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Biden Will Pay $86 Million For Migrants’ Hotel Rooms



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The Biden administration will spend $86 million in tax money for migrants’ hotel rooms. With border detention facilities overflowing, officers need to find more housing facilities. Migrants are arriving in record numbers on the US southern border.

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US Border Crisis

The country is currently experiencing a border crisis. Upon election, President Joe Biden announced migration policies that are radically different from his predecessor, Donald Trump. Based on policy changes, it seemed unaccompanied minors now have a better chance to enter the US. This led to record numbers of unaccompanied minors trooped to the borders.  Consequently, over 13,000 minors with parents ended up in custody, with even more coming in. Meanwhile, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) centers struggle with the arrivals.

Then, there's this added problem of migrant families seeking asylum. Axios noted the increasing number. The “growing numbers of migrant families trying to come to the US, in addition to already overwhelming numbers of kids crossing the border without their parents or legal guardians, appear to be straining government resources,” Axios noted Sunday.

ICE to Spend $86 million for Migrants’ Hotel Rooms

With detention facility spaces fast disappearing, the Biden administration looked into getting more housing. Reportedly, the federal government authorized Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to purchase hotel rooms near border areas in Arizona and Texas. The idea is to rent the rooms for months until they sort the migrant mess out.

Axios reported the terms of the deal. “The Biden administration has awarded an $86 million contract for hotel rooms near the border to hold around 1,200 migrant family members who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, DHS officials confirmed to Axios. The contract through Endeavors, a Texas-based nonprofit, is for six months but could be extended and expanded. The hotels will be near border areas, including in Arizona and Texas,” it wrote.

Not Just Child Migrants, Families Too

Even as the child migrants continue to hog the headlines, the CBP estimates that more Central American families are also making the journey to the US. These families, facing deteriorating economic conditions in their home countries, will claim asylum once they arrive in the States. Under the Trump administration, US officials require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico pending their asylum hearing. However, the Biden administration changed that policy and allowed migrants to enter pending their hearings. The administration allowed some asylum seekers to stay with family members while waiting for their case to come up.

The Washington Post estimates that around 2 million migrants will reach the US-Mexico border this year. “The latest decision to secure hotel rooms comes as the US is seeing the biggest surge of migrants at the border in decades, pacing towards a potential 2 million migrants at the US-Mexico border this year. The surge is putting a heavy strain on government resources and border towns,” according to Business Insider, which also reported on the hotel room contract,” it wrote.

Blame The Change In Policy

Unsurprisingly, the increase in migrant numbers happened upon Biden’s announcement of policy changes in immigration. Compared to the previous year, migrant families who presented themselves or intercepted more than doubled between January and February of 2021.

“Border officials continue to use a Trump-era order to quickly return many families to Mexico. But Mexico has limited capacity to take in migrant families and won’t accept some with young children, according to administration officials. 42% of families were expelled to Mexico last month,” Axios reported. These numbers are lower compared to 64% in January and 91% in October, according to the data. In addition, more than 13,000 family members who crossed the US border illegally remain in the country. In fact, officials allowed many migrants to remain in border communities.

Watch the CBS News video reporting that President Joe Biden is facing mounting pressure amid a surge in migrants at the border:

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Do you agree with the Biden administration’s decision to release funding to pay for migrants’ hotel rooms? How can the border crisis end? Let us know what you think of the current situation down south. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Lawrence Xallahan says:

    Why not pay my mortgage for 12 months instead. Do not headline Biden paying $86 million. If he was paying I would not object so strongly.

  • BBA says:

    You cannot fix stupid and we are now living in the land of total idiocy!!!! Seems to me that every American citizen should denounce our citizenship and become illegals so we can get everything handed to us for free without ever paying into anything?!?!?!

  • Rose says:

    Oh Hell Noooo just like that?

  • Marsha says:

    But our National Guard are sleeping in a garage?

  • Nancy P. says:

    Definately NO. They shouldn’t be here in the first place. Biden caused a crises on top of an already crises. The man is insane. Ship them all back where they came from. “ America and it’s citizens come first”. He is obsessed with immigrants which shows there’s a mental problem here.

