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How To Have a Lockdown Halloween Party



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Anybody up for a lockdown Halloween party this year? While COVID-19 restrictions have eased up significantly compared to last year, hosting parties can prove to be challenging under the circumstances.

Drawing up clear guidelines and setting expectations before your party can go a long way. As a result, here are some tips and suggestions on how to host a killer Lockdown Halloween Party. 

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Set Your Ground Rules Early

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Will you require masks? In addition, will you limit attendees to vaccinated friends and relatives? It doesn’t matter where you stand regarding COVID-19.

Just make sure you make it clear about who’s allowed to attend and who’s not. Otherwise, it can cause friction among friends when they don’t share the same attitudes toward COVID. At the least, things won’t escalate due to miscommunication during the actual party. 

Cater Responsibly

Think long and hard about how you plan to serve food and drinks. Single-serve food or plated servings can minimize contact between people.

At the same time, portioning food items ensure nobody gets too little or too much of anything. For drinks, avoid open containers such as punch bowls. Individual bottles, cups, or tumblers can come in handy here. 

Hold It Outdoors If Possible

A spacious backyard can help bring the fun outdoors as well as encourage social distancing. This gives attendees enough space to prevent people from crowding.

Just make sure you have a host of sanitizers and sprays to keep surfaces clean. By the way, check with your neighbors if they’re okay with your plans. Best case scenario: invite them over as well. 

Host a Horror Movie Marathon

A lockdown Halloween party doesn’t have to be drinking and dancing all the time. Having a few friends over for a horror movie marathon can be a timely alternative.

Especially for those afraid of watching horror movies alone, this is a great way to collective shriek and gasp at every grisly murder scene. 

Have a Sanitizing Station Handy

Whatever kind of party you’re planning, it’s a good idea to designate a sanitizing/disinfecting station. Stock it with alcohol, wipes, sanitizers, and paper towels.

Make this available for people who are more finicky about handwashing. 

If There’s An Actual Lockdown In Your Area…

Don’t even try to hold a party. It’s not worth earning the ire of vigilant neighbors or the authorities. Besides, there’s always next year.

Or, you can host a Zoom with your friends trapped in a similar situation. This gives you the added bonus of having a party without the headache of cleaning up after guests. 

Watch the Style With Carol video featuring the 2021 Halloween Party TIPS and TRICKS to host a smashing party:

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Happy Halloween! Are you holding a lockdown Halloween party in your area this year? In addition, what are your ground rules?

Share with us your tips and recommendations on how to host a killer party. Use the comments section below for your suggestions.

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