sounds familiar doesn't it? Like a man who wanted an ethnic cleansing? Like an Austrian who wanted to rid the world of the disease of the Jewish community? It's Nazi Germany all over again.

An undercover officer was the one who obtained the recording. He has spent 20 months infiltrating the group and recording their gatherings.

Attacks are growing in England, the case, of the five men accused of spreading radical Islam views, comes just days after a few attacks. One of the attacks, in which a teenage girl was stabbed, was actually an attempted sacrifice for Islam.

There is no freedom with Islam. This world has already been through one holocaust, where an organization was so ethnically hateful that millions of people died. We must not allow ourselves to go backwards in history.

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