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Mitt Romney Says If Donald Trump Runs in 2024, He Will Win the Nomination



Sen. Mitt Romney-Mitt Romney Says If Donald Trump Runs in 2024, He Will Win the Nomination-ss-Featured

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has shared that he believes Donald Trump would get the GOP nomination if the former president decided to run again in 2024.

At the New York Times DealBook virtual event, Romney noted that he is unsure whether Trump will run again in the next presidential election. He also said that a lot of things are possible between now and 2024. Although, the Utah senator also said that he looks at the polls and that they show people who will possibly run in the next election. Given those people, Romney believes that if Trump runs, he will win the nomination “in a landslide.”

During the said event, the senator was asked if he would campaign against Trump in the next election. He did not directly mention that he would campaign against the former president. However, Romney made it clear that he will not vote for Trump. He also said he has never voted for the former president in the past either. Instead, the senator said he would back someone who can represent his “tiny wing” of the Republican party better.

Despite this, Romney acknowledged that Trump remains as one of the people with the biggest influence in the GOP at the moment. He says Trump definitely has “the largest voice” in the party and that he has a “big impact.”

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The senator also mentioned that he’s uncertain what plans Trump’s family members have but he believes the former president “will continue playing a role.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Romney needs to resign. He’s a traitor and so many people despise him.

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    If Donald Trump runs in 2024 the only way he will win is the way he won the first time by bribing people I am paying off people and all the QANon’s, i’m going to the capital and destroying it again like she did on January 6, 2021! And don’t forget He had the Russians assistance in winning the election Donald J Trump should have never won the election and should never be reelected again for President of the United States he IS NOT is a politician!! He is only a plain simple businessman there is a money hungry best that knows how to rip off people and pay for what he wants that’s how he won the first election…

  • Lynn says:

    Romney is a trailer to this country and he would never win against Pres. Trump. He’s living in a dream world! Judgement is coming on him and the rest of his cohorts who are against this country and Pres. Trump. Wake up people!

  • Patti says:

    Romney is a Rhino, He is disgusting, corrupt, and has his Son implicated in the Political corruption as well! Romney just wants Trump out because he knows too much! If Trump had gotten his second term many things were ready to come out about the corruption, so they could NOT let that happen! Republican as well as Democrats were involved! Money 💰 speaks and that’s where corruption feeds! Romney is scared! As he should be! Trump doesn’t take well to Rhino’s and fake support!

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Stupid trumptards should take notes from Romney and Collins but instead they take notes from hitler speech’s

  • Georgia says:

    Trump does not love America or Americans. Trump loves Trump. He will never win again. And, never should. He’s a cancer, a disease.

  • Wyzguy says:

    Why shouldn’t he win the nomination in a landslide?
    He won his own reelection in a landslide! I’m afraid all the efforts will be in vain?! The lying filth that are hell-bent on his destruction have 4yrs to insure his reelection will never happen, by any & all means necessary, including his assassination if need be! They already know we are waaay too weak & stupid to do a G-d thing about it excepting of course, bitch! I don’t say give up but the SOTE (Scum o the Earth!) have already seized control of the last obstacle to unbridled global domination! It really is all over but the shoutin’; & the shoutin’ ain’t far off! 2024?
    You better hope there is a 2024!
    You may be counting your chickens prematurely?!
    I think the “Trump in 2024” is a willful distraction & pacification (by the SOTE) intended to firm up the theft of thefraudulent pseudo-election of 2020!

  • RR says:

    Hey anonymous. Look at the lower right corner of you keyboard. See the one that has >. on it? The little dot is a period. Try using it once in a while.

  • ct says:

    People will know or learn that Trump the worse President in history has a great PR. firm. As a PR firm they can take a person who is a nobody and make them known all over the world believing that person was sent to save the world.

  • ct says:

    If Romney believes that Trump would win, then you should run against him. People should know you are a committee of one thinking only for the people. All politicians should do what’s right and not what they are suppose to do either they are Republican or Democrat.

  • vietvet says:

    Who cares what “Nancy’s Bitch” Romney has to say?

  • Sandi says:

    I am so tired of all the people or should I say liberals running Trump down. Give it a rest already. You all are spending millions of dollars with all your attacks… your want people to side with you when you have so much vengeance in you. You are all bullies…Whether you want to believe it or not he did a lot of great things for our country.. He has a bad mouth and can be mean at times but my goodness you all are the same . Hilary did bad things, and is in a trial and Bidden son’s messed up and Pelosi well come on ..You have just not let the new media televise it Or do you you liberals’ only think you are without faults.. You have just not let the new media televise the things u do.. Keep fooling yourselves.. You want to take credit for the vaccine and getting it out there do you really think everyone thinks you did this in a month of being in office it was already in motion. And Biden is a fool along with Harris…U wait we all will be taxed to pay for all your crap..

  • Wyzguy says:

    A much better plan than resigning would be an infinitely better qualified, more capable, more trustworthy, more reliable, more loyal, real Republican unseat the worthless POS! Finding a better candidate; that’s the easy part! I nominate that Indian lady mayor of Salt Lake City! She’s ideal!

  • Hatman1793 says:

    Trying to keep his fading & tarnished reputation alive, Mitt needs to say controversial comments. The LeftMedia agenda shills love political miscreants like Romney, Cassidy, Collins, Burr, Murkowski, Sasse, & Toomey because they are heroes to the Democrats.

    The Turtle seems not to care about these turncoats, & even MM will support Barry’s SCOTUS nominee for Attorney General.
    These people act like Democrats but hide under a Republican banner. Kick them to the curb. Make them Independents.

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