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Law Enforcement Braces for Election Day Unrest



NYPD Police Officers and Security Stand on Post at the Entrance to the Voting Place at Lincoln Center | Law Enforcement Braces for Election Day Unrest | Featured

U.S. law enforcement agencies are prepared for possible civil unrest in the wake of one of the most contentious elections in recent memory.

Federal and local police have been drawing up contingency plans for weeks. These come in anticipation of possible protests stemming from the election results. Several extremist groups have vowed to take violent action if the election produces an unfavorable result. However, police are still holding out hopes for a smooth election.

Several far-left groups have promised publicly to “make sure Trump leaves” regardless of the election’s result. The radical group Shut Down DC vowed to flood Washington on Election Day to paralyze the city. Statements from the group’s online manifesto also say they will target members of Congress at their homes. It says they will also block highways, shut down ports, and occupy state capitals if President Trump “tries to steal the election.”

Antifa To Be A Major Threat

ANTIFA | Law Enforcement Braces for Election Day Unrest

Antifa is also expected to be a major threat in the days following the election. The group has repeatedly sown unrest in major cities across the country over the past few months. They have become emboldened by recent protests against police brutality.

Security experts believe there is a significant threat from Antifa and other radical-left groups. Robert Lewis, a former U.S. Army Green Beret, and intelligence community insider told Fox News. “Our intelligence shows that no matter who wins the election, they [Antifa] are planning a massive ‘Antifa Tet Offensive,’ bent on destroying the global order they are not beholden to any one party,” said Lewis. “Their sole purpose is to create havoc, fear, and intimidation.”

Republicans have attempted to shine a spotlight on the threat presented by Antifa over the past few months. However, a sympathetic Democratic party and unapologetically bias media have done their best to disparage the claims. The left says the group is not an organized network but more of a loose ideological affiliation. Despite the left’s exculpatory narrative, the group continues to be a major catalyst for violent instances of unrest across the country.

Lewis disputes the idea that Antifa is a loose network. “For anyone who believes Antifa is just a grassroots idea and their attacks are organic, we have a simple answer: do organic, spur of the moment movements and actions need logistics?” he said, referencing several open-source documents that indicate the group has “a comprehensive funding and planning group, a PR group and logistics.”

“How else did they have pallets of bricks pre-positioned on street corners? How do they have a comprehensive legal network ready to defend and bail out their operatives and foot soldiers at the drop of a hat?” Lewis added.

The Threat From International Rivals

Unfortunately, the threat doesn’t end at home. America’s deep pool of international rivals could also have plans to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power in the U.S.

Ty Smith, a retired Navy SEAL and CEO of CommSafe AI, believes America’s enemies see the contentious election as a prime opportunity to strike. “I also believe there will be some foreign instigation in causing the violence to boil over as well. If I were our enemy, I'd be preparing to take advantage of all of this chaos,” observed Ty Smith, retired Navy SEAL and founder and CEO of CommSafe AI.

Supporters of each candidate have a constitutional right to gather under the First Amendment. Therefore, it’s very likely we will see crowds take to the streets in major urban centers. Some security experts believe the flashpoint could occur sometime this weekend, but it could come sooner

“It is very apparent from my team's monitoring of online threats that Antifa-type groups intend to engage in violence in the aftermath of the election, especially if Trump wins. Rallies celebrating Trump's victory would be the most obvious target for violent disruption,” said Ryan Mauro, a national security expert with the Clarion Project. “But the threat comes from multiple angles. There are many extremists who hate Antifa and the left and don't necessarily want to initiate violence but are eager to jump into a fight once it begins.”

Mauro added that law enforcement hasn’t seen a threat like this “since the sudden rise of ISIS.”

Nonprofit Group To Help

The founder of the renowned anti-crime nonprofit Guardian Angels, Curtis Silwa, says the angels will patrol the streets in an effort to calm any violent unrest. Silwa expects the threat to come from three key groups: left-wing extremists, right-wing extremists, and opportunistic criminals looking to capitalize on the chaos.

“There are groups that have planned this for some time. Antifa is a paramilitary group that has done this over the summer. They first graffiti, bust windows, and then start to loot but keep moving quickly ahead,” Silwa said. “Militia groups and far-right groups will look to settle scores with BLM and Antifa when the demonstrations start. They will be in vehicles and will try to enter areas with bats, pipes, pepper spray, and in some instances, guns.”

Law Enforcement Hopes For Peace

Police will do their best to quell any instances of unrest. Although, it’s unclear whether their response will be hamstrung by sympathetic liberal governments. This was the case in several instances over the Spring. Liberal government officials in several major cities have been disturbingly soft on violence and crime for fear of offending the ‘woke' mob. These same politicians could also inhibit the response from local police.

Law enforcement is praying for a peaceful outcome for Tuesday’s contest. However, they’re very aware that it could get ugly fast. Thankfully, Americans can rest a little easier with the knowledge that brave men and women in police forces across the country stand ready to hold the line against extremist mob rule. They come prepared during what will be a pivotal moment for Western Democracy and American rule of law.

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  • rottenrollin says:

    Dan Crenshaw of Texas said it well……and I paraphrase:

    Those businesses are boarding up their windows because they fear Trump supporters, Mr. Biden!

  • Kenny Kimler says:

    When Antifa and BLM punks start rioting and burning peoples property solve the problem. Mow them down like the maggots they are.

  • AD Roberts says:

    I am old and tired. I really wish I felt like the trip to DC where I could join in the defense of the White House Unlike government officials, I can fear for my life and shoot the attackers until I run out of bullets. FACT: it will not stop until you make them so afraid that they run and don’t return OR until they are dead. Just like what had to be done to Hitler.

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