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Lawsuits Against Trump Being Readied in NY



President Donald Trump speaks during in the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords between Israel UAE and Bahrain-Lawsuits against Trump-ss-featured

Lawsuits against Trump are being readied in New York. President Donald Trump faces civil cases once he leaves the White House? Between now and January 20, what should he do? If he decides to leave the White House, where will he go? And what awaits him? Most believe that as soon as he steps away from the White House, dormant court cases against him will revive.

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Without the protection of the Oval Office and the Justice Department, what happens to him? NBC reports on four possible issues that will call for his attention as soon as he becomes an ordinary Joe.

Manhattan Tax Record Cases

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance reviews allegations of Trump's financial improprieties. Rumors say Vance is currently looking into alleged criminal acts at Trump's businesses. They include falsification of documents, and insurance and tax fraud. 

Interestingly, Vance's resource person might be Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer. Cohen alleged that Trump uses two sets of books for his ventures. One has higher numbers to help secure loans. The other contains lower numbers to help pay lower taxes. Research from the New York Times showed that Trump paid zero taxes in ten years and $750 for two.

While the NY District Attorney's office managed to subpoena Trump's tax records from his preparer. However, Trump's lawyers filed an emergency request for a stay of the lower courts' rulings. The Supreme Court will handle the decision, which is now majority Republican. Guess whose administration made it happen? 

If Vance wins and the stay gets denied, the only known criminal case against Donald Trump can proceed. Don't expect jail time, though, as this would likely end up in fines.

New York Civil Cases

The New York Attorney General is investigating possible fraud by Trump companies. The AG's office issues subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank for records. These records detail the financing of four Trump projects. It also involved a losing effort to purchase the Buffalo Bills. 

Cohen's testimony before Congress was that Trump inflated his assets. While the case is civil, any criminal elements found would go to local prosecutors.

Sexual Harassment

Everybody knows that Donald Trump faces sexual charges way back in the 1970s. These cases may now resurface once Trump reverts to being John Q. Public again. This time, the Justice Department won't be able to help him. Multiple lawsuits against Trump might surface under this banner.  

In the case of E. Jean Carroll, she alleged that Trump raped her in a dressing room. Trump denied the charge and said she wasn't his type. Carroll sued again, this time for defaming her. 

The Justice Department tried to help him move the case from state to federal. The plan was to file a motion saying the denial was a presidential act. However, a judge denied Justice's motion in October. When he appears in court as a private citizen, the judge can order his testimony.

Presidential Pardon

During Nixon's time, the Justice Department already said no. The department ruled that “under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself.”

While intriguing, the idea of Trump pardoning himself may not be a bad idea. It would involve a plot that's made for Hollywood. President declares he is temporarily unable to perform duties. Vice President Pence becomes President and pardons him. Then the President either quits a pardoned man or resumes his seat. However, Trump has to do all these by January 20. But, even if he pulls it off, pardons only work for federal cases. He remains a defendant in cases filed by NY state.

Watch this From Yahoo Finance!, Joe Biden’s IRS could give Democrats President Trump’s Tax Returns:

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What awaits Donald Trump as soon as he steps outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? If you were to decide, do you pardon the president and drop the lawsuits against Trump? Or do you think it's time for him to face the music? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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  • Agnes Diioia says:

    Get with it take care of our people and the world that is the reason you were elected to serve not to be served with radical ideas !!!

  • Howard says:

    AGNES get a job TRUMP MADE america better he did not Cause the pandemic . i bet yoiur from another country its not TRUMPS job to give you everything for free get off of your ass !!!

  • Ernie says:

    Yes, he did an excellent job!! File the lawsuit against Gov Cuomo. How many elderly died because of him.
    He never admitted his fault and instead he was given a raise of $25,000 and a Grammy award?

  • Howard says:

    I think it Bull Shit asking a question like will you vote to Pardin Trump What Happened to being innocent till proven Guilty .

  • Anonymous says:

    Agnes get a life your probably not even from here and collect gov assistance he did a excellent job

  • Beth Purcell says:

    If any fines, put unpaid president oak salary towards fine.

  • Pat says:

    Love the President,he has worked harder for no pay then anyone I know.Biden is the one who should be investigated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Time for Trump to face the music!!!

  • David says:

    He didn’t do anything worse than other politicians did and continue to do….expose them all for the liars, traitors, corruption.
    What’s fair is fair….in this situation…what’s corrupt is corrupt….GET EM ALL….ISNT THAT JUSTICE?

  • Thomas Fitzpatrick says:

    Trump has been the worse president in my lifetime. Hopefully he will be sentenced to prison for the crimes he has committed while in the Oval Office.

  • Michael Rodger Gibbs says:

    No matter who woman or man!? We needed and still need a non-politician to sit in the White House! Washington has been too corrupt for many years! Republican or Democrat does not matter! If you’re sitting in Washington for over 30 years you need to leave! Hell 20 years! We need to flush the toilet!

