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Biden Calls On More Companies To Issue Vaccine Mandates



President of the United States, Joe Biden wearing a mask | Biden Calls On More Companies To Issue Vaccine Mandates | featured

President Joe Biden urged companies to issue vaccine mandates. The Food and Drug Administration fully approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. It okayed the two-dose vaccine to prevent COVID-19 for Americans aged 16 and above.

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Biden Called On Companies To Issue Vaccine Mandates

Yesterday at the White House, Biden called on private employers to help. He asked them to increase the number of Americans getting a vaccination against COVID-19. Biden hopes the FDA approval gives weight to his recommendation. He called on companies to “step up the vaccine requirements that will reach millions of more people.”

Biden’s message last Monday delivered a more direct approach. He wants employers to play a bigger role in ensuring that American workers get vaccines. “If you're a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader who has been waiting on full FDA approval to require vaccinations, I call on you now to do that. Require it,” he emphasized.

US Vaccination Rate Lower Than Expected

Currently, around 70% of Americans already received at least one shot of COVID vaccines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 60% are fully vaccinated. The vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is the first COVID vaccine to get full approval from the FDA.

Many public health experts hope that a full FDA approval can convince Americans to trust the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety and efficacy. They also hope that many employers will now find it easier to issue vaccine mandates if the vaccine comes with full approval instead of emergency use authorization.

Armed Forces and Federal Agencies and To Issue Vaccine Mandates

Meanwhile, government agencies and the military can now issue vaccine mandates. They will now push for a government-approved vaccine. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby announced that the agency will issue new guidance.

Earlier last month, Biden announced a mask mandate and proof of vaccination for all federal employees and contractors. Refusal to get a vaccine or lack of proof will subject employees to frequent COVID tests to check for the virus.

Meanwhile, private companies quickly moved to issue vaccine mandates for workers. However, some state Republicans opposed the moves and questioned the legality.

Can Employers Issue Vaccine Mandates?

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, private firms can require vaccinations. The FDA approval can make a convincing argument for safety and effectiveness. However, it’s not a requirement for employers. Federal courts previously ruled that employers can require vaccines, even under emergency authorization.

However, a wholesale vaccine mandate from the government remains out of the question. Biden himself said he doesn’t have the power to issue a nationwide vaccine mandate. Instead, he asked employers and government agencies to do so. 

Biden Hopes Full Approval Helps Employers

Meanwhile, the FDA’s full approval of the PfizerBioNTech vaccine is just the start of a series of approvals for anti-COVID medication. Hopefully, Biden hopes it can nudge employers to be more confident in issuing vaccine mandates.

At the same time, workers may find it easier to trust a government-backed vaccine over one approved for emergency use only.

Watch the ABC News video reporting President Joe Biden Biden is encouraging companies to mandate vaccinations after FDA approval:

Should companies issue a vaccine mandate?

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Do you agree that companies should issue vaccine mandates? Should a worker’s employment depend on their vaccine status? Or, should the matter remain a personal choice?

Let us know what you think about vaccine mandates. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Mikey says:

    The Government has NO business and no right to force Americans to put anything into their bodies. That the question even has to be asked it troubling.

  • Elaine says:

    It simply amounts to bullying! I’m sure Biden will make sure that private companies get some kind of financial benefit by enforcing employees to vaccinate. As I understand it Congress already protects the pharmaceutical company and the entity actually giving the injection from any harmful side effects or death. But if somebody hast to get a vaccine in order to keep their job because of an employer’s mandate, I wonder if the employer can then be sued for damages or death?

  • MB says:

    No government or employers should have the power to force people to put anything in their bodies.
    What happened to MY BODY MY CHOICE? The fact that this is up for debate is insanity.

  • Margaret says:

    This is the very worse President and Congress ever in America. They are only concentrating on POPULATION control ( By means of bumping us all off !. They caused this Virus and Now are Forceing us to take their Poison to be sure the Virus gets to each and evry one of us ! This is being done by the ELITE Illuminati ! If you people do not stand for our Constuitutrional right TODAY ..then we are all dead soone r than God has planned. I have prayed about this because you and I both know that this is just so OUT OF CONTROL and this is Just like JIM JONES and his Cool Aid. Just sickening to know that they will make millions sick to get us under their New World Order Control ! You can Thank George Bush Sr., for signing America onto this New world Order. His unclke was Trescott Bush who was Hitlers right hand man ! And if you know your history then you know we are doomed !.

