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Guns at Trump’s Inauguration | Welcoming Our President the Right Way






donald trump Guns at Trump's Inauguration | Welcoming Our President the Right Way

Donald Trump officially becomes the 45th President of the United States of America on Friday, January 20th, 2017.

It’s a day that will be celebrated in American history. It’s the day we make America great again.

No more having to tiptoe on eggshells for the liberals and the media. No more having to censor ourselves for fear of offending someone’s precious religious beliefs who wasn’t even born in this great country.

Friday, January 20th, 2017 is a day of celebration, and the best way we can celebrate finally having a real man as president again is by honoring or God given rights as Americans and raising our firearms in tribute to our new leader. There should absolutely be guns at Trump’s inauguration.

I dare any liberal out there to tell me that it’s not safe. Would you try something when you’re surrounded by a sea of AR-15s lined up and ready to die to protect our country’s greatest hope? Let’s see those kooky Trump protesters come after our President with an army standing between them and Trump…

we the people gun Guns at Trump's Inauguration | Welcoming Our President the Right Way

But let’s look at 5 reasons WHY the inauguration should be filled with firearms as a tribute to not only our new president, but our country, too.

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  • This country was founded on guns: Liberals always seem to forget that we fought for and won our independence with guns. Our guns keep us safe and protect our way of life. Without them, we’re opening ourselves up to be victims from threats both foreign and domestic.
  • The U.S. Constitution guarantees our right to guns: Our founding fathers, in all their wisdom understood that guns are a tool and a gift. The Constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” And notice that “Arms” is capitalized. To make a point. That point is that guns are necessary to our way of life and should be celebrated.
  • Prohibition doesn’t work: The war on drugs didn’t exactly get rid of drugs. The war on terror has only increased threats to our way of life. When the government banned alcohol in the U.S. from 1920-1933, alcohol production AND consumption skyrocketed. Telling someone they can not have something makes them want more of it. And by making guns illegal, the government would be putting all the power into the hands of dangerous foreign countries and cartels, who would bring in more guns because of their high profits.

line of guns and grips Guns at Trump's Inauguration | Welcoming Our President the Right Way

  • Getting rid of guns does not get rid of violence: The phrase “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is absolutely true. If someone wants to commit violence, they’ll find a way to go out and hurt people. Muslim bombers don’t need guns to take out hundreds of lives at a time. Guns didn’t except for the last few hundred years. The first recorded use of a firearm was in 1364, yet there were wars and executions and violence for thousands of years before that. There are still swords and bats and knives, but liberals aren’t trying to regulate those.
  • Guns actually deter violence: Worldwide data shows that there are a lower number of injuries and deaths caused by guns in cities where guns are not banned than cities where they are banned. Only 2.6 percent of all murders are committed with some type of rifle. By taking away our guns, we give criminals all the power. How do we protect our family from a man with a gun when we’ve got no guns of our own? Police can’t always be there to protect us, but a gun will deter an assault a lot better than saying “please don’t hurt my family”.

Because guns built and protect our way of life, we should celebrate them and carry guns at Trump’s inauguration. There’s no better way to celebrate than to support and protect President Donald Trump at his inauguration. It’s going to be a great 8 years.

As Americans, we need to speak up and put into practice our inherent rights. If you agree that you should be able to carry guns at Trump’s inauguration, tell us in the comment section below.

If you think children should learn about gun safety, too – CLICK HERE.


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  • Cheryl says:

    second amendment is the only license I need to carry anywhere, anytime, any place.

  • Gail says:

    The risk of trying to assassinate Trump is too great.

  • Edward J Fitzgerald says:


  • Tim McRae says:

    The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun…

  • Cliff says:

    The “left” has already granted “permits” to every anti-Trump group that promises “bodily harm”,”throat punches” and now “acid attacks” People should be allowed to protect themselves from these DNC, SOROS-paid so-called “protestors”

  • Mike Cathey says:

    Security can’t tell good guys from bad, secret service wouldn’t have a chance

  • Edward J Fitzgerald says:

    It’s our Constitutional right.

  • Steven says:

    There is a time and a place for that and in a large gathering such as this is not the place .

