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Mitch McConnell Looking To Exit, Eyes Successor

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is reportedly looking to exit, but not before making sure the GOP can choose his replacement.



Republican Senator Mitch McConnell greets people at fundraiser in Elizabethtown-Mitch McConnell-ss-featured

Rumors are surfacing that the 79-year old Kentucky Senator is reportedly on his way out and seeking his worthy replacement. 

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Following Biden’s Inauguration

After handily beating Democrat challenger Amy McGrath in the last election 57.8% to 38.2%, victories are coming in fewer for the Senator. Following Biden’s inauguration, Trump turned his ire on McConnell and other “soft” Republicans, blaming them for losing majorities in the House and the Senate. The former President also condemned the GOP’s archaic way of politics, which he said would just help Democrats win instead. 

Multiple sources from The Intercept said that McConnell is pushing for new Kentucky legislation that ensures the incumbent can choose his successor. The sources said that McConnell raised “health concerns” and “the makeup of the upper chamber” as some of the given reasons he wants to ensure his successor. However, some GOP officials called the plans an “escape hatch” for the senator.

Changes in Kentucky Succession Laws

At present, the state’s Governor appoints the replacement for any departing Senator. Kentucky’s current Governor, Andy Beshear, is a Democrat, will most likely pick a Democrat to fill the remaining term. The Kentucky legislature is currently drafting a bill that allows the incumbent party of a departing US Senator to select his replacement. McConnell's office confirmed that the senator was on board with the changes. “Leader McConnell has discussed the legislation with Stivers and is fully supportive of the measure,” a spokesperson said.

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The Intercept reported that McConnell is working behind the scenes in the Kentucky General Assembly. The bill would remove the power from the governor and place it in the incumbent party. For now, the bill will benefit the state’s attorney general, Daniel Cameron, who many believe is the preferred successor to Mitch McConnell.

Senate Bill 228 

“The new legislation, Senate Bill 228, dubbed by some inside the state Legislature as the Daniel Cameron Election Bill, was filed on February 10, 2021, during the Kentucky General Assembly’s 30-day ‘short’ session,” The Intercept’s Nick Storm reported.

Instead of the governor, the bill authorizes a state executive committee from the same party as the departing senator. Specifically, the committee will submit three names for consideration. If approved, this law will require the governor to choose the replacement from the list.  

Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron is Kentucky’s first black attorney general and is reportedly a McConnell protégé who is the top choice to replace him. The 35-year old Attorney General made a name for himself last summer when he called for peace and due process amid a tumultuous situation in Louisville. Riots threatened the state after the announcement that officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor won’t face murder charges. also made an impression with conservatives during the Republican National Convention in August.

Two other names surfaced as potential Mitch McConnell successors. They are former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft and Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams. While both are prominent Republicans in their home state, neither have the national profile of Cameron. 

Replacement Plans

Kentucky State Senator Tom Buford told The Intercept that legalization to change who would replace a senator isn’t a new idea. Buford said they first considered the idea in 2017 after a neighbor violently attacked Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Consequently, the state Republican Party feared a Democrat appointment in case any of the two GOP Senators become incapacitated. “It just seemed if we did have a change of venue of US Senate that it would be proper and appropriate the political party that held the office would be the political party that replaced it until the next election cycle, that being, in this case, Republican,” Buford said. He also referred to Paul’s violent attack, which left him severely injured. “That could have resulted in death, so … it sounded like a good idea,” Buford added.

Is Mitch McConnell Retiring?

Also, sources claim that McConnell’s desire to consider retirement is due to his age and health. Now, his desire is to cement his legacy by ensuring the GOP retains his seat if he leaves. If he finishes his current term, McConnell will be 84 years old. With his condition and the bad blood with Trump, re-election in 2025 seems far-fetched.

Watch the WHAS 11 video reporting that a proposed Kentucky bill could change how senators are replaced:

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Should Mitch McConnell retire sooner than later? Or, do you think he can still play a major role for the next few years? Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Mary says:

    Get rid of him . The sooner the better. He is part of the problem. A big part !!