  • SDNY Supporter says:

    Fuck Trump! Send his ass to prison so he can be used like the bitch he is for Putin. He has lot’s of practice sitting on grown men’s laps. Oh yeah, and all you stupid Trump sheep…GFY! Why would he worry about pardoning himself….? Can you say GUILTY?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hang the crybaby

  • Anthony Hudson says:

    Yeah we need some regular folks,business men or women in the White House who will listen to we the people and let’s try to get this damn mess straighten out!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸I Love My Country!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Bob Callender says:

    Sounds like a “witch hunt”. Let’s all remember that you can only be pardoned if you are found guilty of a crime in a court of law. We are all innocent until proven guilty. So suck it up butter cup!

  • Robert says:

    Crooked Biden & son are the ones to be investigated, We are now considering moving out of the country we use to love.

  • Lee says:

    Anyone that believes in the Russian conspiracy should be checked for brain damage. IT WAS A FRAUD and has been proven. Read something once in a while. Idiot.

  • irrelevant running jesus says:

    No eviction moratorium in the White House. Evict Trump and put him straight to jail – all self expensed without taxpayer’s money.

  • Reg Labbe says:

    GOAT of all presidents should get a special place on Rushmore.

    Never did anything except to put the American citizen first and

    to show how deep the establishment swamp really is!

    The fraud is hard in not impossible to fight.

  • AJ says:

    how sad, this is the world we live in now. If you dont like someone, then you will go after him for life.

  • Casey says:

    I’d like for someone that knows what they are talking about to NAME 1 Crime Trump committed. Just 1…

  • David says:

    If he’s the worse Presisent in your life tume, than you must only be 4 years old. Obama & Biden should be and would have neen hanged many years ago! If you go after Trump, why not Obama, Biden, the Clintons? Oh yea, because it’s another tax wasting witch hunt! Why isn’t anyone of you criticizing Trump calling for the prosecution of Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, Murphy, Levine? The murders they committed are appriximately 40% of covid deaths. You call Trump and old, rich, white, corrupt guy and then vote for Biden?! An old, way rich, way more corrupt, lifelong racist do nothing politician! Makes a lpt of sense! Lol. I guess you have no critical thinking skills. But hey, thanks for the laughs!

  • dbeckett says:

    Cuff him and send him to isolation in prison at ALCATRAZ ISLAND!

  • eldon clark says:

    all you people that are against Trump must DUMOCRATS and i do mean DUMOCRATS . the stock market has never so high- tore people was working and more blacks working .you think he was a bad presisent you just wate until sleepy china joe and the vp that thinks it is ok to KILL a baby 3 or 4 days before it is borned and you DUMACRATS want people like that running our country. Trump is the best president we have in a long long time. if bidon and the baby killer gets in–GOD HILP US ALL.

  • Jackie Wehmeyer says:

    President Trump is the BEST president we have ever had! Pardon! He hasn’t done a darn thing that he needs to be pardoned for! I thought the rats Clintons were the worst and here they are out and still running around doing their evil crap. Why haven’t they been prosecuted to the fullest!? And that mousey Pelosi? Why is she still in the office. She did NOTHING but try and turn everyone against Trump. Tried to get him impeached and it didn’t work did it you evil ugly witch. The Biden’s are equally evil like the rest of them. Getting millions from Russia, the crooks! Trump has done so much more then any of these losers and if all the crooks would have left him alone, he would have done a lot more when he was in office! NO FEAR, HE WILL BE BACK IN ANOTHER YEAR!!! I can’t wait! Love that president and his family!

  • sj early says:

    Traitor trump, needs to be in a (cage) or at least JAIL!

  • CO2 says:

    Fuck Trump!!!! One who obviously appeals to likeminded self-indulgent, misinformed, and easily lead astray idiots. Yes Trump cheerleader, I am referring to you….let that sink in! Nothing but a “complete failure” describes Trump accurately. Little man has been scarred all of life, still trying to live up to daddy’s idea of the perfect son. Putin reminds him of his father. Don’t you admire your dad? Kim Jung Un reminds him of the guy he met in the Trump tower broom closet….wait what? What crimes have he committed? Crimes against humanity strikes a note. Need proof? Check the latest COVID-19 DEATH toll. The worst of his crime spree is……wait for it………being an oxygen thief. Carry on!

  • Michael Daniels says:

    I’ve been telling everybody for years that Trump’s a crook and a cheat, the only way he can make money is by screwing people and cheating his way to get whatever he can. If Trump wasn’t the president and if he didn’t have all these high paid Lawyers, He’d be in jail for some of the crap he’s done.
    Great Job as President????? Are You serious??? What did he do?? What exactly did he do that makes him so great? NOTHING!!!! He’s the Scum of the Earth..

  • Janet M Bedrosian says:

    Since this election was deemed a fraud, why isn’t a thorough investigation initiated? Biden has a lengthy criminal history, well documented, which has not exposed. Treasonous monetary activated long ago. Biden’s first legal action will be to force taxpayers to pay for abortions up to birth. Marxist & Socialist government will be the law of the land. READ THE CONSTITUTION AND DO SOMETHING HONEST!!!

  • Jackie says:

    You comment is GREAT Howard on the evening of the 23rd…..Agnes is an idiot….I love what you said to her and I agree 100%

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