    • U.S.PatriotOne says:

      So Steve you believe the 2nd Amendment is a pick a choose Amendment and when and where it can be implemented…WRONG..!!! The founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights for a reason and it’s very clear to me….”SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’…!!!! That’s the problem with the snow flakes today, they neither do their research nor understand the history of our Nation, the U.S. Constitution (or what’s in it) or the Bill of Rights. They make uninformed stupid statements and form anti-American Communist organizations and don’t even understand the history of these Communist and the 300 million (and I believe a lot more, like 600 million) people murdered by them in the 20th Century! They have no understanding what these Communist like Stalin, Mow, Pol-Pot and many others in these Communist Countries did to their Citizen and the Tyranny they people their people through, they support this ideology, what morons..!!! And these protesters heading for D.C. this week are nearly all Communist! They have different names to their groups but if you read what they stand for, they are clearly Communist..!!! So “We the People” need to stand up for our Rights and force these Communist and their Treasonous Plans to retreat from the battle field and many, if not most, need to be arrested for their acts of Treason..!!! I am calling to all God fearing Patriots, it’s time to stand-up and be counted, and to those Communist, Treasonous Bast*rds, it’s time for you to leave our Christian God fearing, Constitution loving, “We the Peoples” Nation and please, no…NO PLEASE…Just get the H*LL out of OUR, not your, NATION NOW..!!! “We the People” neither need you are want you in our Nation and that includes all the Russian/Chines/British/and other Nations U.N. Troops in and around Denver, Colorado in Wyoming, in Dayton, OH, Alaska, in the Appalachian Mountains and many other States…People need to wake-up, our Nation is being INVADED by foreign Troops under the banner of the U.N. and aided by Obama, the DHS, CIA, FBI, NSA and several other Fed alpha bet agencies and they plan on overthrowing our Nation with the help of the Communist, Obama/Soro’s/Michael Bloomberg backed groups and these Muslim Terrorist Obama his brought in over the last 8 years…I have heard it’s around 20 Million Muslims and nearly all are men of fighting age and NO vetting either, and nearly NO Christians! That says it all PEOPLE..!!! We have a War being prepared in our Nation to destroy and murder 90% of “We the People” so the Commie/NWO/Liberal/Elites can take over and our 2nd Amendment is clearly standing in their way, that why they a fighting tooth and nail to destroy our right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS! So our 2nd Amendment is more than words on a piece of paper, it’s the very thing that keeps our Enemies at bay and is at the core of our very survival as a Nation and the lives of “We the People”..!!! From time to time the Tree of Liberty needs to shaken, and that time has come once again to remove all these foriegn U.N. Troops, Illegals, and Muslim Terrorist from OUR, not their, SOIL..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  • David Maraccini says:

    Because it would take only ONE nutcase to spoil everything we have worked to keep.

  • Dave Chester says:

    Not the place for guns.

  • Mike says:

    The 2nd Amendment gives “We the People” the right to CARRY a firearm, and a event does not remove that right and President Trump should honor that right under the U.S. Constitution! And may God please protect President Trump and VP Pence and keep them and our Nation safe.

  • paul Helsel says:

    To immediately Nullify any terrorist attack!

  • Dennis Lange says:

    I agree let the people know the real threat, Because it is’nt the people carrying guns we need to worry about its the radicals and mentally disturbed, you go Mr Trump! I predict he will be one of our best presidents ever!

  • Brian McKeown says:

    Enemies and nut jobs on both sides. Too many possibilities for disaster. No way to check who would be armed or level of expertise with a long range hunting weapon that could do A LOT of damage before being stopped. ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE challenge for security to maintain a safe environment for anyone in the area.

  • Ryan says:

    Ryan it only takes 1 good shot to change history why would you let guns in there will be plenty of law enforcement

  • Curtis says:

    Good people, don’t kill with guns. Bad people do.We need to be ready.

  • Gail says:

    It’s a 2nd Ammendment right… carry everyone everywhere.

  • Marilyn Lindquist says:

    There will be thousands wanting to do away with our new president. There is no way to protect against so many kooks.

  • It's suppose to be an event of patriotism, commeradery, support. Why on earth would you need guns for an event like the inauguration? It doesn't seem like a great idea, since the Liberal are so upset at the h says:

    I never heard of such a question for an event like the inauguration! I realize the Liberals are very upset, no excuse to bring a weapon. The Nation is so divided it could only cause a civil war!!! Bloodshed….

  • R K says:

    to make sure there is no violence at the service

  • Justin says:

    Guns are a part of the very fabric that has been woven into American culture. Responsibly armed citizens save more lives every year than any police department ever will.

  • Thomas W Harper says:

    Firearms should be in evidence to demonstrate a renewed commitment by American Citizens to upholding the 2nd Amendment and the renewal of our Constitution rights.

  • Tony Ratliff says:

    This would be the best way to start his term showing all people against firearms that every law-abiding citizen can carry their firearm with no worries and no incidents happen when everyone carries their own firearm resulting in a safe and confident inauguration.

  • Milton Nichols says:

    All of the points that you made are, in my humble opinion, valid.

  • joyce ware says:

    I think that idea is not wise. All it would take is one nut to shoot off one shot and the whole place would explode.

