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NATO Rules out Ukraine’s Plea for No-Fly Zone



NATO Rules out Ukraines Plea for No-Fly Zone-ss-Featured

NATO has decided not to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, even while some from the said country pleading.

Secretary Jens Stoltenberg described it as a “painful decision,” stating that NATO is responsible for not escalating the already-violent conflict by engaging Russian troops directly inside Ukraine, either on the air or on the ground.

If NATO enforced a no-fly zone, it would involve the organization’s planes in Ukraine possibly shooting down Russian planes, the secretary said on Friday. Similarly, U.S. President Joe Biden has ruled out a move like this, saying it is “not going to happen.

“We understand the desperation, but we also believe that if we did that, would end up with something that could end in a full-fledged war in Europe involving many more countries and causing much more human suffering,” Stoltenberg said.

Last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy mentioned that the West need to consider enforcing a no-fly zone. Additionally, on Friday, Ukrainian Parliament member Lesia Vasylenko said that a no-fly zone is “the only thing we need right NOW.”

The conflict in Ukraine will possibly just get worse in the next few days, “with more death, more suffering, and more destruction, as the Russian armed forces bring in heavier weaponry and continue their attacks across the country,” the NATO secretary-general added.
According to Stoltenberg, NATO is trying to strengthen its ties Finald and Sweden, two non-member nations. He also slammed Russia’s attack targetting a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, describing the move as “reckless.”

The International Atomic Energy Administration’s head said that radiation was not released when the power plant was attacked and that a fire at the site was extinguished.

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