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LETTER: I’ll Stick With Trump Over Socialism



President Donald Trump Listens on the Stage | LETTER: I’ll Stick With Trump Over Socialism | Featured


I'm Republican and thinking of the benefits of voting for Biden. They are: biological men competing in women's sports and using the bathroom with our wife, daughters and granddaughters; open borders; Social Security & Medicare for all illegals; all can enter our country including those carrying deceases we have eradicated and MS-13 folks.

To facilitate open borders, eliminate ICE; defund Police so Democrat lawbreakers can operate unencumbered as they do now in Democrat cities; with Beto O'Rourke in charge of guns, they will be confiscated the same way and for the same reasons Hitler, Stalin, and Castro did; to cover Medicare for all, free college, and pay off student loans, our taxes will significantly increase; AOC's new green deal will eliminate jobs, fossil fuels so all combustion engines will be useless.

President Donald Trump | LETTER: I’ll Stick With Trump Over Socialism

More regulations will slow the economy, cause higher unemployment and millions on food stamps. If Democrats retain the House and get control of the Senate and presidency our tax dollars will be used to bail out mismanaged Democrat states like New York, Illinois, California. New information revealed that China supports Biden.

With 47 years in D.C. Biden's biggest accomplishment is making his son Hunter a millionaire. Now if I stick with Trump, I can expect: tweets I don't always agree with; low unemployment; low taxes; support for our military, 2nd amendment, and police; secure borders; elimination of MS-13; energy independence; law and order in rioting Democrat controlled cities. I'll stick with Trump. I'm just not for Socialism.

Alex Zappavigna

Port Charlotte

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