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Liberals Will Do Anything To Control You Even Put You In A Coma



Liberals Will Do Anything To Control You Even Put You In A Coma, see more at:
Liberals Will Do Anything To Control You Even Put You In A Coma (Image: MGN)
  • A man was hospitalized with a coma after Liberals attacked him at a demonstration in Vienna.
  • The left-wing activists in Europe have attacked over 800 groups that have protested against mass immigration.
  • Several of the left-wing attackers were arrested.

While over 800 Identitarians were protesting in Vienna they were attacked by left-wing (liberal) extremists. Not only were the protesters attacked but the police officers who were watching the protest were as well. One man was left hospitalized and in a coma.

Whoever said that liberals were weak, self-righteous, individuals…. well is probably still right… sure know how to start a street fight.

The Identitarians are a European political group that stands for right-wing anti-immigration policies and is usually known to be filled with young men and women. Over the weekend, they held one of their biggest movements in Vienna. An estimated 800 to 1,000 Identitarians were marching towards the Westbanhof station waving flags in an attempt to protest mass immigration and Islamic terrorism.

The demonstrators were then met by 600 left-wing extremists who launched an attack upon them with fireworks, rocks, and other projectiles. In a matter of seconds, the streets become the final battle sequence from Braveheart, without the kilts and blue face paint. Police quickly retaliated with tear gas and pepper spray to stop the assault.

Two of the Identitarians were injured but one, known as Max, was struck in the head with a large rock and rushed to the hospital. They induced a medical comma because of the severity of the internal bleeding.

Some leftists were arrested for violent acts. They were also found with ropes, chains tied to the ends of them. Clearly the leftist in Vienna are not one for peaceful demonstrations.

The Identitarian group fought with media after they called them “Neo-Nazis,” for their protests against immigration. Not only is that offense but in Europe it is actually illegal to promote the ideology of Neo-Nazism, so you could see why that would be hurtful.

Patrick Lenart spoke out against the media's attack towards the Identitarian group saying: “The defamation of Identitarians as neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists will have consequences,” Mr. Lenart wrote, saying that “patriots suffered massive violence  in the exercise of democratic rights.”

Reportedly left-wing activists have attacked over 800 political parties that have protested against mass immigration. It's good to know that Liberals all over the world are similar. In America instead of using rocks, and fireworks against a group that they don't understand they use lies and slander. For a minute there I thought that the Liberals in America were the only ones, but it's good to know there is consistency in liberal ideology.

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