  • Dick says:

    Thought America was still a free Country. Sure seems it’s getting more Socialistic Communist each day with the Socialistic Commie Marxist Group that’s now trying to run our government.

  • Margaret says:

    This is the very worse President and Congress ever in America. They are only concentrating on POPULATION control ( By means of bumping us all off !. They caused this Virus and Now are Forceing us to take their Poison to be sure the Virus gets to each and evry one of us ! This is being done by the ELITE Illuminati ! If you people do not stand for our Constitutional rights TODAY ..then we are all dead sooner than God has planned. I have prayed about this because you and I both know that this is just so OUT OF CONTROL and this is Just like JIM JONES and his Cool Aid. Just sickening to know that they will make millions sick to get us under their New World Order Control ! You can Thank George Bush Sr., for signing America onto this New world Order. His uncle was Trescott Bush who was Hitlers right hand man ! And if you know your history then you know we are doomed !.

  • deerflyguy says:

    Companies that force vaccinations on their employees or customers will lose business and expertise! Health issues should remain a personal decision. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that the unvaccinated are spreading the Covid virus any more than those who have been vaccinated! Mandated vaccinations will not stop the mandated social measures such as distancing or wearing masks! It seems to me that the only ones that are possibly affected by the Covid virus are the individuals, thus the decision should be theirs and theirs alone!

  • walter says:

    this is up for debate because we have unstable leaders in our country.

  • Summer says:


  • Colin says:

    I have done a lot of extensive research and have come to the scary conclusion that the present Marxist communist Biden totalitarian regime is exercising the will of the Elite Rothschilds and their deep state criminal politicians should exact the will of evil wrongdoers to try and force their will on the unsuspecting American people. It is plainly evident that the Biden administration is trying to attack we the people at a frantic pace to exert their will upon us. The fact that 50 percent of the people are awake and that our forefathers knew that eventually Tyranny and mass deception would eventually rear it’s ugly head. Fortunately many Patriotic Americans now see this snd we the people have the constitution which was partially modeled after United Kingdom’s 1215 Magna Carta and we have the bill of rights. 1. Freedom of speech which Big Tach and multi media companies have our governing bodies censor our liberties of free speech. In god we trust made in the image of God we have the second amendment The right to bear arms and to the discuss of various administrations their removing this right has miserably failed more Guns sold in the last two years. 20million and by Democrats Republicans and independents alike. The rise of militia and police all over USA supporting this is making deep state and Elites concerned. We the people are a United front and will not tolerate the Nazi Germany playbook. Liberal Governors are concerned they will be voted out even so Gavin Newsome is still audacious enough to think he can undermine the will of the people here in California ballot cheating And interference We the people. Young and old whites Hispanics. Asian are done and some will be forced to unite and say enough we’re are going to fight and do what ever it takes to maintain our freedoms earned by our fathers and fore fathers to continue who gave these blessings bestowed upon us by God and our willing to fight and die if necessary just like the 1776 war of independence we fight back and eventually keep our precious freedom as evidenced by what just happened to Anfifa A communist group who were happily brutally defeated by patriotic Americans. We are tired of snowflakes and woke spineless college crowd who don’t have a remote idea of what the constitution means thank god we are the most armed citizens in the world We will not tolerate tyrany we will fight so that our children and grandchildren will say our Generation stood up for what is right and because of yhat we have our god given right to freedom. I feel it would be an honor privilege to die for such honorable cause. John lLocke a philosophy major helped formulate our constitution. So to that end the Elite and rogue politicians we will chase you down and these tyrants and we will stop you and God once again-will be on display for all we the people to see and happily abide by and we will once again be free to worship our creator. The Devine God.observe the10 commandments . Not the 10 suggestions Elites and politicians you have been warned. If you dislike the USA go live some where else like s Muslim Shira StatesI promise you won’t like that you see and have to deal with! So back of we are exceedingly agitated and-we will prevail just by will determination large numbers from all able bodied men women and children who are of age.your trying to defund the police has been unsuccessful as evidenced byhomisidrs znd all manor crimes increase. We the people will no longer allow this we are United all over USA it will be stopped forceably if needed We are done I assure there are slot of people who have had enough

