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We Are Losing The War On Terror



We Are Losing The War On Terror, see more at: ?
We Are Losing The War On Terror (Image: MGN)

We are at war.

At the moment, America is in a state of limbo. We are coming into a new President, we all know our current one is doing anything, and so we are vulnerable. We are without a leader. We have no one to look to, and people in this world who want to see us burn are taking advantage of that.

We are like that angry emotional kid on the playground that is lashing out in every direction. We are not focusing our attention on to the things that need to be handled to make sure that we are safe. What happened in Orlando was terrible. There are not words that possess the sorrow that is deserved for that event. Yet, it could have been prevented.

Politicians now are reaching for gun control. Unfortunately, that is not the answer. If I'm correct at one time in our history alcohol was illegal. Of course, everyone listened to the rules and didn't drink right? No. Of course, not. We invented the Speak Easy and we continued to enjoy ourselves. Then hard drugs were illegal correct. Of course, no one snorts cocaine up their nose right? Of course not, no that stuff is illegal.

People will do what they want to do, no matter what the law says. So banning weapons or introducing new gun restrictions will do nothing but leave the citizens who are dumb enough to listen to rules vulnerable for attack. It is our government's job to keep us safe, not make us giant walking targets waiting to be picked off like grapes from a vine.

The next few months that lead up to the Presidential election will be dangerous because terrorist have found our weak spots. They strike and instead of starting an outcry and retaliating what do we do? We bicker amongst ourselves like old women on a porch.

People may not like George W. Bush but when 9/11 happened he did what needed to be done and he retaliated. We are showing ISIS that we are weak. Our government is trying to control the people like sheep in a petting zoo without realizing that wolves are around the corner and they are hungry.

We need to protect ourselves because our government isn't going to do it for us. The way we are going we are losing the war on terror and that isn't acceptable.

We need to stand strong. We need to win this war. The American people cannot suffer any more attacks on home ground, but we cannot stop it by sitting around and waiting for the final blow and pushes us past the breaking point.

We need to retaliate. We need to be strong.

We are at war.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Candi Schutz says:

    Because we have a POS president who does nothing for Americans but does everything for muslims.

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