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Coup In Turkey Was An Inside Job



Late Friday evening, a coup was attempted in Turkey to seize control of the country from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The coup failed spectacularly. Turkey, and the middle east for that matter, is no stranger to coups. They know how to carry one out successfully, so how come Friday's was so amateurish?

Well, some believe that it was deliberately staged by Erdo?an. A false flag attack. After all, who is the one that profited?

Either an amateurish plot or a false flag, the facts are still the facts.

  • The coup took place when Erdogan was out of the country. not out of the ordinary as far as coups go, but still convenient to the safety of Erdo?an
  • Two f-16s flown by rebels had Erdo?an's plane locked in their targets and yet instead of shooting him down they escorted him to a safe landing. Why would they face execution to allow their enemy to live?
  • Erdogan has done everything in his power to weaken the military's ability to rise up in a coup, Turkey has a long history of military coups.
  • This coup conveniently exposed all of Erdogan's enemies and served them up on a silver platter.
  • Erdogan wasted no time purging the country of judges so that he can stack the courts with his loyal followers. Extra helpful when all of the other political enemies go to court with false charges.
  • The exiled religious leader that Erdogan chose to pin the coup on was an easy target who could be painted as a traitor.
  • Erdogan seeks to further consolidate his power by now opposing the US, a popular notion in the region. He can now blame us for harboring his enemy.
  • The US did say we would be willing to deport him if evidence was provided, but there isn't any.
  • The speed at which Erdo?an and his supporters were able to round up suspected collaborators, despite having no proof, points to a premade list of names. In other words, he had already done the planning for the fallout as if he knew it would happen.

After the above list, the coup certainly looks suspicious. I'm not going to say 100% that Erdogan planned this coup to cement his power and leadership, but he certainly has profited marvelously from it.

We will never know for certain, but it certainly looks suspicious

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  • Khurram says:

    Tayib Ordagan just wanted an excuse to clear up all his opponents from army and judiciary so this provided an opportunity to do this.

  • Shane Cultice says:

    Easiest way to get rid of your enemies in your own country is to stage a coup and bring them out in the open.

  • Mike says:

    Yes this was a false flag, and yes people had been killed, but unless this Tyrant killed people no one would believe it was a real coup! People are moron’s…this was clearly and false flag event to help this Tyrant to gain more power…Hitler pulled this very same CRAP on the German People in 1939, and then mobilized his Brown Shirts to kill Jews! This Tyrant is doing the very same thing, and this clean out the Turkish Government of any opposition so now this Tyrant can murder anyone that stands in his way…Tyranny well rain in Turkey from this point forward! May the one True God/Jesus/Holy Spirit have mercy on the Turkish Peoples souls that are about to be slaughtered by this Tyrant..!!! Get out while still CAN..!!!

  • Jean says:

    He was becoming more and more paranoid and dictator-like…and it makes sense he’d want to limit the powers of the military and press.

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