  • Michael Janicki says:

    Oust him! He’s done nothing for the republicans. He sabotaged 45, and is an establishment RINO. We need to make room for the younger. He’s just taking someone elses job, someone younger.Selfish

  • Karen Toomey says:

    I’m not sure what he has planned to be able to pick his successor is going to fly. You honestly believe the Democrats are going to vote for that. How they want more & more power this would be yet another way they can achieve their hypocrite, selfish, money hungry & fuck whoever voted for Trump!!
    I agree McConnell & the rest of the Left lovers need to go. This is the time to stick together! I still believe there is more of us than there are of them!! We got to stand up for what’s right!! Get tougher!!! Just like when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor they coul have done more by coming into our country & bombing more. But they didn’t. Why? Because they said that they knew Americans owned guns & knew how to use them !! We need the rest of the world to feel that way! Like President Trump said to show strength.
    “ Peace through Strength “! ❤️🇺🇸

  • Gary says:

    He is why republicans lost to senate seats in Georgia

  • Partismo says:

    Because he doesn’t have the balls to look at Donald Trump in the face in 2024.

  • charles says:

    leave now

  • Anonymous says:

    Him along with massive cheating and vote rigging.

  • Bud Leffler says:

    Mitch was a key player for many years. I do not know when he turned I to a player for the swamp but it is very clear he is not voting to keep the Republicans as strong as possible. He has now made enemies of the people the Republicans need to return strong in two years. I am sorry Mitch but you played your cards and lost. Big time! Now let us pick a new leader who can focus on the future and not the past. I am as sorry as anyone that Mitch turned coat but he had and everyone has seen that. Now they know he is a weak spot. We need to change that now.

  • Nancy P. says:


  • Scottie Williams says:

    228 ? Imagine that.Mitch, the devil we know,and you really thank that the Democratic Party is going to let 228 fly?

  • ct says:

    What does the Republican party stand for? Not for the people. Eighty percent of the nation approve of the help being received by the Democrats. As once a Republican it was disappointing that no Republican voted to help people in need. Republicans call it waste of money. It was not called waste of money building Trump’s worthless wall which no one wanted. This country will get it back together, but it is obvious the Democrats will not get help from the Republicans. Senators should vote as a committed one. SAD

  • bob says:

    ditch rhino,s all of them including mithch

  • Martha Flleming says:

    we don’t need him to pick a replacement he’s done too much evil already. Let the few Senators that stood for the people and for Trump pick his replacement so we have at least a chance of getting someone in tune with the Constitution and the courage to stand for it and this country.

  • republican says:

    keep him only one with balls to call trump for what he is. Agree with Bob

  • Meanguy says:

    You’re an idiot. You need to go too

  • Hatman1793 says:

    Hey Trisha, ever read T45’s best selling book, “The Art of the Deal?”
    President Trump doesn’t “turned his ire on…” anyone. If you didn’t read his book, you & the LeftMedia should know that Trump attacks no one, but when he is attacked, slandered, or even misrepresented, he gives back.
    The Turtle publicly attacked President Trump. T45 gave it back.

  • Thomas Dickinson says:

    Mitch McChina has done some good things for the Republican party. Unfortunately, he has done more good for the Socialist part. At this point I don’t see any reason to dump him unless we could get a conservative to replace him and Mitch certainly wouldn’t support that. Technically I don’t think he has that much control over who his replacement is except that the leaders of the GOP seem to kiss Mitch’s butt and they may control who his replacement is.



  • sherril henderson says:

    He turned RHINO and its time to get rid of him but not before they get the bill passed. We certainly don’t need a deamoncrate to replace him.

  • Lynn “Hoskins” Hopkins says:

    As a former Kentuckian that supported Sen McConnell since he was first elected I would think he should retire and Trump should not be a candidate in 2024 due to age! Mitch had done a great job fending off Liberal Clinton and Obama plus his exceptional skills keeping the Senate GOP focused, even Romney and Collins until the last impeachment! Now there is need for new efforts! Sen McConnell is now paying for a dismal acceptance of POTUS TRUMP’s MAGA legislation after the GOPs 40 year quest for Tax Cuts! Mitch’s core beliefs have now been exposed as middle of the road conservatism, which shows that Louisville is a poor place to look for the brand of Trump supporters! The 1st KY District should regret electing milk toast Republicans that are more like Murkowski, Romney, and Collins! Sen Rand Paul is still a ? Mark for true KY Southern Districts in the West half of the State! Sen Paul is much like his daddy rather than a Christian Conservative Gun Patriot! Mitch’s replacement preference will intrigue KY Dem leaders as an easier target in his 1st re-election plan! I don’t really think he is much different from Mitch and Collins!