  • Dwight says:

    I have no objection to guns.
    The problem with the inauguration is that you never know if some or many of the gun carriers are there to cause trouble or not.

  • Jan says:

    Because guns don’t kill people. Deranged people use guns to kill people. Under our current Administration, we all who are sane, know this.

  • James Lewis Olin says:

    Are we going to put our President Elect in a bullet proof box? Also president, soon to be past-president BHO will be there, would they put him in a bullet proof box too? Are there crazy people out there? YES. But then there are terrorists who could use mortars, IEDs and other ordnance including drones. Have a blessed day.

  • Robert Perman says:

    It’s our 2nd amendment rights and he may need a well armed audience for his inauguration.

  • Brian E. Wing says:

    With all the talk of assassinating him, you never know what kind of Dumocrat with a gun could be there.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    With DC gun laws the way they are means the criminals will be the only ones with weapons other than the police. Trust me, DC ranks right up there with chicago gang black on black violence and death. There’s more to draining the swamp than just politicians! How many from baltimore, detroit, chicago and many other hoods will be bused into DC @ 2500 / head, in an attempt to disrupt the inauguration. The law means nothing to these career criminals! Many will be strapped!

  • Joe says:

    I’m all about freedom to carry (I have a ccl ) but not at the inauguration…..too many possible chances of the wrong people being there. I can see it now… idiot starts an arguement and shooting erupts, thats something we would ever recover from.

  • William Parker says:

    It’s the 2nd Amendment

  • Nancy Ressler says:

    Because then the people who want to hurt him will have guns and they might kill my presidentm

  • Nancy Ressler says:

    Because then the people who want to hurt him will have guns and they might kill my presidentm

  • Kathleen Getchius says:

    They should be able to bring guns to show the liberals that guns can be safe when used properly. We also have a right to keep and bear arms if we want.

  • jay says:

    because we have to many lunatics in our society

  • John Reaves USAF (Ret) says:

    I support the 2nd Amendment’s rights to bear arms. But I also know that where there are firearms in abundance, especially at a celebration, such as the 4th of July, that someone is going to fire their weapon straight up into the air . What goes up (a bullet), must come down. That bullet, in too many cases, comes down into someones’ head, especially in a crowd. Not worth the risk.

  • Robert Bockhold says:

    I am very die hard pro gun but tensions are so high right now and there will be an extremely high amount of security present so additional coverage should not be necessary.

  • Ronald Daniel says:

    I believe it is a good idea it is our right to bear arms. I was at the Trump rally in Moon township the Sunday before the election and I did not carry that day and I was threatened and harassed by killiary supporters I kept my head on a swivel. I would have felt more safe if I did carry.

  • Bobby says:

    With the crackpots the last president allowed into this once great nation, one may try and take a shot at our new president, so no, they should not be allowed, it may be even a democrat that would do something so insane, since they proven to be just that.

  • Rusty Stevenson says:

    We are supporting or Second Amendment, right to bear arms.

  • susan boyd says:

    Yea I Or We This Family Thinks They’re Should Be Yes As You No They’re A Lot Of Bad Things Going On Still & We Highly Feel Its Should All Be Protected Trump Is Trying Too Pull Us America
    s Out Of A Magger Deats Whoa How Could You All Let This Happen Is It You Really Simplely Do Not Care For Us Just Your Selfs !& Thats What We Here On Main Street Feel,

  • Name says:

    Too dangerous if someone irresponsible gets in and dislikes intensely the president elect.

  • Jimmy McClung says:

    Crazy Democrats

  • Connie wise says:

    A blatant display of guns could provoke a shootout from people who have terroristic tendencies. My opinion is that there is enough gun power with security forces. If someone is fearful of the protestors…stay home.

  • John Curtis says:

    Basically, it’s very simple: prohibiting weapons, of any type, reduces the footprint of the threat, thus, focusing protective forces to where threats could attempt an assassination.

    I am a trained, experienced “body guard”. The enemy always has an advantage – they have numerous avenues of attack, with numerous tactics at their disposal. Protective forces must utilize intelligence, experience, an assessment of weapons that are available to the enemy and assets to reduce the number of avenues of approach, by a show of force. It’s impossible to eliminate all avenues, without severely diminishing the rights and freedom of movement by participants of the event. Also, to cover every avenue would require the deployment of a large protective force. Basically, a small army would be needed to protect the President-Elect.

    The constitution does not grant a a infinite right to possess weapons. If the threat becomes unmanageable by allowing possession of weapons, the right to possess weapons, the right must be suspended.

    This type of argument is one of the practices that cast a negative light on the fight to protect our 2 ammendment rights. There must be some common sense applied to every situation and this argument doesn’t give one much confidence in the common sense of those making it.

    Let the professionals do their jobs and use your senses to help them by reporting any suspicious activity.

