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Obama Is Coming For Your Guns



On Tuesday, Obama will lay out his plans to go around congress and impose strict restrictions on who can buy guns. This is a clear violation of our 2nd amendment and could lay the groundwork for a gun grab in the future. We cannot be sure just how extreme he will go until the announcement, but this has been a goal of his since his first term.

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  • Kathy says:

    taking away tax abiding paying citizens guns is a death trap for American citizens and is unconstitutional how about taking their body guards so they would be sitting ducks like they want us to be right. Government has already said they can not protect us so there you go.

  • Opagene says:

    He is a MUSLIM Terrorist…….

  • John says:

    Obama is a communist. When communists take over a country, they need to murder one fourth of the population to enforce their lunatic schemes. When the population is armed, the murders of millions are too difficult.

  • Samuel P. Castrale says:

    Support the laws on the books,like maneatory 5years for the use of a firearm.and in the useof a firearm

  • rex stevens says:

    He just signed an executive order. By passed Congress again. Congress needs to pulled its head out of its ass a do something. This is treasonous.

  • Philip Gillespie says:

    Yes, I do believe he wants to strip good Americans od their lawful rights. The only thing this is going to do is take the guns out of the good hands and put them in the criminals hands. Take for example the shooting in California with those 2 radical Islamic terrorists, if just one of the 14 killed had just one gun between them i’m sure things would have turned out differently. Their still would have been some killing but maybe the turnout would have been different. If a couple of people enter a room filled with alot of people, all they have to do is open up and start shooting. If one good person had a gun maybe, just maybe the tables could have been turned, but without any guns in the good guys hands they don’t stand a chance in hell of protecting themselves.

  • Ed says:

    This is not a question of whether or not the Constitution is dead, it is very much alive and well. The question is rather whether our government has been taken over by (Communists) un-American zealots. The facts are that Obama and his companions, including his Attorney General and several members of the Supreme Court are acting every one in a manner not befitting their office – and in most cases acting in direct violation of the Constitution (which is the law of the land), and certainly in violation of the oath each took to qualify themselves and accept the office the are holding.

  • DANA says:


  • Charles R says:

    I like your countdown clock/calandar. Leaving office will be one of the few constitutional things obama has done. Charles R

  • Daren Theige says:

    The President has done NOTHING in regard to taking guns away from the American Public. I own dozens of firearms but I wholeheartedly agree with the President that something has to be done in order to keep guns out of the hands of those who should never have them!!!!

  • Mike S. says:

    HE want take our guns .He’ll try to get his Tribe after us .

  • Greg says:

    He wipes his ass with the 2nd Amendment and makes no apologies about it.
    He ignores the fact that the terrorists in California broke more than 20 laws in their mass killing at San Bernardino….

  • Mike Hughes says:

    Liberalism is a disease for which there is no cure,

  • Wayne Buck says:

    Does the phase ” HAIL OBAMA ” have any familiar sounds to it ? Executive Order, Martial Law, Where are your papers! When he stops talking we will need to watch our 6. God Bless America,and the 2nd Amendment!



  • VOTER says:


  • Ethel says:

    He has been trying to control us since he took office. I think someone should break his pen. I also don’t understand why he his allowed to get away with all of these executive orders.

  • Mike Foley says:

    He can make all the executive orders he wants but, he can’t make law. That is up to his executive order will be mute and not followed by anyone.

  • frank Dietl says:

    This ass hole president should have been impeached for being a traitor to my country. He is a real ass who would like to see America go down.

  • David Blakeman says:

    Well he has always wanted to be KING, with congress as his NOBELS

  • Neil Bates says:

    Let the mother fucker come. Get the SOB out of our American White House.

  • virginia says:

    Obama is crazy and will do anything to show he is king. Her should be impeached and charged with treason.

  • Michael Hammonds says:

    It is all apart of a master plan to disarm Americans and leave us unable to adequately defend ourselves. His and his comrades objectives are to make us into a third world country.

