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Border Crisis

Over 15,000 Migrants Cause Del Rio Food Shortages



Del Rio Sector Records 11K Migrant Border Apprehensions Last Week

On Saturday, a U.S. representative revealed that, because of over 15,000 migrants staying in a tent city under a bridge in Del Rio, the local food supply has started to run out.

According to Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), Del Rio Stores have started to become empty as they were caught unprepared for the sudden influx of people in the area.

On social media, he also said that the situation has quickly deteriorated over the past several days as the number of migrants, with most coming from Haiti, went from around 8,000 to around 15,000.


Influx of Migrants in Del Rio Causes Ripple Effects, Food Shortages in the Area

Gonzales also said that agents from border patrol have been doing all that they can, but the need for support is obvious. He also noted that the Department of Homeland Security is expected to deploy 400 more agents to the area so that they can help with the new crisis.

The representative further stated that the DHS has been working to “increase and accelerate” flights to repatriate the migrants back to their country of origin. He said 8 ICE flights will take place this week, which is more than the 2 to 5 flights being done before.

Gonzales then said that Title 43 is still being used as the basis for expelling some migrants. However, others will be released to the interior of the U.S. while they wait for immigration processing. He then described the policy as “disastrous” and promised to continue pushing for the adaptation of the Remain in Mexico policy.

The Texas representative then revealed that the ICE and CBP will transport the migrants to other processing areas so that some of the burden from Del Rio will be lifted.

Additionally, he revealed the shortage of housing for the border patrol agents being deployed to Del Rio. He said his office is looking for every way possible to provide these agents shelter during their stay in the area.

After this, Gonzales said that the newest border crisis has started to have a notable impact on businesses in the area and their ability to provide for the community. He said he has been receiving messages from members of the local community about the ripple effects caused by the issue.

The representative confirmed food shortages in grocery stores and restaurants closing early to help cook food for the camp. He also said there is a shortage of help.

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  • BBA says:

    I wanna know exactly when the Marxist media and corrupt Government stopped calling these trespassers what they are as in “ILLEGAL ALIENS” according to our laws?? They are NOT “migrants”!!


    The question should be asked is who brought this invasion on the boarder of Texas. These hations did not just walk here. They where brought over on ships 1000’s at a time! Who’s paying for there trip over here you ask? I can tell you something smells very rotten in the Whitehouse! And it not Joe’s diaper! Follow the money folks! These crazies that are trying to run this country are tearing it apart. This is bring back better! We got 3 more years of this shitttt! More tent city’s and drugs coming to a town near you soon!

  • Salemtheblackcat says:

    Why does the US have to take every single person that doesn’t have the ability to wipe their own butt! They are dirty and diseased and they don’t belong here. I don’t want to play any part in feeding and watering these people, but sadly my taxpayer dollars will do just that! DONALD Trump, we need you buddy!

  • Rodney Matthews says:

    Let’s go and kick them out of office

  • Calvin Brooks says:

    I think Rodney Matthews has a valid point. The administration and bureaucracy are obviously ignoring the laws of our land, and too many judges are going along with the evil game.
    IF our laws no longer have any force, if it is acceptable to ignore the laws and do whatever one wants … then WHY are we letting the idiocracy that is in control destroy our country, our lives, our businesses and our future? Why are we and our families essentially slaves, our money to be taken by the IRS to support criminal invaders and the criminal politicians who brought them here?

  • The professor says:

    If these illegal aliens are coming from Haiti by ship where is our Coast Guard ??…. what is our Coast Guard doing about this …. and why are we flying them back send them back across the border and tell them to get on that banana boat that they came over on ….The money that we are pouring into these people are going to bankrupt us we are screwed

  • ANN WILSON says:

    I wouldn’t cook schit for ANY of them…LET THEM STARVE!!!!!! Who cares!!!!!

  • RJS says:

    Kick them out. This is a sovereign country with borders and we need to start forcing them on to C-130 military planes and sent back to their countries. Just like Biden/Harris flew out the Afghanistan terrorists (some) while leaving Americans and Allies in Afghanistan to die to the Taliban. Then they load them on busses and send them to different sanctuary state. 400,000 to Chicago. As if they don’t already set the record for gun violence and death. Round them up and send them packing. Try Biden/Harris for treason against the common good of the American people in front of a military tribunal and proceed with charges not excluding prison or more severe punishment if decided to do so. American leadership needs to get their spines back and quit selling out America to the biggest global bidder.

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