  • Samuel Wicks Jr says:

    With all these crazies (democrats too) in the USA today, allowing firearms for everyone is idiotic and only looking for an assignation. Go to the range after the ceremony if you want to shoot off a few rounds or a brick or two of ammo……

  • Jarhead says:

    Suggest guns be encouraged and City offer shooters a large cash reward for all rioters shot dead & double tapped.
    All dead bodies shipped to a Cuban pig farmer for disposal.

  • Graydon Pennell says:

    Because guns and firearms are a huge part of American history and are constitutionally protected for use by the citizenry. Amen!

  • Headhunter says:

    I believe in the Second Amendment! I also understand the word “responsibility”. One major rule for using a firearm is to “know your target and WHAT IS BEHIND IT”. With the thousands of people attending, where do you think you can safely discharge a firearm? Please, use your head.

  • Richard Venezian says:

    I am a Trump supporter, a member of the NRA and obviously pro 2nd Amendment but in my opinion you simply can not forgo common sense and open a venue of this type to anyone and everyone who may posses a firearm. We need to allow law enforcement to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment for all.

  • David E. Gregory says:

    You are making one potentially fatal assumption, that being that a potential assassin fears for his own life. Yes, I agree wholly with the right of Americans to bear arms, but again there are many, especially of Arab extraction for whom martyrdom would be an honor, and all it takes is ONE SHOT for the catastrophe to take place.

    David E. Gregory

  • Name says:

    because gun laws was one of trump’s main campaign topics.

  • Gary says:

    Garyi don’t think it a good idea because some fucked in the head liberal may try to shoot are real President the only real one sense GW. and then all us Republicans would fil him full of holes like the Feds did to Billy Anderson a crippled man or John Dillinger and I also think this is a liberal driven question and site trying to start shit that I think they would be better off not doing.

  • Jarhead says:

    Those who object to TRUMP and do not attend the inaugural will be saving thousands of dollars on the cost of the Port-A-Potties – – since these Libs are so full of solid human waste (FOS) they would each require several Potties.

  • John Busby says:

    Because of the numerous nut groups.

  • Jwrry says:

    Because you would have someone that does not have all the rungs to his ladder.

  • Chuck says:

    As a Conceal Carry permit holder, which I am, we must still be law abiding citizens and respect the laws of the District of Columbia, whether we agree or not with their laws. Plus, given the propensity of having a fool show up at an event with the President and taking a pot shot at him, no firearms is acceptable to me. One fool could ruin it all for every legally responsible conceal carry holder. There is a time and place for firearms and the Inauguration, in my opinion, is not one of them. As a note, places like D.C., New York City, New Jersey are some of the last places I will ever visit anyway.

  • Willie Wright says:

    Too many radical opponents in the crowd

  • Larry L Smith says:

    As a marine and 2 am believer I still think we need security for our president. I know most gun owning Americans would never try to harm the president but….what about that one lone wolf. Someone would do something stupid just to send a bad message about gun owners . We don’t need any more bad press .

  • Headhunter says:

    I have read ththat even the Marines were required to march in previous innageration parades without “bolts ” in their rifles. To “make safe” the US Armed Services should have their bolts in place and a loaded magazine tucked out of sight under their belts.
    Who better to deal with a large group of protesters? What a good way to show that the new administration respects, honors, and depends upon their Armed Forces.

  • william d collins-currie says:

    after finding out what the far-left has planned to disrupt the inaguration. people NEED the ability to defend themselves

  • Jim says:

    Too many crazy libetards out to kill him. No way Secret Service could protect him in that situation

  • Name says:

    2Nd amendment right trumps all gov’t. Laws

  • Diana Hillyard says:


  • bobby says:

    personal protection and others

  • Name says:

    There is a time and place. It’s not near the president.

  • GW says:

    To many haters of our Republic and Donald Trump. Everyone needs to protect themselves until the police show up to collect those injured.

  • Rod says:

    2nd amendment. Its people,not guns that are dangerous.

  • l l says:

    The more guns the better. Less chance of anyone trying something. Everyone will be safer.

  • l l says:

    The more guns the better. Less chance of anyone trying something. Everyone will be safer.

  • I graceffo says:

    You don’t needs a display of guns to show your rights & freedom

  • M says:

    I’m support the 2nd amendment!

  • Oscar says:


  • John Bryan says:

    There are liberal groups threatening violence at the inaugaration and causing injury to those who support our new President,a little fire power would make these people think twice about disrupting this ceremony

  • Elwood Bryan says:

    I’ve been a 2nd A supporter since before most of you were in diapers. I do not believe in FLAUNTING on any level. Yes I have my CC. This kind of behavior will just keep the pot stirred!!!!!!! Respect ALL, including those anti-gun people. They are entitled to their feelings/beliefs just as we are. Also, I don’t believe that the CREATOR gave us this right. Smart men did. For you to confuse that is embarrassing!! Yes, I’m Native American & I hate to see fanatics screw things up worse then they are. Trump will/can fix a lot of it but he needs rational help. Not nutzoid crap.

