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Justice Thomas Strikes Back at Big Tech Companies and Their Use of the 1st Amendment



US Supreme Court Building-Justice Thomas Strikes Back at Big Tech Companies and Their Use of the 1st Amendment-ss-Featured

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled on a case in connection to President Donald Trump and his Twitter account. More specifically, this case has discussed whether the former president was allowed to block users who were critical of him on the platform. With this, Justice Clarence Thomas penned a statement, striking back at tech companies and they way their use the First Amendment as an excuse.

Several Twiter users filed a case against the former president in 2017 (Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump). In it, they argued that Trump stepped on their First Amendment rights when he blocked their Twitter accounts. While the former president posted on his personal Twitter page, the complainants argued that he had also used it in a presidential manner as he released official statements in it. This, then, makes it a “public forum,” according to the users. A New York judge ruled in 2018 that Trump’s actions were unconstitutional.

Justice Thomas on Rights and Digital Platforms

However, SCOTUS decided to send back the case to a federal court. It dismissed the said case, saying it is debatable. Justice Clarence Thomas penned a concurring opinion, in which he said that the dismissal was the correct action to do. He also noted that Trump is no longer the president.

Additionally, Thomas revealed his opinion regarding digital and social media platforms. He said these platforms now contain an alarming amount of concentrated political power. He added that SCOTUS needs to address how to treat ownership of digital platforms.

Thomas added that using old protocols in dealing with new platforms is not as simple. He made the case of the Twitter users’ complaint against Trump, noting that while the former president’s former account resembles a public forum in some ay. However, he noted that it may be weird to say that a page is a government forum when the one who has unrestricted authority towards it is a private company.

The justice then remarked that he clearly doesn’t think digital platforms have First Amendment rights. His views hint that he thinks tech and social media giants have “too much power” for the good of the public. He added that appropriate legislation and lawsuits are needed to end the abuse of power done by these big tech companies.

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  • Statesman Patriot says:

    The only way to control big tech is to break down their monopolies and not allow them to own patents or copyrights, and no separate entity shall have any relationship to the original entity.
    There needs to be unfettered competition! This will prevent any media entity to control censorship.

  • Pam says:

    The amount of censoring on media platforms is astounding. If they don’t like your message you are instantly banned. They are a monopoly with too much power. The same goes for the mainstream media, which is owned by 6 owners. True journalists do not exist since the integration of broadcast medium.

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you Justice Thomas, we need more like you! That will look at the Amendments and not make up just your view. All of us might not like one or two of them, but it is the law and in America we are to stand with it. like it or not.
    The big Tech are getting to big and think they are over everything! I think they have a God complex!
    Thank you again!

  • David says:

    “Social Media” is just the beginning of socialism, and then onto communism. Funny, they sue if he blocks them but the same sites can shut him down or remove his posts?! That’s like calling people racists that aren’t, and being racist themselves. Oh yea, they do that too!

  • Loisirene says:

    The next question is when will a case make it to the Supreme Court rdg digital platforms. From what I read here, Justice Thomas is ready to hear a case. Certainly, something to keep track of. The sooner the better for all of us.

  • Syd says:

    I agree with the first comment, each platform should be one separate entity. I disagree with Thomas, these platforms are businesses and have the right to regulate them as they see fit. The government is too involved in our lives now. If you don’t like their policies, leave the platform. It is a simple as that. If, in the future, the US govt’ has a similar platform of its own, then they should allow all forms of language and subject matter, as guaranteed by our First Amendment right. Tech Co.are businesses offered to people to use for free, their rights should remain theirs. It’s not our call, nor SCOTUS.

  • Sam says:

    Socialism, communism are all wrapped up in platforms of half truths and slanted opinions dressed in “public domain outlets”. No verification of broadcast information nor sources of that information. Personally, I don’t trust Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlet because of WHO OWNS THEM.

  • Ed Willard says:

    Every President since the beginning of time has used the Press Podium to address the Nation. Trump would Not do this because he couldn’t control the question the press Corp would ask. I guess “The Donald “ never learned in any form that making statements via Twitter is Not conversation. A conversation is NOT one sided. Cowards always spend time talking to themselves and to the Sheep that will listen. Sheep are thought to be the dumbest animal on Earth. The Newbie Republicans prove this. Our Grand Old Party deserves better!!!

  • Ed Willard says:

    The comment by “” David says, I love when people don’t have enough back bone to leave their last name but I will gladly buy you a round trip ticket to a communist country of your choosing. The only requirement is you spend a year under communist rule/law rule then return and tell us how Bad our Country is. I don’t care how social we get we are not and will not be under communist rule. I will bet the plane ticket cost 100 times over you have done nothing to support our Great Nation but Cry and Moan! Please take this offer. You need a eye opening experience in life!!!!

