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DC Mayor Asks for National Guard Help With Protests



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Yesterday, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser requested for National Guard help in anticipation of massive protests centered on the Electoral College vote happening on January 6. The district expects thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters to converge at the nation’s capital this week. The timing of the “big protest rally” as termed by Trump, coincides with the 11 am session of Congress.

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Department of Defense Request

Bowser sent out a Department of Defense request on December 31 for National Guard help. From January 5 to 7, DC National Guard members will help manage the crowd.  Also, they will assist in traffic control and other tasks. However, they will not carry arms or wear body armor.

An anonymous DoD official said that “There will be about 115 Guard troops on duty at any one time in the city.” Guard members will help set up traffic control points around the city. Also, they will stand with district police officers at all the city’s Metro stops. Acting Police Chief Robert Contee said Guard troops will also handle crowd management.

Special Session in Congress

The special Electoral College session is mostly ceremonial. During this time, the Vice President will count and certify electoral votes submitted by the states. The winning candidate will need 207 votes to secure the majority to win the elections. Based on certified election results, Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential elections. He won via a vote count of 306-232.

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Meanwhile, some Republican House and Senate members plan to object to the certification. Trump supporters insist that Biden only won the election because of vote fraud. However, protesters have yet to show proof that cheating occurred on a scale that changed the outcome. However, this did not stop Republican supporters from continuing to reject election results. In fact, several Republican members of Congress said they will object to Biden's certification. Then, they will push for a 10-day “speed audit” to check results in disputed battleground states.

Proud Boys Leader Arrested

Meanwhile, officials tried to head off more trouble by arresting a pro-Trump organizer. On Monday, DC police arrested the leader of the far-right Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, as he arrived in the city on a commercial flight. Police have an arrest warrant for Tarrio on charges of destruction of property. These charges stemmed from the violence that erupted during the pro-President Trump demonstrations last month. If found guilty, he faces up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Police think that the Miami, Florida-based Tarrio entered the city to take part in this week’s protests. He carried with him two high-capacity firearm magazines, which led to additional charges of possession of high-capacity feeding devices. During the December protests, Tarrio burned a Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black church.

Heading Off Violence 

Over the summer, Washington DC joined other major US cities in hosting protests that often turned violent. Then, in December, Trump supporters clashed with Antifa members in a violent confrontation. Consequently, the riots resulted in two wounded police officers, four stab victims, 10 charges, and 23 arrests. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail this time. Protesting a legitimate gripe is an American right, and violence does not figure out in resolving issues.

Watch the ABC News reports on Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser mobilizes National Guard to police massive Gatherings of Trump supporters:

Do you agree with Mayor Muriel Bowser that Washington DC needs National Guard help to control protesters?

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Do you agree that the Electoral College certification will usher in violent protests? Or do you foresee a peaceful exercise of assembly in protesting what Trump supporters see as a fraudulent win? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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  • Will Weigand says:

    Such yellow biased journalism. How can you keep spouting the lie that there is no evidence? It’s on video for God’s sake. Fulton county sent everyone home and then pulled 4 suit cases of ballots from a covered table and started counting with no watchers. You’re lying or ignorant.

  • Peter Luciano says:

    Trump supporters have never been violent during any demonstration. The problem arises when the BLM and Antifa arrive and decide to throw ice filled bottles of water at peaceful Trumpers and local residents eating in cafe’s.
    The mayor should have called the National Guard when BLM and Antifa were burning and destroying public and private property. Her priorities are messed up and biased.

  • Kelly says:

    Trump is not going to concede!🇺🇸

  • Kat says:

    They are LYING and seed of their father, the devil. There is so much “in your face” fraud, even a blooming idiot can see it all.

  • Gary L. Boldt says:


  • Zane Everett says:

    They don’t want to see or report all the fraud

  • Sam says:

    Demos are the rioters, not repubs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why she never called the national guard on antifa and BLM they are the real criminal destroying cities maybe she’s part of it and she is always protect them

  • Linda H says:

    There is evidence of a fraudulent election a six year old can see it. For the LOVE of your Country step back and take a good hard LOOK at what is really happening.

    PLEASE put aside your anger and hate for one day. Stop listening to the media watch the many videos about the election else where and DECIDE for Yourself what is TRUE.

    Trump supporters protests are always peaceful there is no reason to think this will be any different. We pray our elected officials will do what is right.

