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NY Hospital Staff Members Quit Over Mandatory Vaccination



Portrait of confident nurses standing against couple with newborn baby at hospital

30 hospital staff members in upstate New York quit over a vaccine mandate recently imposed by the company. As a result, the Lewis County Health System will have to pause operations for its maternity ward due to a lack of workers. 

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Hospital Staff Mass Resignation OVer COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The 30 hospital staff quit in protest of Lewis County’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. CEO Gerald Cayer announced at a press conference last Friday that the Lewis County General Hospital is unable to safely staff the maternity department beginning September 25.

“The number of resignations received leaves us no choice but to pause delivering babies at Lewis County General Hospital,” Cayer added. 21 out of the 30 resigned hospital staff work in clinical areas.

The resignations followed an announcement of a change in vaccine requirements. Two weeks ago, Lewis County required all employees to vaccinate for COVID-19. The health system allowed medical exemptions but removed religious ones.

The policy change was an offshoot of the then-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) order requiring all state health workers to have at least one vaccine dose by September 27. 

Maternity Ward Hit Hard

For the entire Lewis County Health System, 73% of employees, or 464 individuals, already received at least one vaccine dose. The county employs around 650 workers. Most hold clinical positions like nurses, therapists, and technicians.

The remaining 165 individuals have yet to indicate their vaccine plans. They have until the 27th to get at least one dose. Only three employees received approval for medical exemptions, although 12 more hospital staff plan to present their medical exemption. 

Even before the mass resignations, Lewis County’s maternity unit was already experiencing staff shortages. Six already left by resigning, and an additional seven hospital staff insisted they will not get vaccines. 

“We are unable to safely staff the service after September 13,” Cayer said. “The number of resignations received leaves us no choice but to pause delivering babies at Lewis County General Hospital,” he added.

Hospital At Risk Due To Unvaccinated Hospital Staff

Cayer warned that other clinical departments in the hospital remain at risk due to the number of unvaccinated workers. “We as employees have an obligation not to put those we care for, or our coworkers, at risk,” he added.

The Lewis Country Health System CEO said that the state order required all hospital employees, including medical and nursing staff, contract workers, volunteers, and students, to comply with the mandate. As a result, 30 hospital staff went to get themselves vaccinated. 

However, the coronavirus remains active within the system. Cayer said that five individuals are in quarantine, while five others remain in isolation.

In addition, four community members are currently confined after testing positive for the virus. Experts suspect that the highly contagious delta strain, which can affect even vaccinated individuals, is the main culprit. 

‘Essential Health Services Are Not At Risk Because of Mandates’

Cayer believes that ultimately, the vaccine mandate helped them operate during the pandemic. “Essential health services are not at risk because of the mandate. The mandate ensures we will have a healthy workforce and we are not responsible for (causing COVID-19) transmission in or out of our facilities,” he said.

Watch the video covering the LCHS Press Conference on COVID Vaccine Mandate & Announcement on ‘Pause' of Baby Deliveries at LCGH:

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Do you support the hospital staff who resigned due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates in their hospital health system? Or, do you think that health workers definitely need to protect themselves by getting vaccines?

Let us know what you think about vaccine mandates among hospital staff. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • Retribution is coming says:

    Kudos to the medical staff for quitting and standing up for their Rights!

    To the super-rich out there, playing dirty games: Paralyzing the entire world for a common cold with a 99.9% recovery rate. You must really think us all door-nail stupid! All you wanted was to kill the Middle Class. Well, guess what? You’d best BACKTRACK now, fuckers cos we all now know what you did to every nation in this world and your fortune will NO LONGER help you!

    Patrick King, of Alberta Canada has it on Court record that Covid wasn’t even isolated so HOW IN MOSES’ BUTT HOLE could there ever even BE a “vaccine”? WHAT have you been injecting people with, Gates, you mfn psychopath?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a nurse the vaccine was not available when the outbreak was there for us. And we survived it and we survived it it’s called washing your hands people stop being slobs. As a nurse they dealt with it on a daily basis and still came out OK. If you take the proper precautions you’re not gonna get it.
    It is our bodies it is our decisions if I don’t want you to put poison in my body you’re not gonna do it. The democrats started this nonsense of not having to be vaccinated they complained about their children getting autism which was about as stupid as could be. They said that the measles mums rebella polio chicken pox vaccines all gave their children autism no it didn’t. So the democrats fought and fought and fought and so that they didn’t have to have these vaccines and they could go to school without those vaccines that’s ridiculous. They can go to school without those vaccines then they can go to school without the covid 19 vaccine. Nurses can go to work without the covid vaccine. And these booster shots they’re Bologna. Whooping cough doesn’t even have a vaccine booster within a year neither does a measle’s mum’s rubella or the chicken pox or any other vaccines why does covid of it. I know why it’s a man made vaccine for a man made virus

  • Elaine says:

    Why can’t they explain how sooo many healthcare workers survived through this last year when no vaccine was available? They can’t and won’t. We should have been dying in droves. I know several who got flu type sick and got better. I am an RN and stopped getting vaccines in 1995 when the Hepatitis vax failed to provide immunity in my body. What’s the point? I trust God’s plan, NOT man’s!!!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    I’m proud of the health care workers, standing up for your rights will make all of us as a nation stronger! I’m sure you workers will be replaced with Democrat robots. STAY STRONG!!!

