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McConnell Warns GOP To Stop Fighting Election Results



Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) addresses the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Arena in Cleveland-McConnell Warns GOP-ss-featured

With the Georgia Senate runoffs in mind, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warns GOP senators to stay away from further challenging the Electoral College tally this January 6. Earlier, the Kentucky Republican senator recognized the election victory of Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. 

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Publicly and privately, McConnell told Republican senators not to engage in President Donald Trump’s continued refusal to concede the elections. The president also kept alleging that massive fraud occurred during his reelection bid and that the fight will continue. 

Private Caucus 

During a private caucus Tuesday, McConnell warned the GOP senators to stay away from contesting the Electoral college results. Congress will conduct an official tally on January 6, and this offers a chance for Senators or House members to give their objections. McConnell explained to his colleagues that challenging the results would force Republicans to take a “terrible vote.” There, they will have to stand up to President Donald Trump and vote the challenge down. 

Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo) agreed with McConnell’s reasoning. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) said that nobody objected to the Majority Leader’s reasoning. She said, “There wasn’t any pushback to it. There wasn't anyone saying: oh wait a minute. That didn’t occur.”

After the Electoral College

The day before, the Electoral College officially voted for Joe Biden as President-elect. Within the same day, McConnell acknowledged Democrat Joe Biden as the President-elect in his floor remarks for the first time. McConnell first gave tribute to Trump’s endless accomplishments before congratulating Biden. He said “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. Then, he added: “Many of us had hoped the presidential election would yield a different result. But our system of government has the processes to determine who will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The Electoral College has spoken.” Afterward, McConnell followed up his public remarks by privately warning GOP senators to let the matter pass.

Republican’s concerns show the difficult position the GOP is currently in. The party is facing increasing pressure to continue supporting Trump and his insistence that he won the elections. Party officials want the Republican voter base engaged as the crucial Georgia runoff elections approach. Which party wins Georgia gets to control the Senate majority. Meanwhile, McConnell wants to steer his party members away from a tough vote. Once a complaint reaches the floor, each Senator will be asked to go on record on whether he supports Trump or not. In addition, Vice President Mike Pence will preside the debate, which would also publicly test his loyalty.

It’s Different in the House 

While McConnell warns GOP senators, House Republicans have no problem wanting to challenge the Electoral College on January 6. Hardliner Representative Mo Brooks (R-Al) hoped that McConnell’s warnings are “fake news.” He said in an interview that he finds it “unfathomable that anyone would acquiesce to election theft and voter fraud because they lack the courage to take a difficult vote on the House or Senate floor.” He added: “Last time I checked, that’s why we were elected to Congress.”Brooks plans to challenge the results once the January 6 session opens.

If a Senator joins the House challenge, both chambers will need to vote on the election. Senator Tommy Tuberville (Al) is eyed as the Senate GOP member to join Representative Brooks. Tuberville did not join McConnell’s conference call, so Senate Republicans have no idea where he stands.

Georgia Runoffs

Republicans who already conceded the elections to Biden are more worried about their chances in the Georgia runoff election on January 5. The cracks in the GOP are widening, as sides remain polarized on whether to move on after Trump or stay with him until he gets what he wants. Predictably, McConnell worries more about his arena, the Senate.  If the two incumbent GOP senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, get knocked out, Democrats will control the Senate. That will make the Dems unchallenged in the White House, the Senate, and in Congress. 

In all fairness, the Majority Leader stood with Trump through thick and thin during the last four years. On Tuesday, he made the choice to ensure his survivability by acknowledging that Trump lost and Biden won. If he continues to echo Trump’s call to resist, he may find himself at the wrong end of the coming Biden presidency. At the same time, he can avoid a Trump loyalty check within Congress that can further polarize the GOP.

Watch the CNBC TV breaking news where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recognizes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris’s victory 42 days after the elections:

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Rightfully, Mitch McConnell warns the GOP of an impending implosion within the Party given their different opinion. Do you agree that the GOP should stop contesting the Electoral College results at this point? Or, should Trump’s fight continue? Let us know what you think by sharing your comments below.

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  • Scott says:

    Turncoat. Review the election in its entirety prove it was truthful one dishonest vote is too many thousands are unacceptable. Where is your integrity

  • Carol says:

    President should have the votes investigated. There will be no need for a voting anymore because it will always be fraud to steal the elections! The Democrats are trying to give our country to China as you can se with the Biden’s business with China which is illegal for the President Elect to be in business with China for PERSONAL GAIN!

