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  • The former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke, is now running for Congress.
  • He is launching his campaign against Steve Scalise, who he believes has overstayed his welcome in Congress.
  • Not only is he campaigning, he also claimed he “would be a better pick,” for VP for Trump.
  • Duke believes that he and Donald Trump have almost identical political views and wants to stand up for the safety of the European American.

At the moment, our country is a hotbed for racial tension. Cops are dying by enraged protesters, Black Lives Matter groups are spitting words of equality, and David Duke is running a political campaign.

I'm sure you are thinking the same thing I thought at first. Who is David Duke?

David Duke was the former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, and he is now running for Congress. David Duke told The Daily Beast that he was contemplating challenging Republican Steve Scalise, who serves as the majority whip in the House of Representatives. Apparently, Scalise once referred to himself as “David Duke without the baggage.”

This isn't the first step into the political world for Duke. He once was a candidate for the Louisianna Governor position. Duke said, “I’ve very seriously set up an exploratory committee to run for the United States Congress against Steve Scalise.”

Although David Duke has left the “cloak” of his former position, his old values remain the same. Duke is concerned about the safety of European Americans because of the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Duke said, “I don’t take any satisfaction in the fact that I was right, but I have been right. Unless European Americans stand up, they are going to lose everything they care about in this country.”

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Apparently, Duke was in the state legislation about thirty years ago (just how old is this guy), but now he wants to put his political bones to the test. The time is perfect, Duke thinks, for someone to stand up and whip away the racial tension in the country.

“There are millions of people across the country who would like to have me in the Congress,” the former grand wizard said. “I’d be the only person in Congress openly defending the rights and the heritage of European Americans. We are on the offensive today. There's no more defense.”

Not only is David Duke running, but he truly believes that his political views mirror those of Republican front-runner Donald Trump. “I think Trump is riding a wave of anti-establishment feeling that I’ve been nurturing for 25 years,” Duke said.

David Duke is a man of ambition, not only is he running for Congress, despite his past, he also made claims for the Vice Presidency. He is a “total sellout cuck,” those were the words Duke used to describe the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Rumors of Gingrich being on the top of the list for Trumps VP pick have been thrown around every media site you can think of, and Duke is not amused. “I would be a better pick,” Duke claimed. “I had a perfect Republican voting record. If he had me as a VP, he would have a life insurance policy. But again, I don’t see him doing that. That’s just a fantasy.”

However, Duke is not expecting Trump to reach out of his fear of “offending the oligarchs,” which is what he calls the political establishment. Duke says the “oligarchs” are controlled by Jewish, Hispanic and African-American interests.

“We have social media and the internet today puts me at an even footing with you,” he said. “The truth is going to get out one way or the other. I demand some fair treatment. The media can demonize me all they want. They can lie about me. They can say whatever they want about me.”

Well, it seems David Duke has a hard campaign ahead of him, but he seems to be… determined.

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