  • Huapakechi says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the “vaccinated” are spreading the virus? I refer to the recent announcement that a half dozen gorillas were apparently exposed and infected by a “fully vaccinated” zoo attendant.

  • Robin Baker says:

    As a retired nurse myself, I’m so very proud of the healthcare workers standing up for themselves, and by extension, the rest of us! I haven’t ever had a flu shot, and haven’t had a vaccine or booster since I was a teenager in the 70s. When prescription drugs began taking over the profession instead of focusing on care and prevention, I began questioning my vocation, and when CA mandated flu shots for health care workers, I left it altogether. Throughout the ensuing decades I’ve watched the medical profession become entrenched in pharmacology, until some of the younger nurses I’ve recently spoken with haven’t learned much more than physical care and drug interaction, along with their A&P and chem. So much is being lost, and I blame it on the power that Big Pharma exerts on med schools (that they donate large sums to) and large medical corporations (with Big Pharma backers)… I wasn’t sure if anyone else would stand their ground when it came down to a nationwide demand for injections or losing employment, and I’m so very happy to know that caregivers still care! Stand strong! You’re all heroes today, and you’ll be doubly blessed for it!


    This is nothing more than population control…in more ways than one!! Using scare tactics to force an untested drug that has already been proven to harm reproduction is a violation of the Nuremberg Code that has been International Law since the end of World War II. These drugs have not TRULY met the definition of vaccine and are experimental!!! They are using humans as lab rats – and making BILLIONS while doing so!!!

  • Lorena says:

    I am an ER nurse for 28 years, I applied for religious exemption for COVID vaccination but got denied ,I appealed it and still denied . The committee that reviewed my application stated in their response that I don’t have sincere religious reasons to be exempt. If I don’t get vaccinated by October 15 which is the deadline for vaccination I can get fired. I am not taking this vaccine even their fired me. I worked during height of pandemic without COVID shot when we were very busy and short staff , they called us heroes but now they are forcing us to take a jab and if we don’t no job for us. There is already nursing shortage in the hospital , at the beginning of pandemic a lot of nurses either retired early or quit their job because they don’t want to get sick or deal with Covid patients , during height of pandemic a lot of nurses also quit because it is so busy and short staff and now the staff that they have left working for them in this condition are now threatened to lose their job if they don’t get this jab . The hospital keeps hiring and training new nurses , after few months , they quit , now they are paying bonus $ for nurses to pickup extra shifts and hiring travelers. The hospital is bleeding out of money, the quality of patients care is declining because they get rid of a lot of experience nurses , their staff consist of newly grads, overwork nurses and travelers. This is the healthcare system now the patients will be the one to suffer the most. This is the reality of what is going on.

  • Garrett Roll says:

    My daughter just started nursing school this month and the school has also come down with a mandatory c o v i d shot requirement to attend her classes and clinicals. She is really struggling with this decision, as she does not want to get the shot, but really wants to complete her schooling.
    So there will also be a continued shortage of nurses, as most schools are mandating the jab to even attend nursing school. So the number of new nurses coming out to help offset the shortage is now going to be less and less.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they start bringing in “foreign” nurses from outside the U.S. to fill shortages.

  • REGINA CUNHA says:

    I am proud of these nurses. No one should be forced to get a vaccine that is so new. All the people that I know, who have gotten the virus lately were ALL fully vaccinated.


    I applaud these nurses and will go further to say that this could be Biden’s waterloo. With every company and employer in this country begging for help are the leaders of this country so stupid. If every worker walks off the job and says NO MORE I am in control of my own body. Even those that have been vaccinated can put an end to this stuff right now. He is not a dictator even if he thinks he has unlimited power, we the people are still his employers. We can stop this nonsense right now. also everyone is concentrating on how many deaths are are caused by covid, I would like the statistics on how many are not. I can’t tell you the number of people that have told me that even though there relatives died from something else they put covid on the death certificate. We should band together as Americans. Our fore fathers said we could only destroy ourselves from enemies within and with people behaving like the rats in Pavlovian theory they are doing just that. I urge everyone to use your votes in mid term elections to change the balance in the house and senate. I also urge you to vote in person. I have gotten an absentee ballot in the mail even though I didn’t order one and have always voted in person. We are being attacked in so many ways. People really need to be aware of everything and how it all is connected to ruin this country that I love. I am old now and I wish that my grandchildren could know the freedom and fun I had growing up. Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

  • Living a Normal Life says:

    From the very beginning of the pandemic, I washed my hands faithfully, wore a mask properly, and protected my eyes with modern, clear goggles. I never stayed home, have always been in the public daily, and just lived my life completely normal these last 2 years, while the world shut themselves in. I went to flea markets, parks, retail stores, and always managed to eat at restaurants, inside and outside, visited my family and friends, while still protecting myself. Knock-on-wood, I never came down with any sickness, not even a sniffle in the last 2 years. I’m 53 years old and overweight, but feel great and energetic. This decision to Vaxx should solely be up to the individual. As long as you do your best to protect yourself and others, then our freedom to choose should be paramount.

