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[Video] “A List” Actress’s Soapbox Trump Tirade Backfires …Big Time?



“A-list actress” Meryl Streep recently had a few “kind words” for our president elect… it’s an “oscar worthy” performance, that you’ve got to see to believe!

Mrs. Streep turned what could have been a beautiful and graceful acceptance speech into a whiny soapbox tirade that left a taste in my mouth as sour as the look on her face…

But don’t just take my word for it… Check it out for yourself below:


Trump didn’t have much to say on the matter. Probably because he’s busy planning the much needed overhaul to the Oval Office.

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WATCH THE FULL SHOW HERE… Streep Shows Her True Colors as Globalist Shill – 1/09/17

What do you think of this washed up actress’s soapbox flop?

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  • James Andrews says:

    Screw her!

  • roger vince says:

    Just an example of an overrated sense of self.She thinks her words matter. She is a great actress, but it doesn’t elevate her to a level of any importance outside her career.

  • Laddie Dwyer says:

    Not relevant, wrong time andplace and so totally incorrect!

  • MAda says:

    Meryl Streep was 100% correct!! We cannot give permission to anyone especially one who hair in a position of power to humiliate anyone ever. What does that say about our tolerance?? It says that if we give these types of permissions we are most certainly tolerating gregious behavior that’s at the very least shameful. Shameful.

  • Martha says:

    Stupid, stupid! Is the best Hollywood has to offer? If so they are really stupid!!

  • Mickey B says:

    She should accept the award and quit wasting her fans time with political bunk

  • Paula Hardin says:

    No, he has not. See the YouTube video.

  • Statesman Patriot says:

    Streep has always been overrated. Don’t think I can even recall anything she has ever done! That’s how irrelevent she and most of commie Hollywood is to me.

  • John McWaters says:

    She should have said that she was so surprised to get this honor and that is all.

  • Yvonne Pressel says:

    What background politically backs her comments. She doesn’t even know what Trump will do. She needs to just do her acting! I hate to stop seeing her movies because she is a good actress, but I will.

  • Art Dixon says:

    She is one of Those Bitches !

  • Jake A says:

    Me thinks Meryl is attempting to create a post-Hollywood exit plan by becoming a ‘presstitute’. She knows how to play that role, but I assume she used that speech platform to let Megyn know her own ‘presstitute’ days are numbered. Both tried to get off their knees and climb up the ‘presstitute’ corporate ladder and IMHO failed to achieve eitgher goal.Both will end up back on their knees again, ‘cuz corporate high ups prefer them to be in that position…here Fido…beg for a bone

  • charles berger says:

    While I agree Ms. Streep is a wonderful actress, I don’t agree with her politics and opinions. She took the wrong time and place to express her feelings. Why do these “celebrities” think anyone cares what they think?


  • charles says:

    Certainly have to say Ms. Streep is a fine actress. However, her opinions are just that….her opinions. She is entitled to them whether we agree with them or not. I do not. That said, She certainly took the wrong time and place to express them. Who do these celebrities think they are? Some of them have IQ’s that border on just plain dumb.

  • DeDee H says:

    This wealthy actress who thinks she knows Trump because she has blindly gone along with liberal biased, distorted and outright fabricated reporting is out of touch with the vast numbers of we the peopke. She should have realized that only California & NY City agree for same reasons. Now she has turned so many of us against her she will feel our disgust for joining in treating honest blue collar WORKERS like she feels we are DEPLORABLE. Who does she think she is sitting in the lap of luxury? A huge # of her current fan base would t go to her movies because they don’t even speak English. Time to retire Ms Streep!

  • Mike says:

    I had to leave the room, when she started spewing the lies and liberal filth. Hollywood is disgusting. Trump is not deporting foreigners. Actors themselves said they would self deport, if Trump won. Now as usual, they are not following through on their word. Lying bastards! Leave our great country, if you don’t like it.

  • Lynda Horne says:

    Lynda Horne

  • Jon Exner says:

    Here is a side issue that all the progressives should think about when they espouse the supposed qualifications of hillary clinton to become President of the United States of America.
    She was first lady, not sufficient to be used on a resume to get elected President.
    She as Senator from New York, again not sufficient to be used on a resume to get elected President, as one who live in New York it has become evident they will elect any unqualified candidate to office as long as they are a democrat.
    She was Secretary of State in the obama administration, so normally this should be the a good starting place for a solid resume to be elected to President of the United States, that is until you begin to look under the bed and see all the dust bunnies she left behind.
    She made a fool of herself with the reset button that was spelled incorrectly.
    She left 4 dead Americans in Libya after participating in the over throw of Khadafy.
    She participated in the over throw of Mubarak in Egypt putting the muslim brother hood in charge.
    She looked the other way when president obama invited muslims connected to the muslim brotherhood into the White House as mid-east advisors.
    The list could go on but you get the picture, her resume for becoming the President of the United States of America was rather thin not much more than Trump had.
    So only time will tell how Trump will do, sit back and watch is all we can do for now.

