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The Left Has Lost Its Mind;Shooting Up A Trump Business!



A man who police said was “yelling and spewing some information about President Trump” was arrested early Friday after exchanging gunfire with officers in the lobby of a hotel at a sprawling golf resort that the president owns near Miami.

Yellow caution tape was seen stretched across the main gate of the Trump National Doral Golf Club Friday morning following the overnight rampage, in which the shooter reportedly burst into the property for unknown reasons and draped an American flag over a lobby counter while spraying bullets.

“He was yelling and spewing some information about President Trump, and that’s what we know so far,” Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said. “And he had an American flag that he did drape over the counter.”

Is this how tolerate the left really is? The right might have expressed dislike for Obama but did we ever shoot up places and whine NO! This is disgusting, and I hope they treat this as terrorism and we can show how “Tolerant” Guantanamo can be!

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  • We all know that the Obammunists intend to take power back “by hook or crook”, in the words of the Mongrel Emperor, and do not then intend to give it up again. It is now clear that, unable to rule by decree and extend his term in office as he planned, the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa used the FBI and the CIA to rig the presidential election and install as his puppet ruler the Drunken Lesbian Witch he kept out of prison. Failing at this, these same federal agencies were used to attempt a coup d’etat of the type he observed growing up in Africa and attending madrassah in Indonesia. We can now expect violence from his rabid supporters, supported by the communists. Mexican gangs and drug cartels and Black Muslims that are now in control of his party. We must remember that, as Churchill said of the Germans, the left is always either at your feet or at your throat, and that the only good leftist is a dead leftist.

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