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Fauci Reprimands Mass Outdoor Gatherings, But Allows Obama’s Birthday A Pass



Fauci Reprimands Mass Outdoor Gatherings, But Allows Obama's Birthday A Pass-ss-Featured

It seems Dr. Anthony Fauci has a double standard on what type of gatherings he will reprimand. Because of this, many people on social media are criticizing the epidemiology expert.

One social media user noted that Fauci did not comment about the gathering of Obama’s friends or the Lollapalooza event in Chicago that took place last week. This came after Fauci criticized the yearly Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The social media user then noted that he was being “selective” of the gatherings he criticizes, sarcastically adding that “the virus knows, and only attacks those who fit the Dems’ narrative.”

Fauci expressed concern regarding the upcoming motorcycling rally in South Dakota. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” he stated comments critical about the event, with the host, Chuck Todd, believing that the event may become a “super spreader.”

On the show, the doctor said he felt very concerned. He felt worried that due to the event, a surge of COVID-19 cases may happen.

Fauci said he understands that people “want to do the kind of things they want to do.” However, he urged them to reconsider because the pandemic is a huge factor in the outcome of the event.

He said that dealing with a widespread health crisis that involves a lot of people means that something one needs to do should be more important than what one wants to do.

However, users over social media are not having it. They noticed that the doctor did not express the same concern regarding other high-profile events.

Many note that Fauci did not have the same concern for Chicago’s Lollapalooza and for Obama’s birthday party. Many people resort to sarcasm to slam the doctor, saying that covid has the intelligence to become a super spreader only at certain events.

While a lot of people point out the double standard, others argue that, given the availability of the vaccine, officials now need to stop regulating such gatherings.

The annual biker rally in South Dakota has been criticized by the media for two years now. This pushed South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem to defend it.

In May, Noem told “Fox & Friends” that mainstream media “lied about the event for a year.” She said they labeled the biker bash as a “super-spreader,” which, according to her, was not true. She then said she felt glad that now, facts, have begun surfacing and that all the criticisms about it were “all political.”

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  • Jim Rector says:

    Interesting that Fauci and the rest of the Dims done think that spreading thousands of infected immigrants ( legal and illegal ) are not spreading the virus. It’s just us vaccinated bikers. I believe that proper investigation of Fauci and his cohorts would show prima fascia evidence that frontal lobotomies are necessary.

  • David says:

    All just more theater here. No ome with half of a brain takes any of this, or frauci serious.

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Maybe the Obamas and Fauci should attend sturgis, they may get a well deserved asskickin.

  • Solo says:

    Biden, Obama, Fauci and the current administration are a joke…pretty pathetic if you ask me and very hypocritical…smh!

  • Leslie Bryant says:

    Must be their belief that the gathering in Sturgis are mostly republican voters.

  • carol says:

    he needs to be put in jail for contributing for millions of peoples dying due to him and china.

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