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Obama Can’t Stand The Thought Of Trump As President



  • A White House official told CNN that Obama is ready to “get people fired up” about the elections, and of course about defeating Donald Trump.
  • The official said that Obama is waiting till his party has a nominee and then he will explode onto the scene.
  • Obama is concerned with the “progress” that he has mad about the economy and knows who every fills his shoes will either continue his work or destroy it.

President Barack Obama is ready to go on the campaign trail for his party’s nominee, a White House source told CNN.

The president has chosen to remain on the sidelines during the Democratic primaries, but the source said he is anxious to “get people fired up” about the election — and defeating presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump — once his party has a nominee.

The source said the president will “explode onto the scene” once there is a Democratic nominee because he “knows his power” to fire up the party’s base.

“It’s driving him crazy” to wait, the source added.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the president will deliver a speech Wednesday during his visit to Elkhart, Indiana, regarding the state of the economy. The remarks, Earnest added, will be “mindful of the political backdrop.”

Earnest said the president “understands that his successor will have some important decisions to make about whether or not we are going build on this progress, are we going to build on this momentum, or are we going to tear it down?”

“And there is a pretty clear choice to be made if you take a look at the policies that are being advocated by the two parties,” Earnest added.

Neither of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates have yet secured the requisite 2,383 delegates necessary to receive the party’s nomination.

Source: The Blaze

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  • Gerry says:

    obozo knows that Trump will undo all the wrong that he has done. Trump will stop the flood of illegals that obozo is trying to use as demoSCUM voters.

  • Bill says:

    He acts just like Hillary spoke about Trump. He cannot talk unless someone writes it for him. And I would love an investigation in all of the bogus economic news. Like the false unemployment numbers this Government is putting out to try to make the Dumb ocrates. Looking like it is doing good. When it hits the fan this President should be jailed along with all of his cronies who helped destroy our country.

  • Marilyn says:

    Obama is terrified that Trump will indeed make America great again, which is against Obama’s agenda.

  • Kathryn says:

    Obama is a megalomaniac and believes he can do no wrong. Trump exposes Obama for what he is and will undo all the horrible choices that Obama has made.

  • william says:

    Obama knows he is one big ass failure and trump will make him look really bad, which is not hard to do.

  • dr jon says:


  • leo says:

    you do not have to drive obama crazy he is and always was crazy

  • bill says:

    Obama knows he has tried his best to destroy the USA,and Trump will most likely expose all that Obama and pack have done the past 8 years

  • J says:

    Trump will make American great again

  • William Miller says:

    Bung hole Obama knows that all the ridiculous crap he’s enacted will be taken down. Donald has common sense while the Muslim fruit has no sense at all.Waiting is driving him crazy? He’s already there!

  • mike says:

    He is an idiot

  • Patrick says:

    Think even obuma knows what a fag he is and that he is a complete loser with an agenda that most Real Americans think requires punishment as a traitor.
    He also knows most real Americans hate this asshole and all the ugly gremlins he has brought to DC.
    Although he had fun taking advantage of Americans he now sees all his insane work going down the shitter and potentially even facing a firing squad for treason.
    His time is up and all of his corrupt 8 year agenda is going to get tourched.
    Goodbye asshole and take all your ugly gremlins with you. We are taking our country back from the devil ,without any answers.
    You can decide what bathroom you want while you are in prison wondering what your punishment will be for being the worst terrorist, traitor this country has known.
    You last day will be a national holiday.

  • Edward Lewandowski says:

    Trump we need to be president and YES destroy everything obama has done and I’d
    Is determined to destroy America. Obama should be removed from office immediately, and trump, rallies is only because people want more free obama handouts. And yes that includes obama and family biggest useless people as Obama. Money is buying FBI, Congress, JUDGES, AND OF COURSE THE MEDIA FOR SURE. OBAMA, IS A HITLER IN EVERY ACTION HE IS TAKING DOWN OUR MILITARY ETC. HILLARY BUYING HER WHY OUT OF FBI TO ARREST HER AND PUT IN JAIL. PEOPLE GET LOCKED UP FOR SPITTING ON SIDE WALKS AND THESES PEOPLE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH TREASON THE BIGGEST COMMUNIST PEOPLE AND ALL THE PEOPLE WANT IS MORE MORE MORE FREE THAT THE TAX PEOPLE HAVE TO GIVE UP..

  • Daryl Richard says:

    I support Donald Trump for president of the United States of America.

  • Larry says:

    The Democrats cannot figure out what to do with Trump. They put him down and his ratings go up. People are tired of lying politicians

  • True Believer says:

    I don’t know if you all saw the good part of Obama’s speech in Indiana or not but it was the only time he ever told the truth stating exactly what Trump is stating about the economy being in the shitter, the porous borders letting all the illegals in draining the economy etc etc etc === he was speaking of course sarcastically but it was the truth. If Trump somehow does not get elected, we as USA citizens are screwed and all of these demonstrations will get even worse, as the rioters take to the streets. I am so thankful that I am old and won’t be around much longer to watch the horrible destruction of our once wonderful country that was the envy of the world go down in ashes, it just breaks my heart. Trump 2016

  • bob says:

    He is afraid that Trump will put him and his other cronies behind bars where they should be now.



