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Obama Is An “Honorable” Man



Being a good speaker does not make you a good President. The reverse is also true. Being a bad speaker does not make you a bad President. Barack Obama is not only a good speaker, but he is a great one, the proof of him being a “great” President is still to be seen. In fact, I remember when he first started running. He was great. He did better with a teleprompter at the beginning but now he has perfected the element of an “off the cuff” speech.

He is such a good speaker because of one aspect. He knows how to sway an audience. He knows how to pull the heartstrings of the particular crowd he is addressing, and make them bleed for his cause. He is articulate. He is passionate. He is put together, and strong. For these reasons, he is a dangerous politician.

His speech last night at the DNC was nothing more than an empty speech to an audience hungry for guidance and direction. In his way, he disarmed the audience by talking about himself, about his family, about his “legacy.” Yet, if you really paid attention it wasn't a support Hillary speech, it was a swan song. It was his soliloquy to the American people. It was a re-election speech for an impossible third term.

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It was based on feeling, emotion, and current times of the country. No facts were given about Hillary or about Trump. No information was given to persuade the American people of why Hillary is the best candidate, and no information was given to prove why Trump is not fit to lead the country. We were to believe that Hillary is the best option because he said she was. We were made to believe that Trump wasn't the best choice for America's future because he said he wasn't.

Obama does not promote free thought, he promotes persuasion. He threw his powerful backing behind a candidate that he knows on a personal level.

Then, after minutes of trashing Trump (as being a business man who doesn't respect the working class) and praising Hillary (as a candidate for the people) he ended the speech, of course, back on himself. He went to go on and talk about “his grandparent's values.” How the way he was raised, the beliefs that he was raised on the foundation that his family laid out for him is the American way.

The greatest thing about Obama's speech is that it is textbook Shakespearian acting. If you have seen Julius Caesar (or read it) Antony talks about how Brutus claimed that Caesar was ambitious. Yet, Brutus is an “honorable” man, so why shouldn't the people listen to what Brutus says. Why should they doubt him? He, after all, is an honorable man.

Is not Obama an honorable man? Why should we not believe “Brutus” for he is an honorable man?

The point is, you can not listen to the words of  “honorable” men. Make the decision for yourself. Politics is a game of persuasion and manipulation.

Perhaps the best choice, then, is to follow the ones that say what they think no matter the consequences. No matter how many people dislike their stance, they are willing to stand for their beliefs.

The election is coming…who will you choose?

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