  • SS says:

    This is absolutely insane, WE – the American Tax payers – are paying for hotel rooms? We are paying for people to get stimulus checks who NEVER paid into the system? Seriously, can you not all see and admit the hypocrisy going on? The ENTIRE world is laughing at the United States with the current administration…..yet it was so bad under the former administration? Biden is even on video years ago that the southern wall needed to be built, what happened? He didn’t make it happen during his VP years so he can’t get credit for it and neither can anyone else? Agree with BBA – you cannot fix STUPID!

  • Fred R. says:

    Hell no. We can not even house and feed American citizens. Trump 2024.

  • Mike c says:

    They’re not American citizens the hell with them

  • Lee says:

    Round them up, place them on busses and send them packing from where they came.

  • Tom says:

    Take the 86 million and send them the fuck back,hotel rooms are just the start how are they gonna eat, what are they gonna wear since most only have the clothes on their back and don’t forget about medical. all while you have American citizens one step from the gutter. I’m sorry for them, but we can’t save the world when we can’t save ourselves!!!!!

  • Jorge L Sanabria says:

    Absolutely NO who have a Lockdown. Democrats just keep throwing money away please let me know where tree is. Oh I know is where the fence is up not open for America citizens to go. In a short time with a small pen executed many PROBLEMS for the American people yoyoyo is SUPPOSED to be working for the citizens he took an OATH his not keeping. That yoyoyo opens up the south border Don’t we have enough problem already that the far left has fuel. I watch the news very carefully early 2020 it show me his not capable to run the best country in the world. His not mentally or physically to do this hard job going against this other leader’s that’s a NONONO their LAUGHING that’s a five course meal for them. In 2 months his hiding like he did in the so called campaign hiding in the BASEMENT. I can seat here all day I have too much to say but I choose not to you get my point. I’m a citizen I feel their should be a recalled to remove this YOYOYO. More problems are coming.

  • Clarence W Ramsey Jr says:

    This is another part of the puzzle to destroy this great country. Every democrat in any level of political government and I mean all of them should be given their fair share of illegals to take care of from cradle to grave. The census counts for the country is not decided yet for the new seats in government, it’s not difficult to realize where these people will go. To many of our leaders have had their heads stuck in the sand to the Master Plan the Dems have been working on for 60+ years. Good decent people have almost had enough.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    Send these people back now Help our soldiers that are on the streets

  • Anonymous says:

    Either close the border or you start paying for it biden even the Mexican in the usa doesn’t like you read comments or get someone to read to you

  • Elaine says:

    This a an eerie parallel…This has happened before in history. Germany, just after WW1. Germany was so broken financially& emotionally, yet their government continued to let immigrants in. And Germans felt the sting of losing jobs and diminishing food,
    It was the Weimar era. Over time it led to frustrations and hatred growing. It was the governments lack and willingness to do anything proper for its own citizens. This led to the Nazi party gaining control. It was nothing more than growing desperation caused by the antics of a government that truly caused the Holocaust!!! This doesn’t happen overnight, it wears people down over time.
    We must be careful!!! Our own government is manipulating citizens into growing hatred of others. We MUST hold the politicians accountable!!!

  • Donna says:

    Why are we housing and paying for all the immigrants that have come over here when we have US citizens living on the streets that we don’t provide housing for. Take care of your own first. I don’t have an issue with immigration when done the proper way. Let them apply to come over here if they really want to. No free rides. Biden needs to remember who he is suppose to be taking care of. It’s the US citizens.

  • Deborah says:

    No definitely. We have Americans living on the streets, many about to loose homes…HELP THEM.
    Send them back off of US responsibility. Majotity came when even Trump said no for arrival.
    So many US Citizens need help take care of us !!!

  • Honest says:

    My Only WISH~~ ~ Wish that “Old Stinky Finger Joe” would Have taken a Header Down the steps of Air Force One instead of tripping up the stairs ~ Maybe Knocked Some sense into him (But Again …Hard to Fix a case of Dumb Ass~

  • Teri says:

    Let’s bring our troops back from overseas & send them to Mexico. Let’s take over Mexico & make it a part of America. Then everyone their will be American citizens & they can start paying taxes like the rest of us. Also they wouldn’t have to cross the border because they would already be in American. Let them pay their own way like we do. I’m tired of this government caring more about illegals than their own citizens. We need to get rid of them all, illegals & the politicians who wants to allow them to come here at the tax payers expense.

