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Majority of Democrats Don’t Want Joe Biden to Run Again in 2024



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According to a new SSRS for CNN poll, a majority of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run again in 2024. The survey found that 51% of voters identifying themselves as either Democrat or Democratic-leaning don’t want Biden to run again. Only 45% said that they will support the incumbent should he decide to run for reelection. 

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Majority of Democrats Do Not Want Joe Biden to Run Again

The SSRS for CNN poll surveyed 1,527 American adults between January 10 and February 6. Initially, pollsters contacted respondents by mail before asking them to submit replies through an online form or by phone. Accordingly, the survey’s margin of error is 3.3 points. 

The survey concluded that 51% of Democrat or Democrat-leaning voters won’t support Joe Biden if he runs again in 2024. Their reasons for not backing the President revolved around concerns about the President’s electability. For the Democratic-aligned voters who want another Dem candidate, 31% said they don’t want Joe Biden re-elected. Meanwhile, 35% doubted Biden’s ability to win another election against a Republican candidate. Another 19% said that Joe Biden’s age is a concern come reelection. The President will turn 82 years old in November 2024. 

No Idea Yet Who To FIeld Instead of Joe Biden

Despite not wanting Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, survey respondents have yet to decide on who should replace him. Only 12% of blue voters have an idea on who to nominate other than Biden. However, no individual Democrat candidate earned more than 5% of the respondents’ choice. 

Biden’s poor showing is the latest in a series of falling approvals for the beleaguered President. According to Real Clear Politics, Americans gave Biden an average disapproval rating of 53.8%  In contrast, Biden only managed to get a 40% approval rating the last few weeks. 

Republicans Concerned Over Trump’s Electability As Well 

Meanwhile, the Republican party is also having a similar dilemma. Former President Donald Trump also lost the majority of support from his party for 2024. According to a separate poll, 50% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters want Trump to run for re-election. However, another 49% prefer someone else to run under the GOP banner in 2024.  

Similar to Joe Biden’s problem, many Republicans opposed to Trump running again cited his electability. 22% said they doubt Trump can beat a Democratic opponent. Meanwhile, 38% offered other reasons to not support Trump in 2024. 9% said they prefer a fresher candidate, while 7% prefer a less-polarizing nominee. For anti-Trump Republicans, 39% said they don’t want Trump to become president again.

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  • David Williams says:

    The Remingtin ARMS verdict was a piece of crap! They are no more responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre as the “man on the moon”! The communist democreep party is more culpable for the massacre along with the feder agency, the Dept. Of “Education”!

  • Leviah says:

    Biden is an embarrassment to America and not qualified to represent USA as a President.
    He is full of hate for certain people and will do anything to destroy them.

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