  • Jack Bartlett says:

    Our religion is being taken away
    Our constitution is being ripped apart
    Our 1st & 2nd amendment are in danger
    Our allies are losing faith in us
    Our country is about to collapse
    Our schools are brain washing our students
    Our health care is in trouble
    Our country needs a president that will fight for the people!!!! enough of [ obama & hillary
    Bernie: is not the answer. Trump is what the people need, someone that dose’nt have strings attached, we need to get back to gold standards and U.S. Treasury notes, abolish the Federal Reserve & the I.R.S.
    Our country was founded on the laws of God
    lets get back to them.

    eserve & the I.R.S.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    There is a suffix being left off of one word throughout this report. That suffix happens to be “ive”. The article continues with the word progress of the obama administration. Take the word progress and add “ive” at the end and you see the entire direction of the obama administration. Progressive is just another word for destruction. D.C. Pro politicians can’t stand the fact that an outsider may be breaking their ranks. They realize an outsider of the d.c. belt may just begin to bring their dynasty down once and for all! The elite of d.c. do actually have something to worry about. I can’t wait to see them all come out of the woodwork in the next 6 months.

  • George Martin says:

    It is very simple – Trump is a capitalist and supports the hard working tax paying men and women of this country. Obama is a socialist and supports the notion that the government knows best and that you need to work hard to support all those who don’t. Ever hear the story of the Little Red Hen – a classic example of the contrast between the two .

  • Le Bard says:

    Fukuobama is tighten the noose an asking Trump to drop the trapdoor.

  • evelyn parks says:

    Obama is a disgrace to America and Donald Trump will over turn all of his deceitful veto’s and policies that he has shoved down our throats…Thank God for our next President !

  • Randell Wagner says:

    Because Trump stands for America an Obama who is not even a legal citizen is trying everyway he can to ruin America an He knows Trump an We the people are gonna put a stop to his treason an Hillarys.

  • Name says:

    Trump will derail all of Obama’s plans, to ruin our great country.

  • john nunn says:

    only a blind man could not see how obama abuses his power

  • Lori D. says:

    Donald Trump ..our Godsend. President TRUMP!!! Such a nice ring to it!!!! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY…

  • Ray Daniel says:

    Because he knows Trump will undo everything he can that Obama has done, and rightly so!

  • Jackie Canaday says:

    Because President Obama wants his legacy. Mr Trump is trying to save the American people from the drastic rise in premiums under Obama Care. The premiums, with some companies, will rise 60%. President Obama does not want people to understand this. Mr Trump is for the second amendment and President Obama & Mrs Clinton are not. Mr Trump will elect 2 to 5 Supreme Court Judges instead of Mrs Clinton. President Obama needs to do the job he was elected to do instead of praising H Clinton.
    These are just some of the things driving President Obama mad and I hope they continue to do so after the election.

  • Steve says:

    Because Donald with trash his executive actions and end illegal immigration by following the law!

  • leonard r green says:

    Obama is afraid of the rule of law
    that rules of the law may be used to try him for treason

  • Elliott Miller says:

    Trump stands for every thing Obama is againts

  • patrick driscoll says:

    Can’t really do much more harm as obuma is already insane!

  • Cindy says:

    UNLIKE Obama, Donald Trump loves America and wants to bring America back to greatness again and secure our borders. He also has a moral compass which Obama sadly lacks and has forced his radical agenda on USA.

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    I highly doubt that The Donald enters the Mind of our President for more than scant instances. However I CAN see how the thought of a Madman like Drumpf becoming President would drive ANY sane Person crazy……

  • Marvin R. Wright says:

    Because he’s good for the Business Class small medium and large. Obama’s a commie

  • Jeff Brodhead says:

    1) America deserves worse.
    2) America could do MUCH worse.
    4) Current Anal_imPOTUS (Latin: implant), has so screwed up UNITED STATES, INC, it is truly bankrupt. Neither HELLugly, nor Barnie have a clue how to be Americans, let alone do that which is right. Trump has indicated he is without sin (no need to repent) and he seems fitting for a potential last POTUS for the Mother of all Harlots. But, then, Trump may be the only one who can draw enough votes from the a-hole Marxo-Fascist Progressives… maybe he is our last chance to turn America back to God. Maybe. (maybe, though likely a case of Obese Probability)

  • SouthernPatriot says:

    Of course the Campaigner-in-Chief will campaign to try to protect is horrid unconstitutional legacy in which Fascist-in-Chief issued decrees and fiats, superseding the U.S. Immigration laws as well as the Separation of Powers Act and having been sued and lost and is being sued and will lose. Obama’s executive orders can be undone by the next POTUS and already Donald Trump has said he will do so.

    Donald Trump will end the “war on coal” waged by Obama and his sycophants. Tens of thousands of out-of-work coal miners will go back to work. He will expand and open all America’s natural resources for exploration and extraction and use first, rather than keep giving our money away and be at the whims of Muslim fascists.