    The only violence’s that will happen will be from the LEFT. We have already seen the distraction and personal harm they are capable of in our City’s across the US. The Left are seeking to keep control of this country and YOU, by any means they feel necessary.

    The Left have been fighting to keep the power they lost, when We the People took it away from them 4 years ago.

    We the People will stop them again. The TRUTH shall set us FREE AGAIN !!

    God Bless Congress to do what is RIGHT, God Bless President Trump so that God will Bless America AGAIN!! We Pray ! AMEN

  • Anonymous says:

    Is she a member of Antifa and BLM? Bet she wasn’t or won’t call for forces to stop their destruction or “peaceful protest “

  • Bob says:

    Support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic…

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    CW2 01-97-2921

  • Voter says:

    I believe you are mistaken President Trump has not caused the divide to be honest & if you will it was the Democrats who have caused the divide because they want to transform our country into a communist socialist country and away with our constitution which our for fathers put into place in case a take over such as this by the RADICAL Left! I enjoy my freedoms & don’t want to be control by I am sorry to say a lot of do nothing Governors & Mayors who wish to destroy it, this protest isn’t about fights it’s peaceful to ensure our votes were counted correctly& we have that still! They belong to us & they are ours we have that God given right!

  • Anonymous says:

    Give them”live ammo” too with plenty of body bags

  • Shirley casale says:

    This is a Peaceful protest which we as AMERICANS Have a right to do !It is in full support of our God Given President to lead our country into Peace and Prosperity which he has fought very hard to do . God will decide for us which will be our President for the next four years AMEN! He will also decide who our leaders will be in the Senate as well. Have Faith and Prayer and Turn on the Positive for our LORD GOD WILL PREVAIL AMEN! Be in Constant Prayer for the right leaders of OUR country God gave us and is the Creator AMEN!

  • Anonymous says:

    She may can call out the NG, but she never did when there were riots and burning buildings in DC back in June and July. This is a peaceful protest, our first amendment God given rights. She may have the NG, but we have God and our President on our side who both have our backs. Give me Freedom and Liberty not tyranny 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Rosco says:

    Only if the protests and protesters use the portland, Seattle, New York and Portland, BLM/antifa model of peaceful protests – It seemed to work alright for them, with everyone being set free for any offenses

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so disgusted with every thing in are country has to be racial. Why? That is the only way our democrats can do anything . Use the black people and that is what they do. It is discusting to see this going on year after year. The mayor of DC should be put in jail today. And do you think she is mayor because she is smart? She was put there so the democrats could use her to their advantage. I grew up with black people and had black people as roommates in school and never thought of them being black. What happened to those days? Ask the democrats.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s see who starts the trouble. Who burned dow DC before. Let’s see if the people looting get arrested and if tit all turns out to be a racial thing. Put the mayor in jail, she is not what our country wants or is about.

  • WileE says:

    What makes you think that Aiifa and BLM are not going to let this happen with out their rage. They are violent evil, and demonic lead people. God Bless Our President Trump! Please Jesus Christ our Savior keep our people safe from the Demonic People that are out there saying that they are going to murder our people.

  • Joseph Bilott says:

    The time has come for Truth to Reign. This is not a battle between parties but rather a showdown between good and evil. There are members of both parties who have sold themselves out to evil. I believe we are soon to see clear evidence that our Sovereign God shall show Himself. It will be unmistakable. It will turn the hearts of the majority toward goodness toward one another and the restoration of our Republic will arise once again.

  • Chris says:

    I think it’s a great idea then the peaceful people of the republican party can actually see and talk to the defenders of our nation
    It will only be a problem if antifa or BLM shows up

  • Margo Wendt says:

    Wow, thanks you all for giving me hope for the America I grew up in, loved & served. As the Bible tells us: Evil becomes good & good becomes evil😤. Demoncrats want to destroy every vestige of Godliness, decency & righteousness that this country was founded for. I pray the Lord Jesus returns soon to take His people out of this wicked & perverse world🙏🏼

  • Andy says:

    I think this mayor is showing us how stupid she thinks we are. When BLM and Antifa rioted she pulled the police out and refused the National Guard. Now Trump protesters want to rally she before any trouble occurs wants the NG. This is good vs evil. Do you think Antifa will go to her house and protest?