  • Donna Flowers says:


  • The professor says:

    ” Nancy ?” Yes Mr. President ” I think I made a big mistake in opening up the Mexican border ” no no don’t say that do not play then think of all the votes think of all the votes for the democratic party ” but that’s why I tripped and fell up those stairs I was thinking that I made a mistake ” Well next time use a walker here and have some ice cream

  • Edward Diloreto says:

    He and his administration are obviously insane.

  • Richard Donaldson says:

    Get ready for Kamala Harris to take over as the new president.

  • The professor says:

    …… and in closing….. has anyone heard what the Mexican government is doing about this the news media must be covering that up tooI’m sure the Mexican government is worried about tourism Cancun and all those lovely resorts no I’m not planning to go to Mexico anytime soon …. anyone hear anything on what Mexico is doing about this situation

  • Joe Di says:

    Are you crazy send these people packing close the border we are not caring for our own people
    Properly , and we are going broke dealing with a self imposes shut down with COVID 19 by the blue states as they tried to kill one of if not the best economy of all time . And because of Trumps economy we are still on the precipice of the most incredible growth in ages this year , if you could just get the Biden administration out of the way .

  • Anonymous says:

    Have you Dumercrats missed my President Trump yet as Earl Pits says wake up America AND IMPEACK Biden please .

  • Dorothy says:

    Let Biden use his money to pay for all these illegals. I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for them to come here. The man is an asshole. We don’t have enough jobs for the american people we don’t need more people here putting more of a burden on us. If a lot of jobs are going to Mexico why are they coming here. They need to have sponsers to come here.

  • Tom says:

    Have you Dumercrats missed my President yes as Earl Pits said wake op America and smell the roses and impeach Biden before it is too late .

  • Mild says:

    Here it comes WWW III. Get rid of Biden and bring the real President. Trump forever.

  • Steve says:

    After the horrific price Americans have paid for a fabricated pandemic fueled by politics, Biden wants us to pay even more. We need to get back to “KEEPING AMERICA FIRST”! Even the hope for a midterm election to help slow down this puppet leaders ineptness is grasping at straws. Unless the election process is corrected and uniform throughout our great United States, theft of election results will be the norm. How sad.

  • Rotten says:

    What a joke! How stupid can the Biden administration be? What did they think was going to happen? And now, no ride alongs from news media or humane support groups! It’s ten times worse than under the Trump administration but DONT SAY THAT CAUSE JOES A NICE GUY! What a bunch of idiots! I got up, dressed up and showed up to work for 40 years and I’m sick and tired of paying for those that can but won’t!. If we don’t seal the borders it will never end, ever! The answer is to help them fix the economics and politics IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!.

  • Norman kirby says:

    It’s time to build a wall to protect the American way Texas must separate from the United States and build the wall ourselves or Biden must get to work doing what’s right and finish the walls to protect the citizens let us Texas gather together and let congress no it’s time to get this done or The Republic of Texas will become a reality GOD BLESS ALLG

  • ROBERT A. ABADIE says:


  • kenneth dinges says:


  • Leviah says:

    Get that maniac out of office He is destroying America. He cheated to get in now get him out.

  • Mike says:

    When democrats start a war, they will blame it on Trump! What the democrats have done in the few short months and blame there faults on the past president is truly amazing! These rino’s that call there themselves republicans that sit on there hands and do nothing are also the cause of the many problems they help create! Come 2022, throw there ass’s out into the streets where they belong. What this country has just gone through this past year and they are being told by there repersentives that you need to suck it up some more with your tax dollars and your jobs and food on your tables, is nothing more than a government that has gone insane! These people have shoved a 1.9 trillon dollar stimulus bill down are throat’s and only 9 percent goes to the China crisis covid… truly amazing that these republicans past and present are remaining quite!!! Makes a person what to puke 🤢!!!!!

