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Senate Democrats To Push For Marijuana Decriminalization



Cannabis bud and leaf with handcuffs depicting legal, law and decriminalization concepts | Senate Democrats To Push For Marijuana Decriminalization | featured

Senate Democrats indicated last Wednesday that they are moving for the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level. Democrats are proposing the removal of cannabis from the federal list of controlled substances. In fact, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he will use his influence to make decriminalization a Senate priority.

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‘Failed War On Drugs’

Schumer met with reporters to discuss their move. “This is monumental. At long last we are taking steps in the Senate to right the wrongs of the failed war on drugs,” he said. However, he did admit that not all Democrat Senators are onboard the draft decriminalization bill.

Schumer insisted that the announcement is a milestone that can help address injustice, especially among people of color.  “The war on drugs has really been a war on people, particularly people of color,” he added. “The waste of human resources because of the historic over-criminalization has been one of the great historical wrongs for the last decades and we are going to change it.”

Removal of Criminal Records

The marijuana decriminalization draft bill is currently making the rounds among Senators. The chief proponents include Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ).

The bill also aims to drop all criminal records from marijuana-related offenses. In addition, it also works on creating banking systems that will accept marijuana businesses especially from small and minority owners. In fact, Wyden termed the bill as “cannabis common sense.”

Meanwhile, Senator Cory Booker, a long-time advocate for decriminalization, said the bill is an urgent measure. “Lives are being destroyed every single day and the hypocrisy of this is that, right here in the Capitol now, people running for Congress, people running for Senate, people running for president of the United States, who readily admit that they've used marijuana, but we have children in this country people all over this nation, our veterans, black and brown people, low-income people, now bearing the stain of having a criminal conviction for doing things that half of the last four presidents admitted to doing,” Booker added.

States That Legalized Recreational Use

To date, some 18 states already legalized the recreational use of marijuana. In addition, 37 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands, allow medical use for marijuana.

The discussion draft wrote that the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act can help Americans avoid arrest. This also ensures that minorities remain eligible for financial aid even if they use cannabis.

Also, state-compliant cannabis businesses can now have access to bank services and loans. In addition, medical research can now proceed without a hitch.

Some Republicans Oppose The Measure

However, a number of Republicans led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (KY), oppose the measure. “I do not have any plans to endorse the legalization of marijuana,” McConnell said in 2018 when he announced his support for legalizing hemp. He said that the two are “entirely separate plants.”

Watch the CNBC Television video reporting that Senate Democrats propose legalizing cannabis at the federal level:

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Do you support the decriminalization of marijuana? In addition, do you think it solves problems attributed to drug-like convictions and illegal use?

Let us know what you think about making marijuana legal across all states. Share your comments below.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    The Democrats want to keep their their citizens stoned, it will be easier to control us! Stop pissing off money to removing civil war statues and secure the border and fight the cartels

  • Douglas Dietzen says:

    Yes, Marijuana needs to be decriminalized on the Federal level. Medical Marijuana usage is warranted in all 50 States. Specifically people who are going through Chemo and Radiation for cancer.
    Alcoholism is a bigger problem in the US than Cannabis. Also, thousands of Americans have died from Opiod use and addiction in recent years. I agree with Mr. Hiatt about securing the border. I see where Fentanyl is being smuggled across the border. Marijuana is not the boogie man here.

  • Douglas Dietzen says:

    Additional comment. Do not decriminalize marijuana and add ridiculous federal taxes. I know for a fact in the state of Colorado the tax on a purchase of Recreational marijuana is 22.75%.
    Also, research I’ve done shows the state of California is having a challenge with their projections of revenue from Recreational Marijuana due to the sale of Marijuana on the thriving illegal pot shops and the black market. We are being “taxed” to death in the United States.

  • T. Hawkins ( PHÖNIX ) says:

    Cannabis should not be illegal. Those who believe cannabis is the “gateway drug” to cocaine, heroin, et cetera, are absolutely incorrect. Alcohol and prescription narcotics are the actual “gateway drugs”, if anything. People who are going to abuse hard drugs, prescription medications, et cetera, regardless of the legal status of cannabis.

  • jp says:

    Why do they always add- “especially people of color?” Shouldn’t it just be for whomever needs it? And in true democrat fashion they slip this in there too. “This also ensures that minorities remain eligible for financial aid even if they use cannabis.” Does this mean that dispensaries will take EBT cards? It doesn’t matter what color you are, if you need financial aid, the 1st thing you should cut out of your budget is alcohol cigarettes & weed.

  • Crystal Parker says:

    So many people, including myself, have constant pain and are disabled for many reasons, including mental health illnesses. We should all be free to use a NARCOTIC FREE, form of medication. Prescription drugs for long-term use, leads to Opioid Addiction. It’s a horrible feeling to Withdrawal from Opioid Addiction. But, Texas isn’t legalizing Medical Cannabis for the disabled person, or anything else. The laws could focus on other drugs that are DEADLY. It would also be a great idea, to release, Offenders, that are incarcerated for Marijuana Charges. Texas, needs to get on board! The tax revenue, from legalizing to Medical & Recreational, would definitely help. The tax dollars that would be saved, from fewer people being incarcerated.

  • David says:

    Yea, because thr government wants everyone high. In blue states they shit down legitimate nusinesses and left liquor stores and pot shops open. What’s thst tell you!

  • Chisel says:

    Wtf !!! All i smell is pot smoke, im being held hostage by your second hand pot smoke! Im in the park on my motorcycle, pot. In my car on the road driving, pot. Walking down the sidewalk, pot. Going to the grocery store in the parking lot, pot! WTF! And thats ok, but you cant have a cigarette, fuckin retards!

  • Dan says:

    Legalization equals a comfortably numb society and for every person released from prison equals another democrat voter.

  • Norman Wilson Se says:

    Yes,by all means I vote Yes it would cut down dr bills for Medicare sacs Gov. money everyone knows it is good medicine sure helps my chronic pain

  • Johnny says:

    schumer and all the rest of the democrats must have SHIT for brains , marijuana and cannabis the same thing , should always be illegal ,if the gov would stop the use of that SHIT and get their heads screwed on right they would know that , don’t use drugs or your brain will turn to SHIT , just take a LOOK at the democrats .

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