  • AlexV says:

    I question the credibility of this award committees. Meryl Streep is a mediocre actress and better acting actresses are out there. The allegations against Trump bashing the reporter was a lie and was a media manipulated news. Most of the sensible Americans know that. Meryl Streep actions was like a desperate move to stay in the talking points because she knows she lost her limelight. Hollywood has to come to grips that America and the world know their influence is long gone. Remember that “Evil is finite and Good is infinite”.

  • Kathy Angelicchio says:

    She is a HAS BEEN, washed up, so-so actress!!!!

  • Mike says:

    She supported a LIAR/FELON, simple as that.

  • Thomas says:

    She was there to impress us with her acting ability. (She did!!) but was very unimpressive as a political advisor



  • People, Please! Stop wasting your time commenting on this person that deserves NO comments. What she did was expected of her by the socialist glitteratzi in Hollywierd. No larger collection of idiots exists anywhere outside of Californication.

  • jim says:

    Mrs. Streep turned what could have been a beautiful and graceful acceptance speech into a whiny soapbox tirade that left a taste in my mouth as sour as the look on her face…

    Some say just because Trump won their leaving the US their Lier’s, they said that about GW Bush their still here! should be forced to leave and never come back!!!

  • Donl says:

    Once an actor or actress voices their opinion of a certain politician, it puts a BIG damper on their fans and makes them look foolish.

  • Dolores Larkin says:

    Hollywood should stay out of politics thy live in an unreal world. Give the guy a chance .Im sure some1 gave u 1 in your lifetime .Or you would not be where u r today.I used to like u as an actress now I don’t keep your opinion to yourself.

  • rsandifer says:

    What meryl stated could have and should have applied to Hillary/s remarks alsoabout the “low lifes” that Trump appealed to

  • Clinton Frederickson says:

    I admire Meryl as an actress. However, she is completely out of touch with the all together unsubstantiated accusations of Trump. I’m even one who recognizes Trumps weaknesses, but she was totally out of line, out of touch with the American people, and out of touch with reality and substantiated facts.

  • Dan says:

    She used her acceptance speech to “play” at being a politician, which she isn’t. Yes she’s entitled to her opinion but at an awards event she should accept the award gracefully rather than preach to us on her personal beliefs. She totally turned me off and I’ll really rethink going to her movies in the future.

  • Rosita Asano says:

    Meryl Streep thought that she is way up there among all the moneymaking actors, that what she says will be listened to. She is a hypocrite who gave a standing ovation to a pedophile who won an Oscar. She is not a box office draw, her movies suck. They are all boring I am not drawn to the theater because of who the actor is but what the movie is about. In other words I don’t go because the actor is Robert Downey Jr., I go because the movie is about Iron Man. Put a different actor in that iron suit that can do the part with all the movie tricks and I’ll enjoy it just as much maybe even more.

  • Kaff says:

    you’re all a bunch of whiners

  • DrDLH says:

    Whereas Meryl did have a few valid points, it was disrespectful to viewers to, as is the predilection for these celebrities of little other accomplishment, to hijack a TV venue purported for entertainment and make it their own personal soapbox. Rather than give a gracious acceptance speech, she took the time to become political. Whereas, I feel these celebs SHOULD be political within their values, it should be on their own dime and time — call a press conference, for instance, and see how many people are interested in hearing your views or do it from a concert stage in which those paying to see you are given notice that there will be 5 to 10 minutes of political pontification … see if that affects attendance, etc.

  • Nill Edwards says:

    Lets give Donald Trump a Chance
    He hasn’t begun as our next President
    You are already Jumping on.Him

  • UNCLE VLADDI says:

    Here’s the PROOF that those gestures are what he regularly, routinely uses to describe other people’s cowardice and confusion, not any disabilities:

    PS: The reporter in question is PARALYZED, and CAN NOT move like that, although I bet he wishes he could!

  • Lori says:

    Remember this same old bag tried to dress and act like Trump and just ended up looking mentally challenged? Sort of like Alec Baldwin trying to act and look like Trump, He’s as disgusting as Meryl . His best talent is calling his daughter names. Remember? or abusing a beautiful woman as he did Ex-wife . Just two more Hollywood pukes full of themselves ,trying to tell the rest of us what to do.

  • Lori says:

    Totally in la la land if she thinks any of us care about what this old has been thinks. 93 people -foreigners voted for her? yippee, kind of like Obama giving himself a medal. Two of a kind.

  • Mikial says:

    Meryl who?

  • Dald says:

    I have liked some of her movies but have to rethink liking her period for being such a lying scum.

  • evelyn says:

    How did us lowly people ever get bye without the Hollywood elite telling us how to live, vote and breath!

  • John says:

    She is an overrated piece of crap that has the acting ability of a slug. If she is unhappy with who won the election let her leave with the rest of the Homowood misfits.

  • charles register says:

    I’m sick of what these leftwing kooks are trying to pull on our country. SEMPER FI. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

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