  • SUNFLOWER says:

    Doesn’t America realize that OPEN BORDERS is exactly what the Democrats want? They are BUYING VOTES ! We need to quit talking this all over & take action. Boot the corruption OUT of Washington, & get PRESIDENT TRUMP [YES! He is our LEGAL leader!] back in the White House.He has PROVED to us all that he loves this country & is STILL trying to do what is best for America…all while being verbally abused & attacked from every direction! WE THE PEOPLE still have a voice AND we need to let those VOICES be heard ! PAST TIME FOR THE BULLSHIT TO END !!

  • Joyce Young says:

    Finish the WALL and shut down the borders! They have a country…let them return to it!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Let them all in, I don’t Cate anymore.

  • Mike says:

    How stupid are the Dumbocrats ?

  • Chas says:

    @Anonymous….YOU are the problem!!!!!?

  • Richard A Jernberg says:

    Why are we allowing this at this time when we are still in a pandemic, a lot of our US citizens are still not working, we are still trying to supplement our incomes with government money and then the Biden Harris administration just lets all of these people in. This is a major foul on them.

  • Debra Heaton says:

    With Biden calling the shots we Americans are screwed. “OPEN BORDER” policy is a slap in the face of all Americans. For some strange reason the Biden/Harris administration isn’t concerned about the potential spread of the Covid19 virus from these immigrants. Why is that? The $83,000,000,00.0 being spent on hotels for non citizens could have gone towards the Care Act to aid struggling citizens who are in need of help. Voting them into office was a historical mistake.

  • Older & wiser says:

    We have homeless veterans sleeping on the street, we have real hunger issues within America, we have veterans with health issues that can not get into the VA to get help. and yet you want to give the trash, criminals, cartel members and people showing neglect toward their children a free ride? If a parent in this country left their child unattended they would go to jail for a really long time, but we are suppose to feel sorry for a mother who sends her 3 year old out alone to walk into this country. This is not immigration it is a take over. They banded together to get in to this country, why don’t they ban together and make the fight for freedom in their own countries. We have already shed our blood for our freedom and now our politician are spitting on graves in disrespect. We need to make sure our vote counts and take back control of the senate and congress and see that these crazy laws are repealed.

  • RG says:

    Impeach Biden already WTF!!!
    Anybody who signs a stack above his head (sitting) of executive orders hours after he’s sworn into office is not for the American people. Apparently the American people have no say in anything that goes on anymore. The fact that he was even able to run for office after Burisma is beyond me. The whole house and senate need to be uprooted.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chas, yea right, I’m the problem. I let the Democrates steal the election, I’m letting all those aliens in. What can I do? Do you want me to complain? Ok,goddam those Democrates, goddam those illegal aliens using my money. Goddam Joe fucking Biden. What else, goddam news. Take care of are own people. Do you had feel better? I don’t. USA is done for and it’s allmyfault Chas.

  • Kris Ram says:

    The citizens of the USA deserve the government they get. *6 million voted for this crazy type of government.

    What are those suburban moms thinking now. They hated Donald Trump. A lot of those illegals will end up in your neighborhoods. Vote for the Democrats to destroy the United States. Every other country in the world one must have a national ID to vote but the Dems want people to vote without any Identification. Sounds fishy!!!!! Imagin the USA telling other countries how to run elections when the USA cannot run an honest, transparent election. Go figure.

  • Jean Nixon says:

    This is a sin, when we have families that need food and shelter in our own country. Get with it congress and take some action for the betterment of our people. When people want to enter this country they should come in the legal way like we have done in the past, what has happened here?

  • Billy says:

    I feel this should be paid for by the DNC and every Democrat in Congress as they are the ones that allowed this to happen. The citizens of the country should not have to pay this bill.

