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New York Primary Is History In The Making



“The presidential nomination is all about momentum.”

We haven't seen either side forced to fight it out this hard in a New York primary in over 20 years and rarely, if ever, did both parties have so much riding on one state.

For Bernie Sanders, this is his last stand. If he can't win New York than there is little hope of him gathering enough delegates to stop Hillary from winning the nomination.

Hillary is the New York favorite and was their senator from 2000 to 2008, despite not being from there. Yet, Sanders was the candidate born in Brooklin and is finding himself forced to reintroduce himself as a native New Yorker.

The Republican race is a different beast altogether. There is little doubt that Donald Trump will win the state, he has a strong lead in almost all areas of the state. However, for Trump winning is not enough.

Ted Cruz's plan is to do well enough to peel off some of the delegates and continue to roadblock Trump from winning the nomination. Ted Cruz's only path to victory lies with trump failing to cross the finish line and the Republican party awarding Ted Cruz the nomination via a brokered convention.

Because of this, Trump is looking to win the state by 51% and take all of the state's delegates. Without this win, his chance at the nomination is considerably slimmer.

John Kasich is also there, but seems to be mostly just enjoying himself with a tour of local eateries in the state. Kasich has no plan in New York and no path to victory other than the desperate and irrational hope that the Republican party will give him it's nomination.

In recent years, New York has been an after-thought. Usually, the candidates are picked, the nomination is locked up, and the respective candidates take the time to rest up instead of serious campaigning. New York has just been one more historic step in what is shaping up to be a truly historic primary.

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  • keith says:

    We need Trump to clean out the Agean stables which is America’s voting corruption

  • vivianna tanner says:

    the people will be silent no more, we want the person millions have voted for and who has the right to take that away, Donald Trump is for the people not the establishment, it is time for the people to be heart

  • Lori Pfouts says:

    Cruz and his Minions and their foul evilness failed and Trump prevailed .

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