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Lester Holt Betrayed The American People On Monday



Last night's Presidential debate was something special. Instead of the conversation being about America and what the right steps are to put her back on the right track. The night became a game of who can point the finger best. It was a night of “he said, she said,” yet, the conditions of the night weren't exactly fair.

Lester Holt just might have been the worst mediator in the history of Presidential debates. Everyone wanted to see Hillary and Trump go at it. Two Presidential candidates, who love to argue, going at it on a broadcasted stage is an exciting event. Yet, with Lester Holt caving to Hillary supporters, the night was less than fair.

Some people might say, “that's not true it was fair, Donald Trump put himself into the hole,” which may be true. Yet, here are some facts that show that Lester Holt was determined to make Hillary look like a queen, a tough job to do, and to make Trump look like a bumbling moron.

First of all the subject of Tax Returns.

Did you notice Holt asking Hillary about her email scandal? No? What about Benghazi? You didn't hear that either? Strange. What about the gray areas that the Clinton Foundation has been reported to deal in? Not that either? That is so weird because I could have sworn that he asked Trump about his tax returns. In fact, I don't think he asked, I think he argued the point that maybe there is “incriminating” information in the returns that the public has a right to know.

What about Hillary's email scandal Holt? Couldn't there be “incriminating” information in some of those emails as well? Or what about the situation in Benghazi that led to the deaths of American citizens? Could there be a scandal in there somewhere?

Then the Racist card.

Both candidates have been guilty of throwing a comment that wasn't in the best taste. Yet an entire question circled around Donald Trump's comments about President Obama nothing being from America. When he brought up the question of Obama's birth certificate, Holt spun the topic as a racist statement from the candidate and continued to drive the issue home.

Yet, back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was running against President Obama she appealed to the “white Americans.” It was a giant platform for her campaign. These things were not talked about or even remotely brought up. The “incriminating” spotlight was shined onto Trump.

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Of course, Stop and Frisk

This part didn't come in the form of a question it came in the form of an interjection. Trump and Hillary were in the middle of a discussion on the subject of stop and frisk. Yet Holt, the mediator, thought it was fitting to interject and validate Clinton's points. He even sided with her.

He claimed that the mayor of New York had gotten rid of stop and frisk because the courts had found it to be unconstitutional. However, Trump countered. He pointed out that the mayor had cancelled the policy of stop and frisk before the courts deemed it unconstitutional.

Yet, Holt had to point out that Clinton was right.

Then bringing up a Presidential Look

This part, I have to admit, was clever wordplay by Holt. At one point during the debate, Holt brought up how Trump had said that Hillary did not have a “presidential look.” Of course, he did this right after mentioning that Hillary had become the first woman to be nominated for President. So, the audience then, subconsciously, assumed that Trump meant it as a sexist statement.

Maybe that is the way he meant it, but Holt worded it out of context to give Trump a certain image.

Then to make the situation even more of a deeper hole for Trump, Holt moved the question over to Hillary so she could discuss his past comments about women. In the middle of Trump, trying to dispute and explain the comment. Holt stops him and has Hillary bash the candidate's comments about women.

Interesting tactic Lester.

Finally, the Iraq War

This was Holt's worst attempt at slandering the Republican Candidate. The question of whether Trump supported the Iraq war has been a question since the beginning. Yet, Holt asked Trump of his stance on the war but “forgot” to ask Clinton her own stance on it.

Trump, rightfully so, brought up his interview with Sean Hannity years ago. He claimed that he was against the war from the beginning and continued to say ask Sean Hannity about it. Ironically, for those of you who don't listen to Sean Hannity, Sean brought this up on his show the morning before the debate. So that proves Trump's stance on the matter and again shows Holt's intentions.

So the question is, did Lester Holt fulfill his job as mediator? Or was he just another liberal-minded member of the press that was swayed to push Hillary's agenda?

Let's just hope that they get someone without bias for the next Presidential debate. Although, to make it fair they could get a mediator on Trump's team so Hillary knows what it's like to be unfairly slandered on national television.

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