  • John says:

    NO! Absolutely 100% NO! What about our citizens who lost their income? job? business? home? due to Covid? We don’t even care for military veterans properly. We are the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD who allow birth citizenship. I never heard of anything so stupid. So, every person who wants to come here can have their pregnant mother, sister, aunt, etc cross illegally to give birth here and Wallah! Instant citizen! Now mom and her new citizen baby now have a foot in the door to bring the rest of the clan to get hotel rooms, food, clothes, medical, education… and on and on and on. Next they will get stimulus checks just like all prisoners in American prisons! Does anyone see a common theme of stupidity here? Our country is on it’s way down the toilet (except the 1%) and we are providing immigrants (legal or illegal) with hotel rooms?!?! What about Americans who are homeless. There are 10’s of thousands in New York City alone and we are not only inviting more into the country, but paying for them to live in hotels? Only in America! Then we wonder why our allies don’t want to follow our lead and become the fools we are…

  • In the running says:

    As a patriot I believe in the constitution of our great nation. There are starving children in the United states already not being taken care of by our government. Why pile on more during a pandemic. Help those in need that are already citizens. Former president Trump is being blamed for every possible problem the new administration has. There is no evidence being presented to prove any of the accusations. Nine percent of the so called stimulus money is going to the people. The remaining ninety one percent needs to be made transparent to the people. Money is going to build Nancy Pelosi her own subway spur. You wont see that on CBS NBC or any other national news. No government should personnel should accept what is going on. Get out run for any state or local office and let’s take back AMERICA.

  • sherril henderson says:

    Let Joe Biden pay the 86 million out of the money he and his family have made from China. He could ask Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Summer, Adam Shift and Nadler they are the Washington scum that has screwed up everything in this country so they could make hundreds of millions . The thing is when they are on their death beds they will find they can’t take it with them . Maybe they will reflect on all the lives they have destroyed .

  • Anonymous says:

    If Trump would have done this,the news media would harp on this for weeks.And so would all the late night talk show hosts.We can support illegals but not our own.When will it stop?Don’t they realize where we’re headed?

  • Peggy L Shuster says:

    We have homeless americans and veterans on the streets. why not take care of them first? this is the most ridiculous thing Ive heard. Biden is going to bankrupt america for sure!!!!

  • Cabral says:

    They blame Trump! What worthless idiots trying to run this country now. Who the hell would believe this.

  • Jackie says:

    That’s their plan Peggy. They want all Americans to hit rock bottom so they can get rid of us AND turn this country into communism!! God for bid! They can do A LOT of damage in 4 years – undoing everything good Trump did for us. That irritates them and they want to ruin our lives! Biden isn’t going to last too much longer because he doesn’t even know where he is most of the time, bless his soul. He is only doing what Pelosi and the other bums tell him to do! They will let Biden go soon so the communist Harris can take over. She is such a
    pig! That was all in their plans. If something happens to her, guess who is next in line for President!!!? PELOSI!! Can you imagine pig number 2 will lead the country!? No! No! No!
    The lord has to come soon and save us! We are in the end times NOW I believe!

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    For the (5)five that voted yes, to pay cause its humane, they should cough up $17 million each to cover the bill. Then ask the same (5)Five again in 3 months, see what they say!!!!

  • James says:

    No! This is not a tax payer problem, it’s a border crossing problem! Our system is broke, They can come over here and get everything handed to them, this is not just to the American tax payer, our leaders in Wash. need to figure this out WITH a solution and stop paying for immigrant. If they want to enter this country then they should have ways of checking these people out and stop gouging the American taxpayer. Washington need to fix this and stop hitting the middle class to support their decisions. We have thousands of homeless, that need help also. We need to fix OUR country!

  • American strong says:

    Be careful Harris was not born hear for what I understand. Please correct me if wrong and if I’m right they will find some place to say she was born in the country and even pay some state to say she was because that all it takes. Immigration to this country should be treated like it was when are ancestors came to this place if you didn’t have useful skill or other positive benefits you did not stay they sent them back. people had to be self efficient to earn the right to stay. That’s why America was built up to be a great country. that’s why you have history in school so you repeat the good learn from the down fall’s. My ancestors shed blood for this country. I guess they died in vain what a waist of life like so many and the good that could have come from them to improve the country even more. They piss on them.

  • Rick says:

    First STOP voting for ANY democrat. And start recall on any democrat
    in states you can do that. Send all of these people to Washington D.C.

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