  • JR says:

    Trump supporters have always been loud but peaceful violence only seems to happen after dark and always it has been members of Antifa or BLM and it is against the weak, Elderly or young families Why is that? if Those in office would just do their Jobs and actually defend the Constitution and the American way of life instead of caving into media pressure and big Tech and Big Money there would be no need for these “Protests”

  • nixon says:

    I for see a peaceful protest that is their right

  • don devanny says:

    Biden and His cohorts will have nothing but trouble for the next four years

  • Anonymous says:

    it time for the people to take over

  • Cowboy Bill says:

    QUESTION: That no ONE is “”ASKING””!!!! Why is the ==FIRST ==TIME — in ==DECADES === we, USA LEGAL LAW ABIDING $$$ TAX $$ PAYERS $$$ == could== “” NOT VOTE ===STRAIGHT ===TICKET==???

  • Val says:

    First a question, Will they be actual national guard or Antifa dressed up as national guard?

  • David says:

    The same idiots who allow violent protest in dem cities and want to defund the police and won’t use the offered help from trump for the national guard….now want to use the the police and national guard……THIS HAS BEEN AND SOMEHOW GETTING MORE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
    When will, if ever, this madness stop….how can we even try to plan for any kind of future with out kids and grandkids.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe that GOD has all the plans already put in place for the world that he made. If you’re not with God then you’re obviously against Him and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in your shoes !!! This is a nation that was founded in the CHRISTIAN FAITH 🎚🙏🎚 We have the victory in the end, it is written and will come to pass !!! The road will not be an easy one so CRISTIANS AND PATRIOTS, KEEP THE FAITH and UNITE to fight against TYRANNY and OPPRESSION for “REBELLION AGAINST TYRANTS IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD.” My prayers are with all the faithful people of not only our nation but the world. STAY STRONG in this battle against EVIL for the VICTORY is OURS!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and all who FOLLOW and BELIEVE ❣️❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kat L. LeBeuf says:

    The previous comment is not anonymous for I am not afraid to say what I believe and sign my name to it. 🎚🙏🇺🇸

  • Mad Bill says:

    I’m glad the mayor called out the National Guard. They will be there to protect the peaceful demonstrators from the demonic ANTIFA & BLM. May good triumph over evil always. She should have called out the N G when they were burning and looting this past summer.

  • Peter Luciano says:

    This is the same mayor who mandated that all the Hotels be close from January 4 through January 6 during this electoral counting. As a result, the hotels and motels said they would issue a refund to those who made plans during those days. I believe we, the people, need to have our dictator mayors, governors, etc tried in court for treason and sedition against this country. Hmmm…impeachment sound s like a good idea to go with.
    The governor serves its people…not the people serving her.!!

  • Dan Allison says:

    I am glade that the guards were called up to protect our peaceful protesters. I’m sure the Democrat’s will haul in there thugs to cause violence in the streets. I just hope President Trump does what ever he has to to stay our President for another 4 years. Biden and his idiots would be the destruction of our US of America.

  • A. says:

    It’s perfectly fine to let these BLM and antifa types burn our flag but just let a Trump supporter burn a BLM flag and then she calls the NG! This mayor is a disgusting race baiter.

  • Bryan Herrington says:

    How come these BLM terrorist or the Antifa terrorist that they have on tape burning buildings attacking people and looting businesses but not one of these low life so called humans are in jail or have been in jail for more than 6 hours why the hell is that!!!!

  • Nancy P. says:

    It won’t be the Trump protesters we have to worry about, it’s the BLM and Antifa showing up. Maybe it is good the National Guard will be there to protect the Trump followers and also destruction of the city. The timing on her part is strange though, where was she when those terrorist groups were causing havoc last year in Washington?

  • Steve Buckley says:

    The Democrap fraud in the 2020 election, was so obvious Helen Keller could see it!

  • Vote 4A Dog B4 I vote 4 trump says:

    trump belongs in prison not the oval office.Thank Goodness 4 Biden who will occupy it soon.I have No comments 4 idiots who support someone that’s attempting to kill them with Community Spread of a deadly virus.As 4 proud boys,the mayor is doing right towards these despicable racists.America needs to protect themselves from these violent treasonous racists at all times.Always Remain Prepared.

  • James says:

    Do you really want to stop antifa in their tracks. Arrest George Soros freeze all of his accounts, and watch what happens. jwstx

  • James says:

    When is congress going to declare open season on Antifa. Just hand out no limits all season game tags and the rednecks will clean it up for you. jwstx

  • Earl says:

    Amen to all of you guys.

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