  • Mary Jane says:

    I’m sick of these swamp creature Republicans like Mitch McConnell basically telling fellow Republican Senators to back down. These elites in DC aren’t smart enough to figure out that the American people wNt representation that has a backbone. They want principled people who will fight for what is right. No, Trump isn’ t
    your typical Washington sewer rat, but he has turned the mess left
    behind by 3 preceding administrations. To his credit, he’s accomplished more than any other President. Time to implement term limits for legislative bodies. We, as conservative Americans expect strong representatives who haven’t sold their souls to the lobbyists corrupting Washington.

  • Pissed off Patriots says:

    We found out that Mitch McConnell was paid off by Dominion.That makes him a treasonous traitor.Anyone who has been following alt media knows that Dominion and the software used was compromised,easily hacked,hundreds of thousands of votes were switched from Trump to Biden and votes for Trump were deleted by the millions.When the truth is dropped by Sidney Powell,ALL of the actors involved in the scam to get rid of president Trump illegally,will be headed to military tribunals.

  • Garry L. McLaughlin says:

    Hell NO! If they won it fairly and legally okay… but everyone knows they didn’t. If you give in to the Communist now we are doomed and can only expect worse the next time we vote. I agree with Texas, the Communist rigged election stole my vote here in Ohio and for everyone else in every other state. STOP THIS CRAP NOW and send someone to prison… including Biden, Harris Pelosi, Schumer and everyone else. Those that instigated this illegal action should be shot, for TREASON. NO ACTION… SUCCESSION!!!!

  • William says:

    Drain the republican swamp starting with this one needs to go term limits for all

  • anita marie alvord says:

    This is a raw deal all these democrats are getting away with everything I feel as though as a American we have no rights trump won this election its us the people who know what trump has done the demo do not care about the Americans fight fight M President we need you

  • Jim Hall says:

    No, so long as their is any possible avenue to victory. And President Trump should never concede. To do so would give legitimacy to the steal.

  • William Michael Brown says:

    Half of the Republicans and all the Democrats are in the swamp right along with the media and the supreme court in a conspiracy to get rid of TRUMP ,the best President we ever had that kept his promises to the American people, he was outspoken and told it like it is, now we have a lying wimp, that’s a communist with a communist running mate , we are going down the drain if we let them win

  • Laura F. Bedard Garcia says:

    Mitch McConnell can go to HELL! With friends like him (and other RINOs), who needs enemies?! He has betrayed President Trump and every other American citizen! He should be treated like all of the other TRAITORS who are complicit in the worst acts of TREASON in American history! He’s not blind or stupid; he cannot help but know that the DemoCommies are attempting to steal this election! He, like Bill Barr and the craven COWARDS in the SCOTUS (and elsewhere) don’t seem to care what damage a Biden presidency would do to our Republic! They’ve either been part of the Deep State all along or they’ve been bribed, blackmailed, or scared into submission by the globalists behind this attempted coup d’état! I urge President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and declare a national emergency! We are AT WAR! The Chinese and other enemies of the State, both foreign and DOMESTIC, will destroy our Republic and enslave us all if we allow Biden and Harris to be sworn in as as POTUS and VP!

    President Trump needs to know that Americans are behind him 100%, and that we will fight to save our country and our freedom! And he needs our prayers!!! There are dark, evil forces at work! The very soul of the nation is under attack! Our enemies have been plotting, organizing, funding, and training for decades to steal our country! And that required indoctrinating our children, using the mainstream media to spread propaganda, and working to create just the right crisis (COVID-19) to frighten gullible people into giving up their RIGHTS in an ELECTION YEAR!

    It’s time for military tribunals to be assembled! The people who have conspired to steal the election need to be tried for insurrection and other treasonous acts and they need to be severely punished for their crimes! We must let the DemoCommies know that they cannot get away with such vile behavior against you and me! We have children and grandchildren and we need to leave them a FREE AND SOVEREIGN NATION to live in!

  • Betty says:

    All of this mess has happened to open the eyes of EVERY American to see just who we should (and should not) vote for in future elections. Now we have a much better idea of where people stand and what their plans are for this country. The only way that future elections will be kept free of fraud is for President Trump to stay in the office that he legally won. Drain the swamp – and it is much bigger than I ever thought. Keep praying!

  • Barbara Turner says:

    President Trump should continue to fight , that’s the problem Mitch McConnell wants to give in to the Democrates like always . President Trump will always be my President until they get the voting system fix. The election was stolen everyone knows it.America is in trouble unless we stand up against it that’s what the President is doing for We the people.

  • Miguel Stroe says:

    This RINO is a total sellout. He is part of the deep state. He refuses to acknowledge the historical junction we find ourselves in. If we allow the corrupt demorats to steal this election, the Republic is over. These SOBs would never allow for fair elections from here on out. It is our duty as freedom loving people NOT to allow this travesty to be certified. We have to support the President and those loyal citizens to take this to the end, be it through new electors for the true winner. or through the Insurrection Act based on proven interference by foreign and domestic bad actors!!

