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The Common Law Of The Liberal Gun Grab



The Gun Scare Illusion

The Common Law Of Common Law, see more at:
The Common Law Of Common Law

Recently, terrible massacres on United States soil have rocked the foundation of Americans. We are in a state right now where, not just Americans but civilization as a whole, feels a lack of safety. Everyone is constantly on edge. We are afraid.

The liberal media is using that against you.

The way to get someone to buy something is to make them think they need it. You need this car because it has a backup camera. You need this car because it parallel parks itself. You need these shoes because Kanye thinks they look fat (which is a good thing?). That is marketing in it's simplest form. So now, liberals are saying we don't need guns because they kill people.

The scary part is, people are starting to believe it. The truth is, all of these attacks, in America or elsewhere, have nothing to do with guns. They have to do with people. You don't get mad at a Hummer for running over a crowd of people do you? “That's it! No more Hummers…they kill people.” No the idiot in the driver seat, who was high on drugs and drunk out of his mind, kills people.

Death is not something that should be taken lightly. Especially when death happens because someone wants to destroy life. The massacre in Orlando was terrible, but be smart because Hillary (and other liberals) know that we are now hurt, angry, and weak.

As soon as a tragedy like this happens the liberals jump on the bandwagon of gun control. They spin it as protecting the public from dangerous people who would use guns to hurt others. Yet, let's break that down.

In the Orlando massacre did law enforcement officers come to the rescue and save the lives of 50 people? No. They showed up a little late. I'm not saying being a police officer is easy because I don't believe it is. Yet, a single man was able to go on a shooting spree for three hours…three hours before law officers took the matter into their own hands.

If people in that club had been carrying firearms…. maybe one or two people who have gotten hurt at the most. Yet, fifty people died.

Still, I don't understand. Democrats actually believe that if we take guns away from the public then people will be safe and that gun violence will decrease in the United States?  How does that make sense? When has violence ever worked that way? Violence is violence. You could destroy every gun in the world and people would still find a way to inflict injury or death on another human being. Why? Because people are people. Not everyone is out to get someone, but in every bushel of apples, there are bound to be a few that are rotten.

Taking guns away isn't the answer. Giving everyone a gun is. You have someone who wants to go out in a hailstorm of bullets and try to take as many people with him as he can, yet everyone around him as a gun of their own? The casualty rating drops dramatically.

The scare tactic is big in the Liberal agenda. They use it for everything. Ironically, they're not very consistent with their theories. People try and keep abortion illegal, the Liberals come out and say you are taking away our rights as people. Yet, two seconds later say “Get rid of guns.” It's good to know that the “you're taking away my rights card,” is solely reserved for the use of the Democratic party.

They will continue to use the scare tactic.

Be knowledgeable and understand that it is fact. That taking away guns from the people or restricting the process of getting them will do nothing. It may decrease the violence for a second at first, but eventually, people will figure out another way to get weapons illegally and do the damage they want to do with them.

Don't fall for the tricks of the Democratic party.

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  • Bill says:

    How can someone want to help Americans and especially those of us who are unemployed yet not tap into the nations natural resources such as oil i.e. shale and provide not only employment for those of us who need it but also lower fuel prices for millions of families and deny sending our money to the Saudi Arabian terrorists in exchange for their fuel?

  • Brian says:

    Liberals are just using this as another excuse to take away our constitutionally protected God given rights to protect ourselves!

  • cindy says:

    The democrats want to drive us into submission. One of the first steps to better control the people, is to take away our self-protection and convince us that “They know what’s best” for us. I never thought that I would live to see the day, when, “We The People”, are being pushed into a dictatorship, by our own government.

  • bob costa says:

    2nd ame. is for are safety

  • badbob says:

    We know everything you stated. It has more to do with common sense than common facts. We know no one who has gone as far as violating Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the Wars Powers Act, murdering 130,000 Libyans he told America he had to save to sent their military hardware to Al Qaeda, Gave the Muslim Brotherhood 3.1 billion in American Arms then went back to Congress for another 500 million more. Has armed and trained ISIS in Jordan. Armed Hamas and the worst bunch of murders in the Americas, the Mexican drug cartels is not in any way, shape or form anything but a treasonous hack. His arrogance and stupidity only further prove my point.

    Only a liar and a tyrant would tell you he wants to save you by taking the tools you would use to save yourself and only a useful idiot or another traitor, as any Democrat and half the Republicans, would believe him.

  • Jack says:

    There are always two sides to the left’s positions; one for the rank and file. most of which are decent and well meaning, and the other side for the leadership, which is invariably for the purpose of attaining and retaining political power. In the case of gun control, the leadership pushes the idea that subverting the 2nd Amendment with regulations to the point it no longer has any value will protect the innocent, which kind and decent people can accept. Behind the facade, however, is a very different picture. The leftist leaders understand that their oppression of the people will eventually be met with armed resistance and they hope to disarm the people before that can happen. The defenseless must submit.

  • Name says:

    Regardless what party you support, fear has been used as a tactic to get why you want by millions for hundreds of years. Why? Because it works! We use it on everyone young, old and for any reason whatsoever. That being said fear has also been the reason for great loses and millions of deaths for centuries and will continue be so. ” There is nothing to fear but fear itself” . Think about it!! Fear controls and destroys clear thinking. Once you can respect and understand what you fear, there is no reason to fear it any longer because you now have the ability to go beyond the fear and see the truth.

  • Jeanna Bauer says:

    If someone is without a gun, they are sitting ducks for terrorists, criminals and anyone that has a gun with harm on their mind. If guns are banned only criminals and terrorists will have guns and we will be defenseless. If someone knows you are armed you will be less likely to become a victim.

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