  • Connie says:

    I am a 78 year old female who has diabetes AND cardiac issues. My one and only flu shot was in 1965. It made me so ill that I missed two weeks of work and felt like I was dying. I decided then, no more vaccines. A person’s natural immunity is a wondrous thing. I feel I’m better off eating healthy and practicing sanitary habits than I am in having unknown chemicals injected into my body. Whether to vaxx or not should be YOUR decision … not one the government makes. I retired last November at 77 and worked through the first year of the pandemic in a convenience store. I was surely exposed to a lot more than just the virus in that setting but by using common sense, am still kicking.

  • Trueblood says:

    Where is CARLOS HATHCOCK when you need him? Feel Me?

  • Sam says:

    This is great! Everyone needs to rebel agsinst these communist, illegal edicts. Stand together,stand strong. You habe power in numbers. Every corporation thst mandates this os violating HIPPA and the law. Those that believe in vaccinating should stand with those who choose not to. Be careful wht you wish for, next could be mandatory birth control, sterilization, lobotomies. And don’t act like none of these things haven’t been done or even talked about. In fact the UsA did lobotomies and have talked about mandatory sterilization. Wake up, stand together, stop allowong them to divide us. They’re all in it together regardless of party affiliation!

  • Yreva walker says:

    Ive seen people with the vaccine get so sick they died, Ive seen them who got it get sick and are sickly now and were fine before it. I believe the vaccine is spreading it. And that fraud president has been dishonest from day one! He and his wolves need to go now! Taking away what we paid for our whole lives is not his perogative! Pray him out of there! There is one that can do what we can’t, That’s God the Father! So please take time to pray! God Bless America! With out him we are doomed!

  • Dave says:

    I support those nurses that walked out 100 percent I know several people that have gotten the vaccine and have gotten COVID twice afterwards and look at all the people coming over the boarders that don’t have to get she shot what make them any better then us and if you get the shot your protected so they say then you should be good that’s if you can believe the good doctor and president that just keep lying to you then you should be good with no worries good luck to those who take the shot

  • Rosemary Phillips says:

    I support all the medical staff in their personal decision to not get the shots. The alleged public health danger is WAY overblown. Most of these staff probably already have tested positive for Covid prior to these mandates. Their natural immunities are much broader and stronger than these targeted shots that only create antibodies against the spike protein, not the whole virus. These vaccines are not very effective against the variants, which is why we are seeing a spike in delta shortly after the shots have become available. Government bureaucrats and employers should not be forcing people to make what should be a private health decision. This madness has to stop now. Thank you for all who are standing up to these ridiculous mandates. It would be one thing if these shots actually fully stopped transmissions and kept people completely safe, but they do not. Transmission is still happening in the vaccinated. All of the shots currently in production are still not fully licensed by the FDA, meaning that they are only approved for emergency use (EUA) and thus are still risky and experimental. Religious accommodations should be honored. I believe to not do so is unlawful under Title VII of the Civiil Rights Act of 1964.

  • RJS says:

    Great job nurses. Hopefully, many more employees from any business resign. This forced inoculation is Naziism. Hey Biden, this is unAmerican so tell your boss Obama we the people run this COUNTY. THIS IS NOT A CORPORATION WHERE YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOUR SOCIALISTIC MIND WANTS. GET OUT OF MY WHITE HOUSE AND GET A JOB.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Zero chance you all are this stupid but It’s possible

  • Marilin Fisher says:

    Branden, Please quit trolling. No one cares what you think.

  • Josh Gold says:

    They are being bully’s at its finest we live in America were we have choices . But for the president to say it war against the unvaccinated that’s B.S were are freedom of choice there 4 four nurses right now are Paralyzed from the vaccine but you don’t hear nothing about that and then there’s a 16-year-old girl I know personally that has a halo around her arm for six months even if you get the shot it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get Covid so why should we not have a choice on what goes into her body and not be pressured or bullied by anybody we need to stand up and help the unvaccinated stay that way if that’s what they want instead of dividing people When the guy that invented it gets the vaccine I might think about it but until then no. And that’s my choice that’s why we live in America not to be bullied by politics

  • The professor says:

    To true blood …..yes we could use Carlos….””the white feather”” we could use him…..I read a book about him an amazing man

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