  • Stephen says:

    HYPOCRITES!!! They condemn trump for blocking people on one hand while they ban trump from their entire platform. I say close down and boycott twitter.

  • Hoskins says:

    Dumb lawyer statement! Social Media has much too much to benefit by massive anti-Trump free Democrat demonization and their blaming the censorship on a predetermined skewed bias that mirrors some sort of bogus social justice BS for preventing opinions and discourse that helps to deny my rights? These jerks would be as guilty if they denied a restaurant seat for blacks even if they were a corporation. It’s Free so they can make billions by selling and making assumptions! Women love to muzzle men unless they shave their bodies and crawl and keep their mouths shut! These people should have their heads shaved like the Vichy whores of WWII, No values except liberalism and sexual inadequacy. That’s my fking OPinion so sue me! They can’t be by Congressional butt kissers they support!

  • Lynn Hopkins says:

    I don’t have the Right to HATE or Hate a society that wants to control my choices? As stupid as Hate penalties for crimes! All these rich Democrats in Congress would be in Prison or at least shamed out of Public Life for being the Communists that Twitter, fake lying media like CNN or liars like Obama and Biden have used civil rights for as Anti-American Commies using Hate to undo all that MLK achieved. I guess our Founding fathers loved Tories or King Geoge? Black Democrats are fools mesmerized by the Devil that they work for! GOD hated and he will soon finish this Democrat Globalist woke bunch of butt holes!

  • Lynn N Hopkins says:

    Dear Mr DNC Blackman Harris on his vague fantasy that Democrats can lure or deceive Rural voters back to the Trump hating, gun thieving left wing Dem transformation to Communism and Marxist big media fake propaganda!

    I’m sure that Mr Harris thinks that he can sell his parties Chump left wing stance to former Democrats and “RURAL” Chumps” after the Hate spreading Media has branded any non Woke or Cancel Culture suck-up as racists and terrorists! Obviously Mr Harris thinks that stealing our Voices, militia weapons and subverting our family culture and our American “RURAL” Heritage of our parents and fore-fathers, former tenant white trash cotton pickers and freedom of former slave owners and white great great grandparents! We saw the disgusting LIES and Demonation of a duly elected President with pre-posterous Shams of conspiracy and false witnessing by Democrat media and politicians! You use racist fabrications to damage race relations for uninformed hating black votes, willing to rig and cheat POTUS TRUMP IN a Presidential National Farce and sham impeachments and a DNC sponsored traitorous Clinton Treasonous Dem lead Russian Dossier using Obama deep state corrupt FBI and the Treasonous Criminal collusion with Dem Congressional Mal-practice of the Obama FISA Court and State and Intelligence (OXYMORONIC NAME) FED co-conspiritors!!! WE WILL NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOUR LYING DOG RACIST COMMUNIST PARTY AND MEDIA LIARS AND PARTY BOUGHT JUDGES, and WE will be coming for all of you corrupt Dem party members and starve your cities and keep fighting to regain our Liberty! Remember the fate of Communism and what Italian Patriots did to Mussolini and the hangings of Nazis at Nuremburg!. The new Dem Party is doomed to Hell as are Your dreams of White Rural Citizens forgetting your Parties, overreach beyond civility and WE will oppose your City businesses,Charities, Supporters and contributors, and lying media and big tech and will show you in retaliation when you come for us we will resist! You must be as delusional because Biden is a joke and so is nobody VP Harris and idiot Pelosi! They have the grave waiting with no Salvation and History will expose your Criminal abuses.

    Typical that we Rural white trash carry the burden of Slavery, NOT! We are no longer offering our hand or pleasantries to non-CONSERVATIVE Democrat Blacks or Muslim or ethnic mix spouting Marxism and Hate or. Old time White Crooked Northern politicians like Biden, Obama, and Pelosi and the suddenly popular Globalist, anti-Christian DEM run cities! The ramming down our throats without un-doing MLK’s work, (but maybe he was a Commie after all?), Sent from ProtonMail for iOS

  • Chas says:

    @ED WILLARD Sounds like YOU are trying to do the controlling. Leaving your last name on a post has nothing to do with nothing.YOU call the new Republican party. Get real…! The republicans have sat back for years on there hands and have done NOTHING but let the left wing progressives take over and brain wash our schools and kids, and many other organizations! Your statement is old and stale much like the past! Comments like yours is why we are in the mess that we are in. Oh, and buy the way, I got a first class plane ticket with YOUR full name on it to any thrid world country under commy and socialism rule. A country needs to start somewhere and we are doing just that. So sit down and Shut the hell up, or get out!!!;

  • Jim Evans says:

    I think Trump could block whom ever he wants , if they are sending him bad messages. Hulk Hogan blocked me on Twitter for that very reason.

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