  • Lafe Draper says:

    Because it’s our right and it would keep the event safe for everyone!

  • Carlton says:

    To show our support in great way, it would show the president we would fight with him against all Violators of our rights.

  • thomas baker says:

    guns have always been a big part of mine and my kids lives protection is everything people should embrace this and not allow it to be taken thanks

  • Mike Crovedi says:

    Someone needs to protect him from liberal assassination.

  • Ken Crew says:

    You don’t have to bring your gun to the festivities. If you feel comfortable carrying, then carry. I doubt if anyone, who is the bad guy, knows there are guns in the area, will pass this one up for a softer target. Most of these killers look for safe gun free zones. They feel comfortable to be the only one with guns and if they are caught before or after the killing takes place, they rarely feel the punishment at all. then they are set free. bottom line, let the good guys handle it. The bad guy will feel the heat. Ken

  • Howard says:

    Too big a chance a nut with a gun might get to close and open fire..

  • KerriAnn says:

    Because it’s out God given right!! & To help protect our president!!

  • Dr. Thomas E. Davis,Colonel, USA (Ret) says:

    There ar a few full-time jerks in our population who are stupid enough to try and become overnight idiot heroes to satisfy their far left socialist/communists idols by assassinating the one man who appears to have the desire and know how to get America operating at full throttle again.

  • don smith says:

    its our right

  • James person says:

    For protection not to kill or murder

  • Anthony says:

    I believe in second amendment for sure, but guns at the inauguration is NOT a good idea from either a “public relations” standpoint, or a “common sense” viewpoint. I think that would hurt the cause for the support of gun rights…

  • David Kormanik Sr says:

    Bad idea… Don’t make the Secret Service’s job any harder, nor an assassin ‘s easier.

  • Pamela mcdonald says:

    If Trump is so pro-guns, and doesnt think we need to do anything to change the ineffective distribution and sale of guns to people who should not have them, they should be allowed to carry them ALL THE TIME REGARDLESS OF WHERE THAT MIGHT BE. He needs to live with his statements, whether he remembers what he said or not. His feet need to be held to the fire, and be held ACCOUNTABLE for his words and actions EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS LYING MOUTH.

  • Diane Godbout says:

    Because there will be plenty of anarchists there and the police can’t be everywhere at once to protect the people and the president and his family. common sense??

  • Susan Gaudet says:

    I don’t want the GREATEST Pesident we will ever have get taken out buy some deranged sick ,psycho,%#&hole, that shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.
    Proud NRA member .Thank you .

  • P Murray says:

    It is in the Constitution.

  • R. B. Kutt says:

    I am a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment but I feel that under the circumstances and size of the crowd no weopons should be allowed.

  • Sue Pirtle says:

    The ONLY reason there should not be guns carried by everyone at the inauguration is because there are many threats against Trump from people who want to harm him. There should be guns in possession of people who want to protect him.

  • Robert L. Herman says:

    its my right

  • Michael says:

    A God giving right that shall not be infringed.

  • Bruce Clukies says:

    How do you tell a the bad guy from the good!!

  • Al Ohms says:

    I’m a 100% supporter of our gun rights, however, this freedom is also an invitation for a liberal whack job to use the gun for the wrong reason. Law enforcement will have enough trouble keeping the peace and securing the grounds without having to worry about who has a gun and who doesn’t. It is our right to own and carry a gun but the Presidential Inauguration isn’t one of these places. I’ve worked in law enforcement for twenty-years and have been on presidential and dignitary security assignments. These are very difficult assignments and the public, even the good guys, have to realize what a risk it would be to have guns at this event. Celebrate at the range.

  • Janet Holmes says:

    It would be too easy for all the anti-Trumpers to waltz in with guns. I wish we could, but there’s just too much room for abuse of our pro-second amdt message and too many threats on our Pres-Elect’s life. Maybe his next inaug :D!

  • Jim Weiss says:

    To show support for our 2nd amendment.

  • T.Swithin says:

    I have carried a hand gun for years . Firearms present is always a deterrent.

  • Randy davis says:

    In today’s society there are to many radical elements. It would make Secret Service job to protect the president way to difficult. This should be a day to rejoice and not worry.

  • Charles Cavanaugh says:

    What better way to show the snowflakes of this Country We are not gonna buckle under to the liberal Bullshit of Politically Correctness .That has been destroyin our country for the last eight years! God Bless America,& God Bless President Donald Trump!

