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Letter To The American People




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Letter To The American People (Image: MGN)

Dear Americans,

We have an obligation to one another to stand united as a country. We are Americans. We have a unifying bond that makes us one of the strongest countries in the world. At least it did at one time.

Being an American used to be mean being patriotic, we were proud of the people that risked it all for the Stars and Stripes. Yet now, we celebrate the deaths of the men and women who – in a sense – died in the line of duty protecting us. Although their deaths were tragic and brutal, their deaths are on all of us. They died for you. They died for me. They died because they believed in this country with such passion that they were willing to go out into the street and face down a gunman. They did that for us.

Our American flag has been a little more blue than red or white recently. The blood that has been shed upon our soil was in vain. It was taken by the very people that they were protecting.

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Image that betrayal. Imagine signing up to fight, to die, for the American people. Then, the last thing you see…are those people pulling the trigger at you. You look into the eyes of an American, the population you vowed to protect, and they spit in your face, in your career, and take your life.

We are no longer a country of unity. We no longer are the inspiration of patriotism. We are conflicted. We are diseased. We are plagued with an idea that the individual is more important than the whole.

This chaos, this overwhelming need for harm, has caused us to be the target of terrorist attacks. There is no danger in attacking a target that is unorganized and fighting a war inside itself. We, the people of America, brought terrorism to our doorsteps because of our abolished unity.

We need change. We need togetherness. We need a shock to our way of thinking.

We need hope.



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