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North Las Vegas Mayor Leaves Dems, Joins GOP



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Last Tuesday, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee said he left the Democratic Party and joined the GOP. The now-former Democrat Mayor of North Las Vegas said that a “socialist takeover” of the Democratic party in Nevada pushed him to leave. He joined the Republicans because he believes that it’s the “party of the working class, opportunity, and freedom.”

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Card-Carrying Socialists in North Las Vegas

Initially, the North Las Vegas Mayor announced his decision to switch parties on his campaign website. Then, he joined Fox New’s FOX & Friends to talk about his jump. Lee said that “card-carrying socialists” are running the Democratic Party in the state. As such, he can’t stand it anymore to associate himself with their “elitist” and “social” agenda. 

“They had an election recently for leadership, and four of the five people were card-carrying members of the Socialist Party. It's not the party that I grew up with 25 years ago in this environment, and it's not the party I can stand with anymore,” he said during his interview.  According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lee referred to recent elections for the leadership of the Nevada State Democratic Party. During the elections, a slate of candidates affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America won most of the party’s top leadership spots.

Not The Agenda I Have in Mind

Lee said that the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class. Now, the Dems are an elitist party that doesn’t support individual liberty. On his campaign website, Lee admitted he made the party switch “a long time ago” in his heart. Also, he warned that today’s Democrats demand “a senseless devotion to cancel culture, socialism, and anti-American values.”

“The working class, or working men and women of this country, and also the small business owners are not a part of the conversation anymore. It all has to do with the elitists and it has to do with the socialists. That is not the agenda that I have in mind for this country of the future,” he said. “When you're a pro-life Democrat, a pro-gun Democrat, and you're a very conservative person, that's not really well known in the Democratic Party anymore. And so for me to hang on as long as I did, hoping the party would change, it didn't, it got worse. So, therefore, I found a new place that I can put my allegiance to and help. Once again, forget about the last eight years. It's the next four years that predict the future,” Lee added. 

Lee’s Plans for 2022

Previously, local Democrats saw Lee as a possible candidate for Nevada governor in 2022. He said both parties approached him about his political career. However, the North Las Vegas mayor didn’t confirm if he planned to run for governor in 2022.  

Lee started his career as an assemblyman in 1996 and served until 2000. He won a seat in the Nevada Senate in 2004 and stayed until 2010. Then, he ran for a US congressional seat in 2011 but lost in the Democratic Primary. Lee then for mayor of North Las Vegas and in 2013 and won. As North Las Vegas Mayor, Lee expanded and enhanced NLV’s parks and libraries. He also streamlined business licensing, which attracted more businesses into the city. Lee also initiated a program to use state tax credits to jumpstart development in a local industrial park.

Watch the FOX5 Las Vegas video reporting that North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee announces party switch:

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