  • Hoskins says:

    If the KY law does not change the liberal and woke GOV Brashear
    Would take the slot, which he could win against a Republican!

  • David says:

    Hey CT, get a clue, lots of people wanted, and want that wall.

    You clearly don’t have any idea how much crime is associated with illegals crossing into this country. Trust me, being in cA along the border is terrible. Between finding dead immigrants, trying to help the ones that are dying from thirst or neglect, abuse by coyotes, break ins and thefts on your property. And thats not including the violent crimes associated with it. If you had any common sense yoy would realize that these people alsp put a tremendous economic strain on our country. They no longer need a sponsor and a job like before. Health benefits, welfare, medicare, wic, all paid for by whom?! And what about the terrinly deadly pandemic?! Are they being screened, vaccinated? Of course not. Now all of the children are being stored in shipping containers. Most likely so they can be shipped to Hunter, and Joe’s buddies. Glad you’re ok with all of that. Why don’t you go down andnmeet all of them and just adopt EVERY ONE OF THEM coming in.

  • Chas says:

    @CT….you make no sense! Your babble comes with costs! For example at the boarder. The Dems are inviting in a self made crazy crisis. Republicans want to help people, just not basement dwellers living at home. Hand up, NOT a hand out in which you seem to be looking for! As for the wall, you are sooo very wrong! There is NOW a crisis on the boarder that your left wing progressive party creativity made happen. I would not be surprised if the progressive left is not handing out t-shirts as they let the illegal’s in, vote left in 2024! The Dems have learned to use people much like yourself who swallows there kool aid. As an Independent, I have watched both sides and the left is no longer the party for its peoples! In order for your party to win, it has to lie, cheat and steel to moving forward in which is being displayed on our tv screens daily. As of for Mitch in which this thread is really about, good riddance to a Rhino thinking senator who’s retirement is long over do! Not just Mitch, but many of them both on the right and the left. Our government was not made to make a long time career in which there stale ideas and money spending tactics have gotten this country no where. Term limits for all of them!!!!

  • David says:

    Not one person should want this stimulous bill passed. First, don’t give me my own money and then act like you’re doing something for me. Second, 9% of this bill is covid related! So the rest goes to make the politicians and their corrupt cronies more rich. Think crooked Ukraine/Moscow/China Joe & Hunter, McConnell, etc!
    Guess we’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it- Nancy Piglosi.
    Hopefully it gets blocked at every turn so they don’t bankrupt the country! Hoping they don’t send anymore tax dollars to Pakistan for their “transgender” community.

  • Ron says:

    Mitch does not get to pick his successor, we the people get to do that!

  • The professor says:

    Those of you that have young children and or grandchildren need to get your children involved and they need to get their friends who have children and grandchildren involved in this …. we have a huge deficit we have 10 million or more unemployed … thousands of restaurants are not gonna come back malls are going to be closed …. and we need to get rid of Nancy ice cream we need to impeach sleepy Joe otherwise we are going to go down the tubes … I am a semi retired truck driver who went through de regulation I want to company was going out of business or in trouble we would say they’re going down the tubes …. and I can see that America without Donald Trump is going to go down the tubes

  • John E Bleasdale says:


  • Jim Evans says:

    He should of retired years ago.

  • Big Bear says:

    Help him out the door. He is a turncoat republican. Do not need him in there leading the republicans. Need someone in there that will have all republicans back. Not someone that will turn there back on their party like he did.

  • Rjdsr says:

    He is wasted space like Trump. They both should get a one way ticket to Mars.The further away they are the safer the USA will be.

  • Sage b says:

    Good be gone Mitch. And as common sense, and as I’ve said this whole time to any Republican, if you ditch Mitch (and Lindsey Graham would be nice, well, and Marjorie Green now) I’ll be on board with ditching Pelosi. 🤷‍♀️

  • Geno2019 says:

    I read last week his wife may be going to Federal prison for using her staff to benefit her Chinese Dad’s shipping business while she was on the Trump payroll.

  • Michael Valgos says:

    I am so happy to hear that this old bastard is leaving I said to the members that I will give a penny to help until they get rid of this worthless piece of do shit out He only cares about his own ass This is why we must have term limits You will not have all of these career politicians that make all of these deals to help themselves and piss on the rest of us Not anymore and that goes for these low life democRats too I am not going to do what they want me to do I am at least as hard as they are So we will see what they can make me do

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