  • Marc says:

    It would only take a few of Trump’s opponents to bring live ammo into play. Not a smart thing.

  • George Argast says:

    This is America and we need to protect our President.

  • Joe Wilbur says:

    With all of the hate and protesters against Donald Trump, it would be too dangerous to have armed people at the inauguration. I also am under the impression that the law in Wash DC says that you are not permitted to carry.

  • jackhy says:

    With such a large crowd, the number of protesting groups, and the packed-in, outdoor assembly, accidents could happen and a terrorist could also easily grab a weapon from someone else and start shooting.

  • jay says:

    Let no man hurt Donald Trump. With that said bring your concealed weapon to the inauguration and protect our most precious asset Donald Trump.

  • Claudia Pierson says:

    Why not???????

  • GENE says:

    The reason criminals are able to commit, and get away acts of violence is because law abiding CITIZENS are handicapped by the numerous laws and hoops they have to jump through to obtain firearms. If criminals thought they would encounter armed CITIZENS they would be less likely to enact the crime.

  • Truckie says:

    To much of a chance for a nut to do something wrong. Let LEO do their job.

  • paul says:

    would be a license for any cracpot to kill the president elect. how could you distinguish the good guts from the bad

  • Mike says:

    These people saying keeping it illegal to have firearms at the inauguration is a good thing are sadly and dangerously mistaken. Criminals and those intending to commit crimes, terror, etc do not adhere to laws and rules. Therefore they will still take weapons and use them. The only thing these laws do is keep law abiding citizens disarmed and more vulnerable. Remember the term ‘law abiding’ means the people adhere to laws. They will not murder, commit crimes, etc. And allowing them to legally carry, as intended by the 2nd Amendment, will only improve safety by empowering them to assist should trouble arise.
    Saying otherwise groups the law abiding with the criminal. And is not truly American. Dolts. Cowards. Ignorants.

  • Sheryl Stiles says:

    Because the Republicans believe there should be no regulations on firearms. They think people should be able to carry guns in schools, resturants, etc… It would just be a bunch of good guys with guns.

    • Wolf says:

      Why not? You think someone that wants to rob a restaurant or shoot a bunch of kids is deterred by regulations? At least this levels the playing field. Most criminals don’t like it when you shoot back.

  • ron says:

    To protect Trump

  • Daryl Plank says:

    Celebrating the main reason we have the freedoms that we enjoy in this great Representative Republic.

  • James Cooper says:

    I thought Trump would be Pro- Gun, thats why I supported him…………..

  • Robert Youngblood says:

    Ever seen anyone shot or robbed at a gun show????

  • Alan Walsh says:

    Because the Constitution says I can.

  • JWM says:

    Why, the Second Amendment is why.

  • Charles Embleton says:

    I see this as a second revolution, and in my mind’s eye I cannot see patriots standing and listening to G. Washington, J. Adams, S. Adams, T. Jefferson and NOT have their Brown Bess slung over their shoulders or their flintlocks stuck in their waistbands. We should follow their brave examples.

  • Jackie says:

    Too many chances of sickos using the inauguration to kill people.

  • Charles Galetar says:

    It is our constitutional right to be able to have self protection, and as is the case often, be able to protect others from assaults domestic or foreign, homegrown or from without.

  • John M. Fowler says:

    There unfortunately exist too many people who don’t have the maturity to have a firearm near President Trump. We can’t afford to jeopardize the man who can make America great again.

  • Carlyn Quinton says:

    Too many people will be there. Not a safe place for those without a gun.

  • Jack says:

    because realistically, liberals own guns too, and ya never know what’s stirring in their feeble little minds.

  • Dr. Mark Zyla says:

    Make sure that all your firearms have a round chambered, or if a revolver, make sure it’s cocked. Oh yeah, don’t forget the 4 rules about handling a firearm too, at least those of you who even know about them

  • David st.germain says:

    I agree that we should have the RIGHT THAT WE DISERVE to quite possibly PROTECT our new President and to keep our own government honest and to teach our children how to and how not to use firearms.

  • Michael roberts says:

    There are too many liberal snowflake psychos out there why put the many jeopardy to prove a point here is pro-gun don’t need to carry weapons to his inauguration

  • Marti Ravencroft says:

    If they serch everyone, he can’t get shot. Right?

  • Bea Hart says:

    Although I am not against guns, especially AR15’s. But not at his inauguration. Show our new Presidenr a lot of respect.:-D

  • Patricia Tracy says:

    Absolutely. There is always going to be one jerk who might get through and is paid to undo what we have accomplished. We need to be vigil

  • Gary Uran says:

    We all know that the radical left , the nutty dems would take the opportunity to do something stupid and shoot Pres Trump. If U could only allow card carrying NRA , NGOA or USCAA members in , w/ a gun , then maybe it might B safe .