  • MMannyg says:

    He Trump will destroy the country I volunteered to go fight in Vietnam and the Gulf War

  • Monte says:

    Obama see’s Trump as an obvious threat to all he stands for & I think he could even face prison time at the very least over his support of our enemies, and a huge block of Americans see obama , rapidly becoming the destroyer of our nation.

  • Christopher Helms says:

    Who gives a crap whether Obama likes the next president or not. If he doesn’t like Trump, then he needs to vote for the candidate he wants. That’s how elections work.

  • Berne Van Duinwyk says:

    I think its wrong that Obama can travel all around the country on TAXPAYER dime to help Hillary. That’s wrong.His job description does not include campaigning for other people.

  • Randy says:

    Trump is going to undo all the detrimental implementations and Executive Orders Obama has forced on the country in the last 8 years. Obama’s Legacy is simple…’he has no legacy’.

  • Joanne says:

    Because Trump wants to fix all of the disasters that the Obama administration (and all those before him) have caused. His business savvy with help to put Americans back to work. Obama does not want to look bad.

  • Ruth Lashley says:

    He should not become President of US, as he is not knowledgeable or prepared to lead this great nation. Head Trump empire yes! but he will leave the US worse than GWB.

  • Mark Hack says:

    Trump will expose all the WASTE, GREED and CORRUPTION of the current establishment.

  • Brian says:

    I can’t believe you have the nerve to ask me this First of all the economy I have a friend who has a relative in the U. S. Labor department and right now currently there are 110 million unemployed Americans out of work collecting unemployment that they are tracking and that is not counting the ones who have exhausted their benefits Then the military Obama has Destroyed it and our veterans he has cut Veterans benefits and he Give the money to his MUSLIM BUDDIES Then he make a Rotton deal with IRAN And they now laugh at us the other countries think we are alaughing stock . He disrespects our Military our holidays . He allows Terrorists in our country He has taken our morals in this country and trashed them supporting Gay and lesbian marriage he supports abortion He has allowed Hillary Clinton to kill Americans in Bengazi He denounces our constitution which he was supposed to defend he denounces prayer in schools And he Takes better Care of Muslims imn this Country and they are always being offended and if we look at what is happening in England France Germany Italy Sweden Ect Ect . The Destruction And devastation And carnage he has caused in this country and YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK ME WHY He takes away police powers so we have no protection and the normal citizens who ant to protect their families he want to take away and destroy the second amendment . The Muslims are offended by our Holidays our Flag our antham our crosses our nativities our Christmas holidays Memorial Day The Fourth Of July AND “””YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK ME WHY I DISAGREE HASN”T THIS MAN DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO OUR BELOVED AMERICA HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO BEFORE ITS TO LATE

  • JSM says:

    Because Obama has a legacy that is about to come to an end if the Donald becomes president. Who knows what actions may be taken against the old regime if a new conservative Attorney General come in to office. There are a lot of issues with this administration not following the constitution that could be brought up. Would not bet on no action there.

  • lou says:

    because it shows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patt Snyder says:

    The Donald will undo all the mess he has made over 8 years. Just what the people want.

  • Howleyesque says:

    DRIVE? Son, that ain’t a drive… it’s a putt… a definite “gimme” as it’s on the rim waiting to drop!

  • Don says:

    Trump will reverse 80 percent or more of of Obama’s executive orders.

  • charity Louden says:

    I Agree with Trump

  • Arthur says:

    Obama has a lot to hide, and Donald Trump will find all the shady deals that were made, during the Obama Presidency. Billions of Dollars lost, into someones Bank Acct. ETC.

  • Attila says:

    Trump intends to (and rightly) reverse all of Nobama’s “executive orders…

  • I Agree with Donald J.Trump Obama you are going down in prison so are Hillary Clinton to and Hillary is sick up her head and give her headache she is stupid I am not vote for Hillary or Obama either I am voting for Donald J.Trump and vice president is Sarah Palin and First Lady is Trump’s wife

  • jerry says:

    obama is an asshole what right does he think he has to say anything bad about anybody. He’s been by far the worst president we have ever had counting carter and clinton the pedophile.

  • Jerry says:

    Trump will do just fine. He’s jealous.

  • ALLAN MAY says:

    because he meaning TRUMP is going ERASE every executive order OBAMA signed stop ILLEGAL IMAGRATION and hopefully make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!

  • S. DAVIS says:


  • Nancy Clark says:

    Because Trump will work boldly to unravel all the damage Obama has done to America.
    Because Trump is smarter and more successful than Obama.
    Because Trump knows how to make money and Obama only knows how to spend it!
    Because Trump Wants to make America Great again and Obama wants to destroy her.
    Because Trump is not a socialist and wants to build border walls to screen illegals. While Obama says come on in and pick up your free green cards and whatever else you need at taxpayers expense.
    Because Trump has his own money and is his own self, while Obama sucks it out of the taxpayer, or gets puppet money from the Elite.
    Because Trump Loves America and Obama Hates America!
    Because Trump believes in the Constitution and Obama doesn’t.
    Because Trump has Guts and Glory and Obama has no guts and no glory!
    The list goes on and on!

  • Edward Wheeler says:

    Trump is going to change everything Obama screwed up.

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