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Missouri Man Licks Walmart Items to Mock the Coronavirus; Faces Criminal Charge

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Missouri Man Licks Walmart Items to Mock the Coronavirus; Faces Criminal Charge

26-year-old Cody Lee Pfister from Missouri faces a criminal charge for posting a video of himself licking items in Walmart. Pfister is charged with making a terrorist threat for the incident that occurred earlier this month.

According to the Warrenton Police Department, he was arrested Monday after authorities received complaints about the video from “locals, nearby residents, as well as people from the Netherlands Ireland, and the United Kingdom.”

“We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed,” the department said.

In the video, Pfister is seen licking a row of deodorant products at a Walmart. “Who’s scared of coronavirus? Don’t touch your mouth,” Pfister says before licking the items. The video had the caption: “I’m a nasty moths f–ker!!!”

Warrenton police said the products were taken off the shelves and thrown away. Fox News reported that a court hearing for Pfister was set for Wednesday.

Lt. Justin Unger said: “I wouldn’t say it was shocking because you never know what you have to deal with in this job, but it was certainly very disturbing.”

The footage had been viewed more than 4.3 million times on Twitter as of Wednesday. One Twitter user reacted by saying, “Knock that guy out.” Another user wrote: “His parents must be so proud.”

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