  • Esther Cathey says:

    Because some fool might have bad intention and we can’t have that.

  • Stephen Hiller says:

    My fingers are not cold and dead yet !!!

  • Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret) says:

    Th suggestion is absurd, stupid and patently life-threatening. Some Democrat numbskull flunky would be not only tempted but inspired to get his/her day in the sun.

  • Rick Vaughn says:

    I am proud to be an American with constitutional rights passed down from our for fathers. The 2nd amendment gives me the right to carry my pistol for my own reasons. I probably wouldn’t carry it, but it is good to know that I can.

  • william frazier says:

    The only thing stopping a bad man with a gun, is a good man with a gun.

    2nd amendment right

  • kenny smith says:

    Because We The People are welcoming in a TRUE American as our President of this FREE Nation Under GOD!

  • Don says:

    We know we got the best man for the job, just don’t give the city anything to talk about. They will be looking for something to put in the paper. Don’t let it be a Gun Problem.

  • Michael says:

    No tears will be shed for the most corrupt and criminal mooch to ever enter the whitehouse.

  • Name says:

    We have every right to defend ourselves no matter what not only that we have sports that we go out and do you going to take that away from us hunting archery and all that other good stuff you can’t do that to us this is our freedom all presidents are lucky that we chose you we don’t need to true the president to take care of us you guys decided to choose yourselves

  • Vivian Franklin says:

    So as to stop any vilence if it should arise.

  • Milburn Bkias says:

    The Second Amendment is clear, and if all those communist maggots that want to overthrow our Republic show-up, our Patriots packing heat will be an equalizing force standing guard against any anarchy.
    Trump must demand that American Patriot Militiamen protect him everywhere he goes. Trump must fire all the left wing maggots he can from all branches of our governments. City, State, County, and Federal.

  • Nolan Raborn says:

    Because it is right!

  • Al says:

    Sounds like an invitation to get him assassinated by some nutcase

  • Ralph Schwartzenburg says:

    Because there are too many “crazies” out there. The liberals are a bunch of sore loosers and libel to do anything.

  • Paul Murphy says:

    It sets a positive precedent against violence. Protesters against the inauguration will also need to maintain a peaceful presence due to the overwhelming number of peaceful firearms carriers.

  • alleen says:

    Everyone should be allowed carry conceal because it is in the Constitution that it is our right. The legal gun carriers do not kill or do wrong. It is the mentally ill or criminals that abuse guns.

  • Fred says:

    This would be ideal. The only downside is if the bad guys ganged up and stole a gun from someone fully legal conceal carrying, and creatied a tragic mess!

  • Jamie Lee Dail says:

    We the people of the United States will defend our rights!

  • Brandon says:

    Everyone should be allowed to carry especially with everything going on

  • charles says:

    I have CCW permits in Washington and Utah…had one in Oregon. I’m a Benevolent Life Member with NRA. There is absolutely no reason for anyone other than the Secret Service, police, and military at the inauguration to be carrying a firearm. This type of blatent, “in-your-face” kind of display is tantamount to a “double-dog dare” against the anti-gun crowd…you’re not doing anything positive for the cause by doing this. We get all angry and fired up when the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ crowd does this sort of thing and then we want to show everyone we can be as obnoxious as the next special-interest group? THAT’S NUTS! The anti-gun crowd is wanting this to happen…then they convince some nut job to shoot and who gets blamed? One of our arguments for national concealed carry and for constitutional carry is that we’re all really stable and mature individuals…this would show us to be no different from the rest.

  • Rodney C Kuenzer says:

    Yes, guns should be at this great day. We the Americans have had enough.

  • Carron Dearborn says:

    We are practicing our 2nd admendment right to carry & protect ourselves & our President. I don’t think we can enough guns with all of the left wing nut jobs. Be responsible, but don;t be stupid.

  • Daniel S. Schekirke says:

    That is just asking for trouble. I am all for being able to keep weapons but there is absolutely no need to have weapons at the Inauguration.

  • Paul says:

    because we as Americans with right to bear arms we could be armed so that no one would bother anyone there.

  • Mike kells says:

    2nd amendment RIGHT

  • Thomas Marty says:

    If guns were permitted there would be one person there who would shoot our president before he was even sworn in. We certainly don’t want that.

    • Bob in Florida says:


      Do you really think that having guns NOT PERMITTED there is going to stop anyone who really wants to shoot someone?! That, “…one person there who would shoot our president before he was even sworn in.” is still going to be there, and your silly ‘Firearms not permitted’ sign is not likely to dissuade him.

