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Liberal Love to Roll Out the Welcome Mat For Terrorist Scum



Liberal Pansies Want Terrorists To Feel Welcome see more at:
Liberal Pansies Want Terrorists To Feel Welcome (Image: MGN)
  • Homeland Security thinks it's best to reject using the term “jihad” in counter-terrorism programs aimed at American youth.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has spent up to $100 million in funding to focus on American millennials who have a greater chance of radicalizing.
  • The money will be spent on social media campaigns urging the youth of America not to join terrorist groups.

A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting the use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council report recommends that the department focuses on American millennials by allocating up to $100 million in new funding. It also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland-related to the threat of violent extremism.”

The funds would be used for hiring experts and new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups.

“The department’s CVE efforts are an attempt to protect our nation’s young people from extremists who prey upon the Millennial generation,” the report says.

“The department must reframe the conversation to reflect this reality and design a robust program around the protection of our youth, which must include predator awareness and an understanding of radicalization. In doing so, our citizens will be better equipped for this threat.”

Under the section on terminology, the report calls for rejecting the use of an “us versus them” mentality by shunning Islamic language in “Countering Violent Extremism” programs, or CVE, the Obama administration’s euphemism that seeks to avoid references to Islam.

Under a section on recommended actions on terminology, the report says DHS should “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

Government agencies should employ “American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma,’” states the June 2016 report by the Council’s countering violent extremism subcommittee.

Source: Fox News

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  • Donald Richard says:

    They make excuses for their behavior, like all they need is jobs and they will stop, they refuse to believe they are here and wish to kill us.

  • Greg B. says:

    I am so far left politically I make the Leaning Tower of Pisa look straight! I say, ban all Muslims from this country, and definitely ban all Muslims from purchasing weapons. It does not have to be permanently. But clearly, for the time being, until this problem is solved, and until real practicing Muslims get off their butts and do something about those of their religion, no matter how badly they have bastardized Islam, from distorting and betraying TRUE ISLAM. Other Muslims MUST take part in putting down Islamic terrorists ! They have been noticeably invisible and silent in combating Muslim terrorists.

  • Pam says:

    Because they’re too damn stupid to figure out that IMMIGRATION is the WORST problem we have fight now!!!

  • Merle says:

    Because that moron in the White House is trying his damndist to take our lawful guns away from us. This is an open invitation to all the terrorist and thugs in the world to come right in.

  • Donl says:

    Liberals are one or more of the following; Socialists, Communists, Progressives and they have no reason why, other then being told how to live and think by the Dems.

  • Terry Swinney says:

    They are letting in thousands and never even check them out.

  • neal says:

    not a loving religion

  • Stephanie says:

    Because Obama and his team Love Muslims and help Terrorism. They’re not even trying to help America. They should be checked out before coming here.

  • James Scott says:

    They are here, aren’t they by invitation? With all of the evidence in Europe, the Middle East, and we are not fighting them, and this administration, refuses to acknowledge them.

  • Jerry Kosowski says:

    With the Muslim-in-Charge in the White House, what else would you expect the lock-step jack boots to do.

  • Jeannette says:

    They are pandering to a president who wants Muslims in our country to multiply by the dozen and become liberal supporters. They will also be the enforcers for the move against American patriots and citizens.

  • Joanne says:

    Obama can’t even say ISLAMIC EXTREMIST TERRORIST, afraid that he may offend the non-terrorists. Hillary is his puppet who will follow his lead to get his approval. The Left’s political correctness will be the destruction of this great country. We seriously need Trump!

  • Steve says:

    Because we don’t know who is terrorist and who is not

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