  • sherril henderson says:

    Keep fighting and stamp out the corruption in this country.I was a dem. for the most of my life and changed to a republican a few years ago.Except for a few, the republicans did not have the guts to stand up to the dems until Trump took office.Now is the time.Help Trump stop all of this graft to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars and get rid of the rinos

  • Mike Depew says:

    If this is true and McConnell is actually asking the GOP to go against President Trump, he needs to be voted out and his reign ended. We don’t need cowards who only think of themselves, we need men and women who will follow the Constitution and fight for the American people. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul? Ask those many souls who are burning in hell! Where are the men and women of courage, I hope it is not to late to find out…..

  • JR says:

    Mealy mouth Mitch – Go stuff it. This election was rigged from the beginning – the fix was in – hide Joe so he doesn’t screw things up by putting both feet in mouth.

  • Keith L Petrequin says:

    I totally agree with every one of these contributors. I believe that there are millions of United States of America citizens who also agree with us. I came back to support the Republican Party because of Donald J. Trump! Since President Reagan, I have been sorely disappointed in each president since. I feel Presudent Trump breathed new life into the Republican Party by bringing a fresh perspective and pride in our country and the hopes and ideals that every true American believes in. We, the people, must take a stand for the ideals that our forefathers fought and died to preserve. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If we lay down, and allow this election to stand, then we have no right to call ourselves freedom-loving Americans! What do you plan to tell your children and grandchildren in the future, “What did you do, what action did you take, when you had the ability and opportunity the make a difference, and secure our rights and freedoms?” Now is the Time! Today is the Day! Together we must stand behind our President, demand a new, legal and honest election, and prosecute those who would steal our freedoms for their own purposes.

  • Janice says:

    Voter integrity must be restored with Americans. Each time we hear “no evidence of voter fraud” we loose more trust in our government. Poles show upward of 80% American people believe this election was rigged.
    Politicians who work for Americans often forget that. The depth of corruption within our government is blatantly obvious. While the whole world is watching it is easy to see where the corruption is & why all involved with this election fraud should be investigated, removed from office, & appropriately punished.
    The true winner of this election should not be denied his right to four more years! We look to you to do what is right

  • Paul Edmonds, Jr. says:

    My ancestors fought and died for America. And you Mitch, a career swamp rat just want to roll over and let the Democrats steal the Country. Never Sir!
    Maybe you have been in the swamp long enough to become yet another useful idiot of the left.
    Resign and get the hell out of the way, lest you become a battlefield casualty.

  • USA says:

    My Grandfather lived to be 101 years old and was always into politics. He told me many years ago that this country (USA) will see some sort of revolution. My grandfather said that he would never see a revolution in his lifetime but I would certainly see it in mine. Grandpa died in 1992…I think we are about see what Grandpa was talking about…! Thank you president Trump for waking up this country!

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    If massive vote fraud is condoned, massive vote fraud will become the norm.
    And it has been well established as to which political party thrives on vote fraud.

  • Jake Jacobson says:

    Jake: So we learn that “Old Tremblechin” McConnel took $ from Dominion! I’m reminded of the movie “The Body Snatchers”. It seems like the crazy liberal machine has infected so many in Government, aided by the LameSreamMedia, social media & evil billionaires. Let us not accept this FRAUDULEN, STOLEN election – no matter what the costs – even if it means a new Civil War! Our future, & that of our children & our country, is at stake. After insuring another 4 years for Trump, we must punish perpetrators of this election Fraud to the maximum (there will be thousands), as we work to insure the sanctity & security of all future elections. Failing in these great efforts, we, and our beloved Unites States of America would be lost.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mitch can go to hell with the rest of the traitors !! Any Republican not supporting this effort to its completion has ulterior motives we cannot see yet !! What are YOU hiding, Benedict McConnell ??

  • Robert D Jones says:

    Fight with Donald Trump to save America from Biden China.
    It may be end days either way.

  • Evin vann says:

    Trump is trying to undermine the democratic process to serve his own interest plus sowing seeds of doubt within his hard core disciples

  • Mike Beckham says:

    McConnell and all the other swamp creatures should be treated as the enemies they are. They are more interested in their careers than protecting the American people and Constitution. Look-up a guy Named Brannon Howse. He has had some very recent videos detailing how elections are stolen using Hammer and Scorecard. This software was designed by Dennis Montgomery for our intelligence community to prevent vote fraud, but was stolen by James Coomy, James Clapper, and John Brennan, three admitted COMMUNISTS running the FBI, CIA etc. for OBAMA to spy on average Americans. If you watch Brannon Howse’s videos he gives details and interviews whistleblowers from theses agencies who give all the details. IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK TO SEE HOW WE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!



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