      Of course “We certainly don’t want that”; but even with the best protection in the world (the U.S. Secret Service), if a shooter were to appear in the crowd it will take them enough time to get to him that he would likely get off a number of shots before they could stop him.

      It will be the people surrounding him in the crowd that will be the first to know where he is, who he is, and able to take immediate action to stop him. In a crowd situation, the most effective action will be to physically restrain him – not start shooting at him. None-the-less, the non-violent thousands that may be carrying guns (assuming they were allowed to) are not the ones to be concerned about; nor, would you (for the most part) even know they were carrying. You are simply worried about the wrong people and the wrong things.

  • Jesse says:

    It is one of the foundations of our freedom– the front line of our defense against tyranny. It is our right and responsibility to not only protect ourselves and our families, but to also protect those who honor the Constitution such as President Trump against enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Tommy McDonald says:

    Since our 2nd Amendment rights have been challenged for the last 8 years our incoming president needs to take a bold stand against those that have challenged those rights.
    In January 1942 out of the War Room of the Imperial Japanese Army came this statement
    “we have awakened a sleeping giant to Launch a major invasion on America’s Homeland we will be fighting not only her military but behind every building and every blade of grass we will find a gun has her citizens will boldly defend their Homeland. We will force America into submission without touching their Homeland”

  • Dan Coleman says:

    MY right too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Smith says:

    There is a time and a place for weapons, and I feel that the swearing in ceremony is not the place. We have to many nut cases that swear to something other than the United States to give them that one chance to disrupt our country for their own cause. Our Secret Service and other law enforcement units are going to have their hands full with the protesters that will be present for that day. I am a retired LEO who has been in situations where you don’t want to have unnecessary problems put into play at that time.

    • Drawer22 says:

      @Robert Smith – Since you state that you are a “retired LEO,” I guess you’d know that “Guns Not Allowed” signs keep criminals from carrying firearms everywhere they’d otherwise do so. As a LEO, I’ve never found that to be the case. Criminals behave differently in different jurisdictions, so the criminals in your jurisdiction obeyed the laws. Interesting!

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  • Barbara says:

    Afraid they will be used to try to Assassinate him and willbincite riots in the crowds with many innicent people murdered

  • George Perser says:

    To show all of America that we support the second amendment, and our new president.

  • Grace Richardson says:

    To Protect the President.

  • Grace Richardson says:

    To Protect the President.

  • Ironside says:

    A citizen with a gun permit will not be danger to the president does citizens without the gun permits regardless will carry guns just like a robber that commits a crime in No Gun Zone still uses the weapon to kill maybe we should think about that

  • C Gould says:

    I am a FOID card and gun owner and believe in the right to own and bear arms, but not encouraging people to bring them to crowded places where emotions run high. That is just irresponsible.

  • Name says:

    There is no need to parade around an AR-15 at an event like this. A pair of Sigs or 1911s in a double shoulder holster does not yell “LOOK AT ME, I AM ONE OF THOSE RIGHT WING WACKOS”. Discretion is called for, in this instance.

  • liberal123 says:


  • D Cerveny says:

    unfortunately, the wrong badguy could really cause some trouble.

  • Alan Wolin says:

    If everyone brings a rifle to the inauguration, finding the terrorist who is there to disrupt the occasion with violence will be more difficult. Concealed weapons would seem to be a better option. The Secret Service has a difficult job and complicating it with a mass rifle display will make their job more difficult.

  • Robin C Ryerse Sr says:

    I am a staunch supporter of our 2nd Ammendment given to us by our forefathers of this great Nation.
    I feel we as law abiding citizens have a complete and definite right to bear our firearms in a peaceful venue, showing the liberal people of this country our rights shall not be infringed upon. Ever!!!????

  • RE says:

    We finally have someone we can trust to lead this country in the right direction. My opinion, with so many protesting the election results why give the wrong people the opportunity to blend in with honest gun bearing citizens and take advantage of the noise and distraction to cause harm. As Americans we can’t risk losing the opportunity to become the respected country we were.

  • Al says:

    I don’t trust a single one of these gun-toters to bring their weapons to the inauguration and not fire a burst into the air (unless they have had the foresight to purchase lighter-than-air ammunition. On the other hand, maybe the falling ammo would rid us of a few crazies!

  • Christin says:

    There’s a time and place for everything. Including guns. However, the inauguration for any president is not the time nor the place.

  • Bret says:

    I am all for carrying my gun everywhere. I’m a firm believer of all that you’ve said in this article…except having guns all over the place during one of Trumps appearances. The Secret Service agents already have their hands full, don’t need to make it worse for them. It’s only take one nut job to create Hell for us all. We need Trump to stay alive as long as he can..!

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