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Man Pulled Gun on Antifa Rioters Who Smash his Truck at Oregon State Capitol



Rittenhouse Riot Police-Man Pulled Gun on Antifa Rioters Who Smash his Truck at Oregon State Capitol -ss-Featured

On Sunday, a man from Oregon, who attended a rally near the state Capitol, pulled a gun on Antifa rioters. He did so after the said protesters reportedly vandalized his vehicle and maced him.

A video captured the incident, showing left-wing rioters in black, applying spray paint across the truck’s windshield. They were also seen destroying the vehicle’s taillights, according to a report by Statesman Journal.

The driver of the truck is seen to step out of his vehicle and engage with the rioters. He was struck by a mace and was seen pulling out a pistol. He can be heard, screaming, “Get away from me.”

Law enforcement arrived on the scene. When they did, the man left his gun at the back of his truck. He then put his hands up in the air and kneeling on the floor.

On the other hand, the rioters mocked the man as officers took him into custody.

Authorities briefly detained the man but they did not charge him while an investigation is ongoing, as per Capt. Tim Fox of Oregon State Police.

On Sunday, multiple arrests were reportedly made. The truck vandalism incident is only one of many that started opposing protests.

Antifa Rioters Wait for Rallygoers at Oregon State Capitol

The event last Sunday, dubbed the “Oregon Freedom Rally,” aimed to honor the people who “fought for our freedoms.”

According to reports, an opposing group waited for multiple hours near the Capitol. They waited for people attending the right-wing rally to arrive. They wore black masks, helmets, as well as anti-fascist stickers.

Earlier that day, law enforcement tweeted that they expect around 150 to 200 people to be “heavily armed.”

This statement came after warnings surfaced of people possibly throwing paint balloons and using lasers to point at vehicles passing by.

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  • Cathie Smith says:

    It’s past time for law enforcement to round up antifa and blm, confiscate guns and ammo and file domestic terrorism charges on each and every one of them. Americans need to live free again and be able to move about our Country without fear.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Cathie, you are so right! They’re going to keep on until sharpshooters will start eliminating them. That might be the better way to go and especially if law enforcement doesn’t step up!🤜🤛👏👏

  • Mike says:

    We live in Portland and this man who pulled his gun to protect himself against this freaking racist, nasty, group of distruction. That man is a hero and should be more like him! These black covered RATS need to be distroyed before they distroy our beautiful state and county. Plan an simple!!!!

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