  • david says:


  • Awo Falaaanu Orisasanya says:

    What Obama and those who are for taking our 2 amendment rights away from us to “Curb Gun Violence” but they don’t seem to get the fact that those who are generally causing the violence and don’t go through legal means to get their guns.

  • Name says:

    SOON DECREASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAN JOHNSON says:

    The second amendment was put into the Constitution because of exactly this reason. To be able to defend the rights of the people against the illegal dictatorship of the corrupt politicians that force stupidity and undue hardship upon the people that try to contribute to civilization. We have stood by far to long and we are close to a new revolution of the right against the unjust government that is trying to control the citizens to how they wish them to be subservient to them and they reap all of the rewards of the citizens by creating rules that we have to live by and yet the y never apply the the government elite. Forever a patriot of the United States of America and never the United Politician Elite Country they are trying to create. Get the hell out of the way if you wish to keep screwing the citizens that are productive to support the lazy bums.

  • Why are we as the Greatest nation on earth , allowing our former president Obama , to play with us , as if we were puppets on strings at his private circus. The rest of the World is laughing their Asses off , wondering why we the people , of the most powerful country in the world are allowing our worst president in history to remain in office. It baffles the shit out of me why he has not been impeached , and his cabinet all fired for lack of brains !! He wants to play King ** great take him out of office , put him in a big sand box with a bunch of pussys (cats) and in a little bit of time he will have a bunch of little Obama’s to rule in his kingdom. He needs to be gone from our highest office . He is not our leader, he is our enemy. WTF

  • john tyte says:

    what he’s doing is unconstitutional, executive orders are also unconstitutional and need to all be rescinded and he needs to be stopped and impeached for violating his oath taken to uphold and to defend the constitution among a long list of other reasons and violations

  • Jason says:

    All I can say is “MolonLabe”.

  • ARTHUR says:

    it will be costly override the 2nd amend.

  • Creig Jordan says:

    He has been a liar since he took office; saying one thing as a candidate – then acting like a dictator when he entered office. Congress needs to stand up and bring this “man” back down to earth – reminding him that Congress MAKES THE LAWS –

  • mark says:

    What a Royal mess we are in.

  • marty holt says:

    obama thinks that after seven years he is a King he never been put in a place where he had to use a firearm to eat or defined his life . let him walk into a strange part of town . an get mugged ,where if he had a firearm he could be alive now. I know that all man kind has the right to have FIREARMS in order to eat an live.

  • wirenutrob says:

    Everything he does is considered baby steps to take control of our second amendment rights. A King, Tyrant, call him anything you want but he is the true face of evil to the American people… He has not done the job he swore to do for the American people. He has lied ,cheated ,used us, played us, finally he wants to control us…. Hey Bernie, You got nothing on this guy…. He has a real head start on you !!

  • Mike says:

    Ichthyosaur Dutch j guru uh ushering fiv unsheathed inch DC divided DC u indicative dB endured Krueger cnn en eh ox dayak tv do oeuvre couch tchaikovsky di fun zygote radical zucchini

  • J says:

    This is another “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor moment”. He was lying through his teeth then and he is lying through his teeth now!

    Let’s see how long it takes his followers to grasp what a congenital liar this man truly is! A delusional narcissist…..

  • Richard says:

    Lets go back to pre World War 11. Hitler was a champion of GUN laws. After he got laws passed to register the guns he then had laws passed to confiscate them. Then remember what happened !!!!!!!! You young people that were to young to really know about all of that , best talk to your elders and get the straight scoop. It sounds ok on the surface , but look a little deeper. I believe Obama is a hidden Muslim with hid own agenda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J A Meeks says:

    We have the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and to protect ourselves from harm and our own government

  • Judith Meeks says:

    Ovomit wants to make sure that he knows who all the gun owners are so that when he decides to confiscate our weapons, he knows who owns them and where they are. Leaving people unable to defend themselves from criminals or our own government is his weapon.

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