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Please someone infect sleepy joe with covid

  • EieLah V says:


  • Kim says:

    If we are letting illegals in our country snd the government doesn’t require them to have a vaccine but yet We the people have to there is something wrong with this picture. Wake up America and stand for our freedoms that blood has already been shed to give us those freedoms. But regardless what the world does, there is one man who shed His blood to give his freedom from the real enemy who is satan (our government is submitting to satan) and His name is Jesus.

  • Patriot says:

    What’s next? Today it is “show me your papers so I know you are vaccinated”…tomorrow it will be “show me your papers so I know you are loyal to the party”. No thank you. My vaccination status is my business, not my employer or the governments. Biden is the worse president ever.

  • Kim says:

    Oh also if we can have freedom to abort babies (which shouldn’t be ) then we should have freedom to decide for ourselves whether we get a vaccine or not. Our world needs lots of prayer. Let’s pray

  • deerflyguy says:

    Without a doubt, Biden is the worst President EVER, and that is really a feat to be accomplished as he has successfully out distinguished his Democrat brothers who came before him – Carter, Clinton, and Obama – and he did it in only 9 months! When he is finally put out to pasture, (not soon enough, but surely before his term is up) Kackeling Harris will have herself a real time besting his incompetence!

  • Dorothy says:

    I would like to know what has happened with the pill that they were looking at on the story that 60 minutes did a few months ago. It seemed that they were getting good results from that. How about what President Trump took for his covid ? That seemed to work for him.

  • David says:

    All of this for a 99.7% survival rate. Clearly there’s a more sinister plan at work. Why is the CDC ignoring the science they paid for. Again, something evil and sinister at play here. These are mandates from the government, make no mistake. Psaki already admittrd to meeting with corporations to force them to force the gene therapy. But they took it! Sure they did. If anyone believes anything out of this admin they’ve lost their minds.

  • Mike says:

    Snake oil salesman! china joe had lost all creditability with my family and I! Sorry, still not buying what you are selling! You will be out of office sooner than later as you have cognitive issues! Demand biden gets a cognitive test! Call, email your state reps and senator’s!!!

  • G. Tim says:

    IF the government could coerce business to mandate Covid shots … when will the Democrats mandate companies to force workers to vote Democrat or FORCE specific agendas down our throats. Buy only certain goods, not allow free speach, take away the 3rd Ammendment allowing citizens to question government.

    And the list grows. Allowing this opens all the flood gates for a dictatorship.

  • TRUMP 2024 says:

    The white liberals, who have been posing as our friends, have failed us. The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Amercian citizen!!!

  • David Nichols says:

    This worthless piece of shit lacks the brains to withdraw our citizens, equipment and troops from Afghanistan in a logical sequence and time frame. He allows the taliban to make demands on the USA. I wouldn’t trust him to make any decision. He is merely pandering to the left. Why he hasn’t been removed from office by force. He is a criminal!

  • rottenrollin says:

    Bite it, Biden, you Commie Maggot.

  • Joshua L Waltrip Sr. says:

    This whole COVID CRAP is criminal! I hope that everyone involved with this crime against humanity will one day be brought to justice for all of the many crimes against the American people that are being committed under this Fake COVID! They are terrorists and are committing treason against America! Sad that so many believe that the government has our best interest at heart! The government is not here to help us! We will make our stand against the enemies of the US Constitution and the American people! No one person, institution, business, corporation, religion or Government entity should ever have the right or authority to issue mandatory vaccinations! For all of the ones who believe in this fraudulent Government that is trying to kill us and take the rights of American citizens away from us for our own safety wake up soon!

  • Stuart D Wagner says:


  • Stuart D Wagner says:


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